Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Each massage chair possesses different qualities that make them truly unique. One of these features is the zero gravity position which induces the feeling of weightlessness as it allows the massage chair to fully support and reduce the strain of gravity in your spine. A term coined by NASA, the zero gravity feature was inspired by the way the astronauts position themselves during liftoff in order to help them deal with the increase in their stress as they experience sudden spikes in gravity.

The idea behind zero gravity massage chair is that it takes away the pressure of gravity which should promote pain relief and increase relaxation. Some massage chairs are made with this feature as it helps distribute the user’s weight across the chair. Aside from that, it also reduces stress on the body and allows a deeper and more intense massage experience while giving you the added benefit of feeling lighter and more refreshed.

Aside from the uniqueness of having a massage in this position, reclining into this position has many essential benefits which include expanding lung capacity and decreasing muscle tension.

A zero gravity massage chair aligns your back relative to your thigh which helps reduce muscle tension in the spine and enhances spinal decompression. As the backrest supports the complete weight of your back, the zero gravity position also allows the back massage rollers to give you a deeper massage and cover the target areas more efficiently.

This position alone also has many great health benefits. By elevating your knees over your heart level, the zero gravity massage chair promotes better leg circulation and reduces swelling. It also helps prevent varicose veins as it adopts the neutral body posture position. A zero gravity chair can give you the ultimate massage experience. With this position, your stress will be relieved instantly and the effects are felt immediately.

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