Synca JP3000 4D Massage Chair with 5D Ai Massage Technology, Double Leg Extension

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Made in Japan?
• 5D AI Massage Robot
• 4D Massage Robot (Made by Hitachi)?
• World's Most Advanced 4D Deep Tissue Massage Robot
• World’s Most Precise Body Scan?
• Double Leg Extension
• Shiatsu Reflexology Foot ?
• Brushless Motors
• Arms Massage
• Upgraded Stretch Massage
• Upgraded Massage Techniques
• Upgraded Compression Massage Coverage
• Dual Heater (Foot + Back)?
• 4.3" - Touchscreen Controller
• HD Bluetooth Speakers?
• Triple-Mode Enhanced Air Compression
• 24 Automatic Programs
• Voice Guidance
• User Memory
• Power Stretch Massage
• Near 180 Decreased Flat Decline


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Synca JP3000 4D Massage Chair

The JP3000 massage chair from Synca Wellness is renowned as the best massage chair available in Japan, offering a high-quality and advanced back massage that is unmatched by any other massage chair. The chair incorporates AI technology to analyze biometric data gathered during the body scan and create a 3D rendering of your body type. This information is then utilized to identify areas of muscle tension, which the chair automatically targets with an optimized massage. With the JP3000, you can expect a deep tissue massage that is precise and flawless, thanks to its brushless motors and 5DAI massage robot. These motors are more responsive, provide higher torque, and last longer than standard motors, while the 5DAI robot can move with millimeter precision and adjust speed and pressure mid-stroke to simulate the feel of a human hand. The JP3000 also features user memory profiles that allow the chair to learn your preferences and further enhance your massage experience over time. Additionally, it can accommodate different body sizes with its double leg rest extension that can extend up to nine inches. The chair's blanket-style heat system provides soothing warmth, and its large touch screen offers easy navigation with voice guidance. Manufactured by Fujiiryoki Japan, the world's oldest massage chair manufacturer, the JP3000 massage chair from Synca Wellness is the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate massage experience.

Synca JP3000



Made in Japan

The Synca JP3000 4D massage chair was created by engineers in Osaka, Japan, and is produced outside of Tokyo in collaboration with the business that created massage chairs in 1954. With key components manufactured by Hitachi and master upholstering done by the supplier to Nissan, you know you’re getting a chair made with the best materials by the best craftsmen in Japan.

Synca JP3000 Made in Japan



Conditioning Massage

A whole new massage experience that allows both body and mind to be at their best. There have been changes in the way we live and work. Stress and fatigue are everywhere and to be at our best we need to take care of both our mind and our body. We created conditioning massage therapy to improve your physical, mental, and overall well-being.

Synca JP3000




AI powers the world’s most advanced body scan technology ensuring you get the best possible massage every time you sit down.

Synca JP3000



5D AI Fujiiryoki AI Technology

Through the AI, the control system automatically passes the user’s body shape, muscle status, and other biometric data into the massage.
The intensity, techniques, and rhythm of massage are adjusted according to each user.

JP3000 5D AI



AI Double Sensing +

Most massage chairs only perform a limited detection along the frame of the massage chair at set points measuring the length of your back, taller users and petite users will find the rollers don’t hit them where they want because their backs don’t evenly line up with fixed points on a frame. Using the JP-3000 AI body scan the massage chair first locates your neck and shoulders so it knows your proper height, and then the AI carefully performs a detailed scan of where your actual back is located automatically adjusting to you.

Synca JP3000 Double Sensing


5D-AI Mecha PLUS

AI and quiet high-performance brushless motors perform complex massage techniques that feel like they are real human hands. This smooth life-like massage is adjusted in real time, according to your unique body to relieve stiffness when and where you need it.

Synca JP3000



Kneading action of 5D-AI Mecha

Smooth Approach - Kneading is done using variable speeds and pressures to feel more life-like.

Thorough Shiatsu - Shiatsu is carefully applied using varying prolonged pressure and precise movement.

Firm Kneading - Deep Kneading is therapeutically applied using AI data and the deep 5in 3D reach.

Synca Kneading action of 5D-AI Mecha



Deep Tissue Foot Massage

The airbag keeps ankle and instep in place, as if a hand grips the foot, and then a special roller massages the sole of the foot.

Synca JP3000 Foot Sole



Foot Roller Massage

By regulating the strength of the air bag holding ankle and instep, the intensity of the foot roller can be adjusted in three levels. According to preferences, the foot roller can also be turned off.

Synca JP3000 Foot Roller



38 Course Menus Creating a Special Experience Everyday

Find your perfect massage with 38 auto-courses to choose from. 23 Full body and 15 focused let you find the perfect program for you.

4.3" Full Color Touch Screen Remote Control - The large screen is easy to read and operate.

Voice Guidance Function - An easy-to-understand voice guidance help with each step.

23 Types of Automatic Full Body Courses - The impressive number of menus allows you to choose the perfect massage to match your daily level of fatigue.

Synca Remote



30-minute Courses

VIP Course - You’ll receive a relaxing spa and salon-like experience by flawlessly executed massage targeting the body parts most prone to stiffness.

Elite Therapy - Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable massage as if you were being massaged by multiple masseurs at the same time.

Night Healing - An effective stretch and massage course, ideal before bedtime.

Conditioning - A stretch course focused on slowly and thoroughly relaxing muscles of the whole body.

Mindfulness - A slow and comfortable Air massage to eliminate fatigue and tiredness of the whole body.


18-minute Courses

Whole Body Course -  Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax, Soft

Neck/Shoulder Course - Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax

Waist Course - Extreme Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Relax

Stretch Course - Extreme Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Stretch, Whole Body Air, Technical Stretch


7-minute Course

Quick Course - Course effectively relieves the whole body in a short time. 



15 Part Focus Techniques

6 Kneading Massage Techniques - Neck Focus Massage, Waist Focus Massage, Shoulder Focus Massage, Sciatic Focus Massage, Shoulder-blade Focus Massage, Foot Focus Massage

6 Stretching Massage Techniques - Neck Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, Back Stretch, Leg/Knee Stretch, Waist Stretch, Arch Stretch

3 Body Trunk Techniques - Back/Body Trunk Relax, Waist/Body Trunk Relax, Pelvis Core Stretch



98 Massage Techniques including 53 Different Kneading Techniques

Wavelet - Working horizontally while traveling up or down a blend of kneading, tapping and rolling techniques effectively reduce muscle tension,

Synca JP3000 Wavelet

Tapping Spiral Knead - A hybrid blend of kneading massage that penetrates more deeply by combining deep tapping while moving in a spiral motion.

Synca JP3000 Tapping


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Recommended Height Range 5'0" - 6'4"
Recommended Weight Limit
Roller Type
Zero Gravity
Roller Width Adjustment
Roller Glute Massage
Roller Speed Adjustment
Roller Intensity Adjustment
Removable Back Pad
Stretch Program
Recline Yes
Massage Technique
98 Unique MassageTechniques
Recline Angle Near 180 Degrees Flat Recline
Auto Programs 24 Auto Programs
Heat Foot And Back
Body Scan Yes (World's Most Precise)
Frame Material Steel
Deep Tissue Yes
Memory Yes
Aircell 31
Controller Touchscreen Controller w/ Memory
Timer Setting 5 to 30 Minutes
Assembled Weight 171 lbs.
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 54.33" x 30" x 49.2"
Will Fit Through Standard Household Doorways?
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 78.75" x 34.65" x 29.15"
Warranty 5 Year
Country of Manufacture Japan

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