1. KAI GTS7: The High-Tech Massage Chair That Treats The Senses

    KAI GTS7: The High-Tech Massage Chair That Treats The Senses
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    The KAI GTS7 is not just a premium massage chair. It is a revolutionary therapy tool that utilizes the most advanced technology to give you a massage that treats the senses. Read on to see why.



    It uses sonic waves

    The GTS7 is the first in its class to utilize sound energy in conjunction with mechanical massage rollers. KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine makes use of propriety Sonic Wave technology to deliver low-frequency sound waves each time its pneumatic 3D rollers apply pressure on your body.

    These low-frequency sound waves then produce vibrations deep within your muscles. In short, your body receives both tactile pressure and directed vibrations to produce a massage that penetrates deeper into your muscles than ever before.


    Now, to make sure that the rollers and the sonic vibrations accurately reach the most integral parts of the user’s body, the GTS7 employs automatic body scans before each massage. This effectively customizes the motions and acoustic vibrations of the 3DS Art Motion engine across 140 distinct body zones, thereby maximizing the chair’s unique L-Track+ system and ensuring that you get a massage tailored specifically for your body type.


    KAI GTS7 Massage Chair Sonic Wave Massage Technology



    Also, since certain parts of the chair will be vibrating (and this might just disturb people around the chair), the KAI GTS7 massage chair comes equipped with an advanced Safety System which vigilantly monitors for children or pets that might just come too close to the backrest or footrest. Rest assured because touch and motion sensors carefully placed around the chair will automatically stop the chair’s motion to prevent injury to your child or pet.


    It uses a combination of sound, motion, and music

    Perhaps the finest and most advanced feature of the GTS7 is its ability to synchronize its 3DS Art Motion Engine with its Sonic Wave Technology to deliver a more penetrating massage. However, the GTS7 can still take this massage experience a notch higher as it combines this new type of massage with a carefully curated selection of songs from Universal Music to provide you with a masterfully orchestrated fusion of music, motion, and acoustic vibrations.


    KAI GTS7 Massage Chair 3DS Art Motion


    Let the GTS7 take your body and state of mind to another level of relaxation with a combination of sound, motion, and music. You see, the movements and sonic vibration of the 3DS Art Motion engine are deliberately choreographed to different pre-loaded songs - from meditative to energizing.

    However, if you want to, you can change also create your own customized experience by connecting the chair to any audio device (via Bluetooth) to dictate your preferred cadence or rhythm. That is if you cannot find the tunes you like from the Universal Music library that the KAI GTS7 massage chair comes equipped with.


    It uses immersive audio

    KAI GTS7 Massage Chair Music Sync


    If you are not into synchronizing your massage with your audio, then the GTS7 gives you an option not to. You can enjoy its high-quality speakers and immersive audio separately from the relaxing tactile therapy of its rollers and acoustic vibes. Just connect your Bluetooth-enabled audio device to the chair, and then start listening to the audio of your choice. Be it some tunes, podcasts, news, instructional audio, or simply just ambient noise, soak it all up with the GTS7 immersive speakers.


    It uses heat to warm you up

    The KAI GTS7 massage chair also recognizes the effectiveness of heat in loosening tight muscles which is why it includes IR heating pads. However, unlike traditional massage chairs that focus on lumbar heating, the GTS7 is equipped with heating pads in the calf and seat area. This allows the chair to provide soothing relief for the lower body.


    It comes equipped with Zero Gravity

    KAI GTS7 Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair


    The GTS7 comes equipped with the popular Zero Gravity technology. This means that the chair can fully recline to an almost completely horizontal position to give the user a sense of weightlessness. You see, the designers of the Kai GTS7 massage chair underst

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  2. JPMedics Nami Vibration Machine: Changing The Way You Work Out

    JPMedics Nami Vibration Machine: Changing The Way You Work Out
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    It is common knowledge that muscles need to be stimulated (usually in the form of physical exercise) to become bigger and stronger. Therefore, people often hit the gym and lift weights. However, more advanced exercise devices, like the JPMEdics Nami Vibration Machine, are now being developed to stimulate muscles more efficiently, making muscle toning faster and less tedious. Interested? Read on to find out more.


    Nami uses sonic waves to create vibrations

    The JPMEdics Nami Sonic Vibration Machine utilizes a speaker system to generate sonic waves for stimulating your muscles

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  3. Titan Pro-Acro 3D: Best Titan Yet

    Titan Pro-Acro 3D: Best Titan Yet
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    On of he latest models by Titan, the Titan Pro-Acro 3D, builds on the best features of its predecessors to take massages to the next level. It comes equipped with the industry’s most advanced tech and then some more. Read on to fitnd out about the Acro 3D and why it is the best Titan yet.





    It utilizes an SL-track

    The Titan Acro 3D uses the longest t

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  4. JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair: Feature-Packed, Advanced, Premium Chair That Gives More

    JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair: Feature-Packed, Advanced, Premium Chair That Gives More
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    Massage chair designers are constantly coming up with newer and better features. It’s a necessary process for any massage chair company. If you want to be competitive in this small industry, your chairs must have a ton of features, cutting-edge technology, and a design that is both aesthetically as well as structurally more appealing than existing designs.

    This is exactly what the makers of the JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair have done. It’s a feature-packed, highly advanced, and well-designed chair that sets the bar in premium massage chairs. Read on to find out why.


    It is packed with features


    The JPMedics Kawa Massage Chair has no shortage whe

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  5. Melt Away Your Pain And Stress With The TruMedic MC-2500 Massage Chair

    Melt Away Your Pain And Stress With The TruMedic MC-2500 Massage Chair
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    If you are looking for a massage chair that goes beyond offering excellent massages, you might want to check out the truMedic Massage Chair MC-2500. This wonderful massage chair offers a good balance between features and price, but without sacrificing the quality of its massages. You want to know how? Read on.


    The truMedic MC-2500 has plenty of features, allowing it to provide excellent massages

    This chair has invested heavily in modern massage technologies to deliver a next-generation massage experience to all its users.

    First, it has a built-in body scanner that enables it to customize its massage to the user’s body type. Then, the MC-2500 massage chair uses a reliable L-track rollers system that provides a tailored and soothing massage all the way from the neck to the hamstrings. At the same time, it also has built-in rollers in t

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