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Titan TP-Epic 4D SL-Track Massage Chair with 3 Stage Zero Gravity, Attentive Body Scan

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• 4D Massage Mechanism?
• Attentive Body Scan?
• SL-Track?
• 36 Air Cell Full Body Compression
• 3 Stage Zero Gravity?
• Space Saving Technology ?
• Lumbar Heat Therapy?
12 Auto Programs with 6 Massage Styles
• Calf & Foot Rollers ?
• Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers?
• USB Charger & Remote Holder?

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Titan Epic Intensity Level


Titan Epic 4D

The TP-Epic 4D chair contains several luxurious features, such as intuitive voice control, a touch screen controller, and a 4D massage mechanism to enhance your massage. Furthermore, the Epic chair empowers you to create your own personalized features. The Epic delivers a personally tailored massage for you every time you sit in it.

Titan Epic 4D



Intuitive Voice Control

Epic’s convenient voice command feature allows for easy control of the chair without use of buttons or a touch screen. Simply give a command and the chair will respond accordingly, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. All commands can be found inside the manual.

Titan Epic Voice Control



Touchscreen Controller

The TP-Epic 4D chair's remote control is now equipped with a touchscreen interface for effortless navigation and adjustment of settings. The massage chair offers 12 automatic massage modes and 6 manual massage styles.

Titan Epic Controller



Deep Calf Air

One of the most overlooked portions of modern massages is in the calves. The Epic pays close attention to your back with its proven Calf Function.

Titan Epic Deep Calf Air



Breakthrough 4D Massage

Introducing the newest and most sophisticated massage system that focuses on the neck and shoulder region. This advanced deep tissue technology provides a unique massage that will rejuvenate your body!

Titan Epic 4D Massage



Attentive Body Scan

The TP-Epic 4D chair will start a body scan every time the chair is on. This body scan ensures that the massage will be exclusive to you.

Titan Epic Body Scan




By utilizing a scientifically-designed SL-Track, the massage chair rollers can travel seamlessly from the top of your neck down to the bottom of your hamstrings, providing a comprehensive and holistic massage experience. The SL-Track is also capable of spot or partial massage where it focuses on an area of particular stiffness.

Titan Epic SL-Track



Zero Gravity Reclining

The Zero-Gravity Reclining increases blood circulation throughout the body by dispersing gravitational forces. The Epic’s Zero Gravity Reclining technology is based on NASA’s relaxation theory.

Titan Epic Zero Gravity



36 Cell Full Body Air Massage

The TP-Epic 4D chair integrates 36 air cells throughout the entire chair to expel body strain. The chair endeavors to provide impeccable compression therapy with every massage.

Titan Epic Full Body



Dual Heating Zones

Relax and release stress with the TP-Epic 4D heating system. The heating uses dual infrared heating coils to effectively warm and soothe tension along the lower back.

Titan Epic Heating



12 Auto Massage Modes

Titan Epic Work Relief Work Relief - Workplace massage program to ease muscles and rejuvenate the body for desk workers and business travelers.
Titan Epic Recovery Recovery - Shiatsu, Knocking, and Tapping massage relieves post-surgical muscle tension and promotes relaxation.
Titan Epic Deep Tissue Deep Tissue - Shiatsu, Knocking, and Tapping massage promotes muscle relaxation, circulation, and aids post-exercise recovery.
Titan Epic Rest and Sleep Rest & Sleep - Gentle massage program with varied pressure and front/rear swing functions promotes deep relaxation, ideal for improving lunch breaks and sleep quality.
Titan Epic Thai Thai - Thai-style massage with tapping, kneading, rolling, and air compression stretches and relaxes calf muscles and hamstrings, boosting physical vitality.
Titan Epic Gentle Gentle - Full body massage with kneading and heating designed for daily use.
Titan Epic Athletic Athletic - Auto-program targets athlete tension points and improves circulation for post-exercise muscle recovery.
Titan Epic Vertebral Vertebral - Neck and shoulder massage with heat and slow strokes for pain relief, using a chair backrest to reduce fatigue.
Titan Epic For Her For Her - Gentle full body massage with kneading and heating, designed for females.
Titan Epic For Him For Him - Massage designed for men with strong kneading technique.
Titan Epic Neck and Shoulder Neck & Shoulder - Neck and shoulder massage with slow, heated massage to relieve pain and fatigue, using a curved backrest for effective results.
Titan Epic Waist and Hip  Waist & Hip - Full body massage focuses on the lower back, waist, and hips with deep massage and air compression to relieve pain.



Titan Epic Manual Massage



Foot and Calf Massage

Titan Epic Foot and Calf Massage


Ultra Long Extension

The Epic chair is created with all users in consideration. It is designed to suit individuals with varying body types and heights, featuring an automatic spring-loaded Extendable Footrest that can extend up to 8.5 inches for maximum comfort.

Titan Epic Ultra Long



Quick Access Panel

1. On/Off
2. Light Switch
3. Heating
4. Auto Mode
5. Backrest Up / BackrestDown
6. Leg extend / Leg retract
7. Air massage
8. Zero-G

Titan Epic Quick Access



Wireless Charge

Titan Wireless Charge



USB Charging Port

Titan Epic USB



Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy listening to your preferred music, podcasts, or soothing sounds via Epic’s crystal-clear, high-fidelity, and surround sound Bluetooth speakers.

Titan Epic Bluetooth



LED Lighting Detail

Savor your massage with the perfect lighting. Now you can turn off all the lights and truly focus on your massage in the TP-Epic 4D.

Titan Epic LED




Titan Epic Dimension


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Recommended Height Range 5'0" - 6'2"
Recommended Weight Limit 260 lbs
Type of massage track
Roller Type
Roller Glute Massage
Roller Strength Adjustments
Roller Speed Adjustments
Roller Width Adjustment Yes
Body Scan Technology Yes
Recline Yes
Zero Gravity Yes
Automatic Programs
Adjustable Shoulder
Intuitive Voice Control
Deep Tissue Massage
Manual Massage Modes
Kneading, Knocking, Shiatsu, Tapping, Swedish, Rolling
Spot/Parital Massage
Bluetooth Speakers
# of Airbags
Auto Timer
15 Minutes
Rate Frequency
50/60 Hz
Power Supply
110-120V ~
Shoulder Width
Seat Width
Minimum Doorway Size
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H") 59.0" x 20.0" x 47.0"
Will Fit Through Standard Household Doorways?
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H") 67.5" x 20.0" x 47.0"


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Manufacturer's Warranty

Massage Chair 3years Warranty - Titanchair.com

This item includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the parts. And for the 1st year, in home labor service is also included.

A qualified technician would be sent to your home to provide service if you ever need it. You never have to ship the chair for service.

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