“How does each feature actually benefit me?”

What’s the difference between L-track and S-track? What does 3D massage mean?  
In this section, we’ll explain how each feature actually benefits you.

What do the features actually do?

What’s the difference between L-track and S-track? What does 3D massage mean?  
In this section, we’ll explain how each feature actually benefits you.

Feature Benefit to you

Strong/Intense Massage

If you enjoy a strong, "deep tissue" massage that really gets into your muscles to relieve stress, these massage chairs are right for you. Our Strong/Intense massage chairs allow you to adjust the intensity level from a gentle massage all the way up to a very intense massage.
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Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity refers to the reclined position seen in the diagram, where your legs are slightly bent. A NASA study determined this to be the best position to evenly distribute your weight, to decompress your spine, to reduce back stress and tension, as well as improving your circulation. This position also allows the massage rollers to give you a deeper massage.
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3D Massage

Recently premium massage chairs have added the ability to extend the rollers into your back and retract them back into the chair. These are 3D massage chairs, and they provide the deepest massage since they can press into your back, just like a massage therapist would.

So in addition to up/down and left/right, 3D massage chairs go in/out. This allows more control over the depth of your massage and will feel more like a human touch. 3D massage chairs will allow you to fine tune the massage from soft to deep tissue depending on the depth the rollers can extend into your back. This depth can range from 2.2 inches on some models to 4.7 inches on others. The body scanning ability of 3D chairs (ability to determine your shape, size, height) is also much more accurate and precise.
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4D Massage

4D technology allows the massage chair rollers to protrude up to 3.5 inches further out. The result is that you get a more intense, deep tissue massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension. You can easily select multiple intensity levels on the remote control to suit your preference.
Click here to view chairs with 4D Massage.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy provides you with soothing back pain relief. Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels of the muscles, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, helping to heal damaged tissue. This is a particularly enjoyable feature for those cooler months.
Click here to view chairs with Heat Therapy.

Foot Rollers

Massage chairs with foot rollers perform a much stronger and deeper massage on your feet compared to just an airbag massage. The foot rollers massage the bottom of your feet to really relieve the tension. This is a very effective and popular feature, especially if you spend part of your day standing or walking around.
Click here to view chairs with Foot Rollers.

Body Scan

Body Scan Technology gives you the most accurate and precise massage, automatically customized for your specific body type. Body Scan works by using sensors and state of the art computing technologies to automatically detect the size, shape and curves of your body. And because the massage is tailored for your body, you won't even need to adjust any manual settings.
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Like the S-track, the L-track works its way down from your neck, conforming to your spine’s natural shape. Although the S-track stops at your lower back, the L-track continues further to effectively massage your buttocks muscles and the top of your hamstring muscles. An L-track chair offers about 35% more range than traditional massage chairs.
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S-Track is a feature that allows the massage rollers to follow the curvature of your spine as they move up and down your back. This allows the massage to reach every part of your back with the right amount of pressure. S-Track extends out further for your neck and lower back regions, and retracts a bit for your mid back and tailbone areas.
Click here to view chairs with S-Track.

Stretch Massage

Stretch massage gently stretches your spine and legs. It is a very relaxing sensation, somewhat similar to waking up in the morning and stretching. But in this case, the massage chair does it for you precisely and throroughly.
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