Experience the Art of Relaxation with the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina

Experience the Art of Relaxation with the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they can't afford to get a chair massage let alone buy a massage chair because both are expensive. However, that's not true. There are many options when it comes to massage chairs and there are definitely those that are more affordable than others.


The question is: Is it possible to experience a truly relaxing chair massage from an affordable massage chair?
The answer is yes. The secret is to find one that has all the essential features and less of the bells and whistles, just like the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina. Like all the other Osaki massage chairs, the Alpina is priced well below national retail price without compromising the quality of the massage therapy.


The great news is that you can even get it for a lower price now as it is being sold at only $2,499.00, down from $3,499. That's $1000 worth of savings! This promo is available until supplies last though so it's best to grab one now.


Still not convinced? Below are the Alpina massage chairs’s features to help you decide if it’s the right chair for you.


S & L Track System

The Osaki Alpina combines the benefits of an S- and L-track system. The S-track ensures that the rollers follow the curvature of your back while the L-track enables them to go down all the way to your glutes and thighs.


Aside from these, the rollers are able to provide 6 different massage styles. Aside from a Kneading massage, it can also do Tapping, Shiatsu, Knocking, Flapping, and Rolling. What's even better is that you can also the adjust the rollers' speed, strength, and intensity up to 5 different levels. How’s that for a customized massage?


SL Track massage chair


Body Scan Technology

Body scanning allows for a more consistent massage because it scans and maps the key areas of your neck and back, as well as detect your shoulder height, even before you start a program. This enables the chair to provide a consistent amount of pressure on the right areas of your body.


Ache Sensor

Wouldn't it be awesome if a massage chair can intuitively know where your ache points are? Impossible? No, it's not. The Alpina has sensors for your fingers located in the armrest which enables the chair to detect tension points in your body. It then focuses the massage in those areas where you need it most.


Zero Gravity

How your body is positioned on the massage chair plays a major role on the quality of the massage. The best position to experience ultimate relaxation is in the Zero Gravity position because it places your legs above your heart ensuring optimal circulation.


Next Generation Airbag Massage

The Osaki Pro Alpina has 22 airbags located at the arms, shoulders, hips, calf, and feet that provide you with an efficient and reliable compression massage. That's not all though. What's special about the airbags is that they are made from the latest technology which allows them to contour to your body and evenly distribute pressure.


Heat Therapy and Seat Vibration


Does your back need a little more love? Turn on the lower lumbar heat and the 2 heating pads will give you a more thorough massage. Turn on the seat vibration mode too to massage the back of your thighs.


Automatic Programs

The type of massage therapy you should get depends on your body’s needs. Thankfully, the Osaki Alpina has 12 automatic programs to choose from. This includes General, Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake Up, Sleeping, Healthy Regimen, Stretching, Older Vitality, Man Health, Woman Beauty, Kidney Vigor, Spleen Digest, and Ache Sensor.


Foot Rollers

If your feet could use some rejuvenation, the Alpina massaging chair can provide you with a foot massage spa using a soothing reflexology massage that relieves you from pain and discomfort. The airbags add another level of relaxation too by increasing circulation.


Touch Screen Remote

There's no need to waste your time learning complicated instructions to use the Alpina. With its touch screen tablet remote, you can easily see and operate all of the chair's functions and programs.



Multi Language

Don't speak English? Not to worry. The chair is programmed to use other languages too such as Chinese, Spanish, and French. Plus, you can easily switch between languages using the tablet.


Bluetooth Speaker and Chromotherapy

You know what can make a chair massage even more relaxing? Music. Good thing the Osaki Alpina has high quality speakers that allow you to enjoy your music and massage at the same time. You can even level up the experience through the relaxing blue chromatherapy lights from each side of the head rest.


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All these features combined enable the Alpina to give you the truly relaxing massage you deserve without burning a hole in your pocket. Contact us now for a FREE consultation and we'll get you the best massage chair based on your needs and budget.



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