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September 21, 2019

Battle of Osaki's Best Massage Chairs: Osaki First Class vs Osaki Maestro

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Do you want to enjoy better sleep, improved blood circulation, reduced pain, and total relaxation? How about getting all these without having to leave your home? If that sounds good to you, then wait until you hear the next part of this news.

This 2019, We bring you not just one massage chair feature but a side-by-side comparison of two of its best-selling massaging chair units. We finally put the spotlight between the Osaki OS-Pro First Class and the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro massage chairs, so you can handpick which model is the best unit to deliver these massage benefits straight to your home.

Pros of the Same Feather

If you’re ready, let’s start with the features that these top notch Osaki OS-Pro models have in common.

1. They are both products of a renowned massage chair manufacturer that takes pride in Japanese quality engineering. This means that the Osaki chair massage that you’ll get from both models will be nothing short of exceptional.

2. They both have an auto-body scan feature that allows each unit to scan and map your neck and back areas then adjust and re-calibrate accordingly (based on your shoulder height). Through this feature, both the First Class and the Maestro units can deliver the best chair massage that targets key areas of your body with optimal and precise pressure.

3. Looking for something like a foot massage spa? Both units also have a unique foot roller massage feature that brings healing service and relaxation through spinning reflexology rollers aimed at stimulating acupuncture points on the soles of your feet.

4. Ever heard of Zero-G? Well, both massage chairs are equipped with this NASA-inspired capability. Here, you get to experience a whole new kind of holistic massage as the chair reclines and the unit performs the massage with your knees positioned at an angle slightly higher than the heart. This gives you not just a deeper massage but also decompresses your spine and promotes better blood circulation.

Pros Set Apart

But what exactly are their differences? Let’s start with the technology behind each unit.

The OS-Pro First class is equipped with 3D massage rollers that make use of an L-track. Using next-generation 3D massage technology, its rollers move in and out of the backrest as they glide along a track that spans from the neck all the way to your glutes and upper hamstrings.
The Maestro, on the other hand, boasts of deeper massage made possible by advanced 4D rollers that traverse a combined SL track. This track combination allows the customizable massage rollers to follow the curve of your spine (S-track) at an extended coverage (L-track).

And for their specific massage-related features? There are several distinctions as well:

  • The First Class model delivers blood-pumping full body air massage through 26 airbags strategically-placed throughout the unit, while the Maestro trumps with 30 airbag units.
  • Unique auto massage programs also differ between the two - 23 for OS-Pro First Class and 8 for Maestro
  • The number of massage styles they are capable of - First Class has 5, while Maestro has 4.

Love a chair that adds some warmth to your massage session?

Choose from the localized lumbar heating offered by the OS-Pro First Class massage chair and the mobile and heated rollers of the OS-Pro Maestro. Either way, you get the soothing benefit of complementary heat therapy from both Osaki massaging chairs.

Got a small living space?

These chairs were uniquely built to fit into tight spaces. The Osaki First Class, for example, has a space-saving technology feature where it only needs 1.5in of wall space to get into a fully reclined position. That’s because the unit slides forward as it reclines.
On the other hand, the OS-Pro Maestro has a space-saving design that only requires 5” space between the backrest and the wall.

Still on the lookout for more distinct features?

How about a choice between a massage chair with built-in high-quality Bluetooth Speakers (OS-Pro First Class) and one that has HD speakers with surround sound quality (OS-Pro Maestro).

There’s also the matter of differences when it comes to controls. How so? While both units have easy-access side controllers and USB connectors on their armrests, the Maestro’s slim remote and Android/iPhone app connectivity sets it apart from the OS-Pro First Class’ touch screen LCD remote.

Finally, only the First Class has built-in negative air ionization therapy capability, giving it an extra edge as it helps address seasonal affective disorder and even mild depression.

What’s the verdict here?

On one hand, you have a unit priced at $7,999 (the OS-Pro First Class) which fulfills a 3D-powered exceptional massage therapy with added perks such as Zero-G, Negative Ions, and Space Saving technology. On the other, you have the $8,999-priced OS-Pro Maestro model equipped with advanced massage chair technology (like 4D massage, heated rollers, and even in-app control).

One thing’s for sure, though - whether you go for the Osaki First Class or grab the premium Osaki Maestro unit, you can be sure that these Osaki massage chairs will not disappoint. So, don’t waste any minute. Take your pick and bring home an Osaki OS-Pro massage chair today!

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