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November 18, 2019

A Look at Two New Outstanding Osaki Lifting Massage Chairs

Are you recovering from a recent surgery? Do you have a condition that gives you mobility concerns? Or maybe you simply have balance issues and find it hard to transition from a sitting to a standing position (and vice versa)?

In any case, Osaki’s luxury lift chairs, the Osaki OLT-A and Osaki OLT-OC2, are here to provide you with the assistance and comfort you need the most. What’s so special with these two, you may ask? Let’s dive right in.


First, let’s take a look at the OLT-A Lift and some of its features. Made with the finest parts, this Osaki massage chair proves to be a valuable piece of furniture especially if you have trouble getting seated or getting up from a chair. Its primary feature is the German-engineered Okin motor which enables the chair to lift up and down seamlessly and quietly with a simple push of its remote’s button.

But that’s not all that it can do. This lifting chair model also reclines and, as it does, its ottoman moves along with it. So, if you push the recline button on the remote control, your body will be brought from an upright sitting position to a reclined angle with adequate leg support.

Fancy a massage while you relax in this chair? You most certainly can because the Osaki OLT-A luxury lift chair also provides kneading massage on the back, waist, and leg areas. Heating pads are also available and can be turned on or off depending on your preference. This is perfect after a long day’s work or if you have sore and aching muscles that need warm and soothing massage therapy.


So, how about the Osaki OLT-OC2? Similar to the OLT-A model, the OC2 is also equipped with powerful yet silent Okin motors and a leg recline feature that makes it easier and much more comfortable to transition from a standing, seating, and even a reclined position. Looking for a massage-related feature?

You can also get a kneading massage in Osaki’s OLT-OC2 model. Just like the other unit, this luxury lift chair has kneading massage points (located on the back, waist, and calf areas) ready to rotate and loosen stiff and sore muscles. It also has the same remote-controlled heating feature for an enhanced massage experience.


Both luxury lift chairs also share other similar features. For one, these models both have simple and easy to use LED remote controls with blue backlighting for when you want to use the unit in a relatively dim-lighted area. Both lifting massaging chairs have large side pockets where you can keep things such as the remote control, some magazines, and other similar items, handy at all times.

Similarly, they also have easily removable back cushions. This gives you an option on whether you want a milder massage with the back cushions strapped on or a stronger one with the Velcro-attached cushion removed.

Also, both models can accommodate users with a bodyweight of up to 350 lbs.

Now, here’s the catch: the OLT-OC2 model has a unique feat. Armed with a one of a kind capability, this unit is the first of its kind in the market of luxury lift chairs to allow its users to assume a completely lying down position. So, if you bring home the Osaki OLT-OC2, you can relax in it in three positions: seated, reclined, or lying down.

Here’s another good news. This Osaki luxury lift chair also has a water-resistant coating. What’s this for, you ask? If you’re used to eating or drinking on your chair, then this feature might come in handy. Added as an extra layer of protection, the chair’s upholstery has been coated with a water-resistant spray. So, if you spill a liquid accidentally, the liquid will simply bead off when it comes into contact with the chair’s coating. The same goes if you sweat on particularly warm days, instead of getting absorbed by the chair’s fabric coating, you get extra hygiene protection with this water-resistant coating.


Both chairs have powerful yet silent quality motors that allow them to aid their users in comfortably sitting and standing up from the unit. They both have a kneading massage with heating functionality, giving you a warm and soothing massage as you relax in your chair. Other similar feature includes easy to use remote control, side pockets, and removal Velcro back cushions.

Here’s where they differ.

Only the Osaki OLT-OC2 has a flat recline feature giving you not just another angle for relaxation, but also a stronger massage option as more bodyweight is pressed against the massage heads. This unit is also the plus-sized model and has a water-resistant coating for easier cleaning and added hygienic protection. Finally, the Osaki OLT-OC2 is available for the price of $1,599, while the OLT-A comes at $1,499.

Contact us now to order any of these very affordable and convenient lifting massage chairs now. Feel free to talk to us for a FREE consultation about which chair best suits your needs. We also offer exclusive deals and perks when you shop with us.

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