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October 27, 2019

Infinity Smart Chair X3: Intelligent Wellness in a Massage Chair

Just about any massage chair can provide you with a decent massage. However, that does not automatically mean that it will satisfy your need. So, what makes for a truly relaxing and satisfying massage therapy experience? Intelligent wellness. What that means is that smart technologies are utilized to develop an exceptional massage chair that can personalize your massage according to your needs and preferences. That's exactly what the Infinity SmartChair X3 does.

Here’s how - The Infinity Smart Chair X3 has the most advanced technologies that enable it to give you a very satisfying and relaxing chair massage. The combination of the following main features of the Smart Chair X3 are guaranteed to give you a powerful deep tissue massage.

Four Wheel Mechanism

The main mechanism that massage chairs use to give you methodical massage strokes is its rollers. This Infinity Smart Massage Chair in particular uses four pressurized high-tech rollers that run through your back to knead out tension from your muscles.


The SmartChair X3 uses an S-track system that follows the natural curve of your spine. This helps realign your body from the neck down to your back, allowing the rollers to hit tension areas accurately. That's not all. The chair also allows you to control the intensity level of the massage and choose from three unique 3D auto programs so that you can have the massage that you need.

Body Scanning

Wondering how those massage rollers know which parts of your back to hit? It's all thanks to this intelligent technology that automatically adjusts the rollers in order to tailor fit them to your body.

Massage Techniques

Massage chairs that don't possess any smart technologies are not able to give you choices when it comes to massage techniques. This chair, however, gives you six options to choose from - kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and rhythm.

Zero Gravity

Think you can only experience weightlessness in space? You can get a similar experience with this chair. Zero gravity is a NASA-inspired technology designed to maximize the effects of the massage rollers by elevating your knees above your heart.

Decompression Stretch

How can a massage chair give you a decompression stretch? It has airbags that grip your shoulders and legs as the chair reclines. This soothes and relieves your spine.

Spinal Correction & Waist Twist

As if the decompression stretch is not enough, the chair also has a spinal correction feature that further decompresses your spine to relieve back pains. If you need a milder option than that, you can choose the waist twisting option instead.


A massage chair isn't smart if it's neglecting your feet. With this smart Infinity massage chair, your feet will be pampered too by replicating reflexology thumb and finger techniques to vital pressure points on your feet.

Lumbar Heat

Applying heat to your body helps relieve muscles spasms, reduce pain and inflammation, and decrease joint stiffness. You get these benefits too via the heating modules at the back of the chair.

Airbag Compression Therapy

Another amazing smart feature is the chair's ability to replicate the feeling of receiving a massage from a real person's caring hands. This is achieved through the various airbags located throughout the chair that inflate and deflate to give you a compression massage.

Rhythm Technique

Are you a music lover? You’d be happy to know that the SmartChair X3 allows you to sync the massage to the rhythm of your music. Hofw cool is that?

The SmartChair X3 includes additional smart features that complete your intelligent wellness chair massage experience.

A smart chair isn’t one if it doesn’t make massage therapy convenient for you. The following features make for a truly stress-free massage.

Chromotherapy Lights

Total relaxation means balancing one's physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energies. This chair does that by using chromotherapy lights on each side.

Bluetooth Technology

No need to use a separate sound system if you want to listen to some tunes while having your massage. This intelligent massaging chair has built-in speakers on the headrest. Just connect your devices to it via Bluetooth.

Apple & Android App Functionality

Some massage chairs have control panels built in to the chair itself that you can use to access the chair’s different functions. Others have a remote control. However, Infinity decided to up the intelligence factor of the SmartChair X3 by creating an app instead. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Android or an Apple user, there’s an app for both.

Most industries these days already incorporate the latest technologies in their products and services in order to make people’s lives easier. It just makes sense then that they should be utilized as well in products that are designed to improve health and wellness, such as massage chairs.

That said, the ideal massage chair these days is the smart one. Get the Infinity SmartChair x3 today.

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