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September 7, 2019

Get Outstanding Massage Performance With The Osaki Hiro LT Massage Chair

Get Outstanding Massage Performance With The Osaki Hiro LT Massage Chair

Buy 1 Osaki Hiro LT Massage Chair, BlackHave you ever experienced massage therapy on a real relax massage chair? It’s where you can literally sit back and relax on a chair that can perform moves like that of a human massage therapist. And the awesome part: you can get a massage anytime without having to leave the comforts of your own home.

Now, if you haven’t had a chair massage yet, then you can bet these features of the Osaki Hiro LT (Osaki’s latest massage chair model) will definitely urge you to get one soon. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

Brushless motors

Do you know that having a quiet environment adds to the calming and relaxing effect you get from a massage? That one right there is where the inspiration for this Japanese technological design comes from. The engineers and manufacturers installed brushless motors on the OS-Hiro LT for a one of a kind Osaki chair massage.

So, if you’re bringing home this unit, get ready to have a powerfully smooth yet exceptionally silent massage session in this latest Osaki innovation.

Tri-core Processor

Enjoy getting things done in an instant? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Hiro LT massage chair model also comes with a built-in Tri-Core processor.

What does this do, you ask?
It makes the unit’s response faster than ever (in comparison with other massage chairs), so you need not wait a few seconds more to get that massage that you have been craving for. In addition to that, the processor also improves the scanning feature of the unit, making the mapping process more precise and efficient.

SL Track Massage

What do you get when you combine both S and L tracks in one massage chair? You get the best of both worlds, so they say. In massage chair talk, that means you get the perks of having an S-track that follows your spine’s natural structure. And then you also get the extended coverage that an L-track traversing your neck, back, glutes, and upper hamstrings can provide.

3D Airbag with Position Sensor

Longing for some compression massage for your tired muscles? No need to look any further, because the Osaki Hiro provides you with 14 airbags with a position sensor. Equipped with a highly efficient air system, these strategically located airbags provide air compression massage to your shoulder, arms, feet, and calves. Plus, they are less prone to leaks and valve issues, so you need not worry about the unit’s care and maintenance.


Want an out-of-this-world massage experience? The Hiro LT’s Zero-G capability will do the trick for you. As it reclines to the NASA-inspired position that elevates your knees and thighs at an angle slightly higher than your heart, you get to enjoy the benefits of a deeper massage, improved blood circulation and a decompressed spinal area.

Auto-Leg Computer Scan

Looking for a unit that adjusts to your height? Then this Osaki massage chair is perfect for you. How so? Because it has an auto-leg scanning feature that takes into consideration your height for optimal positioning. All you have to do is to signal to the scanner your desired position, by applying pressure with your feet.

Want to do this manually? You sure can. Simply grab the remote and adjust the leg length to your preference.

Computer Body Scan

Guess what? The Hiro LT has another scanning feature. This one oversees mapping key areas in your body, specifically your neck and back. Through this, the unit recalibrates and sets the optimal pressure and position for the perfect massage session.

Impressive add-ons

Get this: this massaging chair also comes with cool technological add-ons. Ready to be impressed? It has:

  • Chromotherapy lighting where the unit illuminates a dark room with blue lighting that adds a calming effect to your massage therapy;
  • Bluetooth connectivity that lets you listen to your favorite music (or take phone calls) via Bluetooth-enabled speakers located on the headrest; and
  • a USB port for when you need to charge your device during your massage session.

Space-saving technology

Want to bring home this unit but worried about space? Well, here’s some good news for you. This full body massage chair won’t take up as much space as you think it would. Find that hard to believe? Take a look at its built-in mechanism: the chair was designed to slide forward as it reclines. This gives the unit more flexibility and you more usable space.

Foot rollers

Craving for a good foot massage? This Hiro massage chair can do that for you. Step into this unit and marvel at its spinning foot reflexology rollers that target acupressure points connected to your entire body.

See full details of Osaki Hiro LT massage chair

Now that you’ve heard all its outstanding features, you know what you have to do. Go ahead and place that order. You know your $4,799 will be worth it.

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