Titan Aurora Massage Chair: Premium Features Without Breaking The Bank

Titan Aurora Massage Chair: Premium Features Without Breaking The Bank

Are you looking for a feature-packed massage chair that doesn’t break the bank? Then, you might want to take a look at the new Titan Aurora massage chair. It’s equipped with some of the most popular features of premium massage chairs but without the premium price tag. Read on to find out exactly what you’re getting with the Aurora.


It has intelligent body scanning

Titan Aurora body scanning

The Titan Aurora is equipped with smart body scanning AI that maps out key points along your spine. This allows the Aurora to deliver personalized massages as the spinal rollers follow a customized path using the information gathered by the computerized body scans. 


It uses the L-track system

The Titan Aurora uses the long-reaching L-track so you can expect the spinal rollers to give you massages all the way from your neck down to your thighs.


It is equipped with Zero-Gravity technology

Titan Aurora Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Designers of the Titan Aurora recognize the benefits of the NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity technology. This is why the Aurora offers not just one, but two stages of zero-gravity positions to its users. With this, regardless of how tall you are, you will get to enjoy varying degrees of spinal decompression and improved circulation from the weightlessness brought about by this awesome feature.


It is a space saver

Despite offering zero-gravity positions, the Titan Aurora takes up little floor space because it uses space-saving technology. By sliding forward or backward, you can go from fully upright to fully reclined positions with as little as 2 inches of clearance between the Aurora and the wall behind it.


It uses versatile spinal rollers

Titan Aurora 2D Massage Chair

The spinal quad rollers of the Titan Aurora do not just go up and down your spine. They can also move laterally to increase or decrease the width of the massage. This allows you to choose between a massage with broader coverage of your back or narrower and more focused attention on your spine.


It uses compression therapy

The Titan Aurora is generously equipped with airbags located along the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet to provide you a relaxing compression therapy all over the body. These airbags apply varying amounts of pressure to give you kneading compression massages that perfectly complement the Aurora’s rollers.


It offers a variety of massages

When you buy the Titan Aurora, it comes pre-loaded with seven unique automatic massages – office, recovery, revitalize, energy, shoulder, neck, calm, and swing – so you don’t have to fuzz over the details and take a long time learning how to use the chair.

Then, when you’re ready to enjoy more than these 7 massages, you can move on to exploring the other 6 manual styles – kneading, tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, kneading and tapping combination, and rolling. This allows you to customize the massages that you can get from the Aurora so that you can have a more personalized experience and a whole lot more choices to enjoy.


It utilizes heat therapy

Titan Aurora Heat Therapy Massage Chair

The Aurora is also equipped with heating elements integrated into its padded backrest to provide users with some heat therapy. The controlled and localized heating enables the chair to reduce the tension on your back muscles even further, making the spinal and compression massages so much more effective.


It has an extendable footrest

Designed to accommodate people of different heights, the Titan Aurora comes with extendable footrests that go down or up by as much as 6.5 inches. So, regardless of how tall or short you are, the Aurora has got your back (and your family’s too).


Titan Aurora Foot Reflexology Massage Chair

It delivers specialized foot massages

The Titan Aurora is equipped with exceptional foot rollers that provide uniquely relaxing foot massages by activating reflexology areas along the arches for your feet. They provide the perfect foot relaxation after a whole day of walking or an intensely tiring workout in the gym.


It comes with a handy intuitive remote

Titan Aurora Massage Chair Remote Control


To make handling and exploring the Titan Aurora easier, the chair comes with a wired remote controller that is incredibly intuitive. The remote not only comes with illustrations on the buttons, but it also features a large colored display to make changing settings more convenient for any user. And since it’s wired, you cannot lose it or misplace it. But just to make sure, the remote has a designated pocket for storing along the chair’s side panel.


See full details of the Titan Aurora Massage Chair


The Titan Aurora massage chair may not be brimming with accessories and fancy techs like voice recognition or ambient lighting, sure. But as you can see, the Titan Aurora still packs some of the most important features you find in high-end models. It delivers incredible massages (and plenty of options at that). It is well-designed – elegant and a real space saver.

It still features some awesome tech like smart body scanning, zero-gravity, and heating elements. More importantly, though, it does not break the bank and that's a major advantage especially in times of tough economy. 


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