Osaki Highpointe 4D Massage Chair: A Fusion of High-end Features and Modern Tech

Osaki Highpointe 4D Massage Chair: A Fusion of High-end Features and Modern Tech

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A new addition to the long list of quality Osaki massage chairs, the Osaki Highpointe 4D is a blend of popular massage features and modern convenience. It is focused on providing an excellent massage experience, considered to be the enhanced fusion of the popular models Osaki First Class and Titan Jupiter LE massage chairs. If you want to find out exactly what you’re getting when you buy an Osaki OS-Highpointe, continue reading.

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It uses an SL-track system

First of all, the Osaki Highpointe 4D massage chair is built on the longer-reaching SL-track system. This allows the chair to deliver massages all the way from the neck down to the thighs of the user. This track gives the Highpointe a huge advantage over other similarly priced chairs that only provide spinal massages until the lumbar region or the glutes.



It is equipped with Computerized Body Scanning technology

To make the most of the long L-track, the Osaki Highpointe utilizes computerized body scanning to map out key information about the user’s body structure, enabling the Highpointe to plan out customized routes for the spinal rollers to follow. Because of this, the spinal rollers get to the ideal locations for delivering the optimal pressure every time you get a massage from this chair.


It utilizes 4D Massage Mechanism

Osaki Highpointe 4D Massage Chair


The Highpointe massage chair is also equipped with 4D spinal rollers that can move up and down your spine; laterally towards or away from each other; and even deeper towards your back. These rollers can also increase in intensity as well as in speed, which enables the Highpointe 4D to offer plenty of massage options for you.


It offers heat therapy in 2 regions

This 4D massage chair by Osaki also offers heating therapy to help loosen tightly knotted muscles. However, unlike other massage chairs, the Highpointe doesn’t just have heating elements in the lumbar region. It also has heating mechanisms in the calf area. This allows the Highpointe to loosen both your back muscles as well as your calf muscles, making the spinal and calf rollers more effective.



It has deep calf rollers and foot rollers

Osaki Highpointe Foor and Calf Massage Chair


The spinal quad rollers of the Osaki Highpointe are not the only mechanical assemblies of the chair that provide pressurized massages. The chair is also equipped with calf rollers and foot rollers that deliver deep kneading for your legs and feet. This makes the Highpointe a perfect lower-body relaxation device.


It offers 2 Stages of Zero Gravity Reclining

Designers of the OS-Highpointe recognize the benefits of the NASA-inspired Zero-gravity technology used in other Osaki models. Weightlessness provides health benefits such as spinal decompression and improved blood circulation. Because of this, the Highpointe retains this feature and improves it even further by offering not just 1, but 2 zero-gravity positions for you to choose from.


Osaki Highpointe Zero Gravity Massage Chair


It comes with 17 Auto Programs & 5 Massage Styles

This latest Osaki model offers a wide variety of massages to choose from. Right out of the box, the Highpointe comes with 17 auto-programmed massages – a robust selection to start from especially if you’re new to massage chairs. However, if that’s not enough for you, you can also choose from 5 different massage styles to experiment with in addition to these auto-programmed ones. You can also tinker with roller speed, intensity, width, and other settings. This will give you an almost unlimited number of massages to choose from.


Osaki Dynasty Massage Chair


It was designed using Space Saving Technology

The Osaki 4D Highpointe is engineered to not take up large floor space. Thanks to its space-saving technology that allows the chair to slide forward, the Highpointe can go from fully upright to fully-reclined (Zero-gravity) positions even if the wall behind it is only a few inches away.


Intuitive Remote Control

Osaki Highpointe Touchscreen Remote Control

The Osaki 4D Highpointe has a large integrated touchscreen control on its armrest. This controller allows users to easily navigate the chair’s functions and settings through a convenient and generously large screen. Not only that but since the screen is mounted onto the armrest, there is no way you can lose it or misplace it, unlike the remote controllers of other chairs.


Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

To make your massage experience more enjoyable, you can listen to some audio using the Osaki Highpointe 4D’s surround sound Bluetooth speakers. All you need to do is wirelessly connect your device to the chair and then let the chair’s high-quality speakers do the rest.


Osaki Highpointe Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Charger


USB & Wireless Phone Charger

The Osaki Highpointe also offers charging solutions for your mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while you’re getting a massage. With USB ports and wireless charging stations (on the armrest), your devices are sure to get charged up while you enjoy your time on the Highpointe.



The Osaki Highpointe is a very promising massage chair with a strong focus on delivering an excellent massage experience while keeping up with the modern tech and design trends. If you've come to know the older Osaki Maestro massage chair, the Osaki Highpointe offers similar but improved massage and features and some upgrades. We definitely recommend this chair not only because of all those benefits mentioned above but because it comes from a very reputable brand as well.



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