Osaki Belmont: The Best Budget 3D Massage Chair With Premium Features

Osaki Belmont: The Best Budget 3D Massage Chair With Premium Features

If you are looking for a massage chair on a tight budget, you are probably expecting to give up plenty of features on your purchase. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With the new Osaki Belmont, you will be getting a lot of premium massage chair features for a far-below-premium price tag. Read on to find out some of what you’ll be getting when you purchase the Osaki Belmont.


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It performs computerized body scans

Like most premium massage chairs, the Osaki OS-3D Belmont offers personalized massages. To do this, the Belmont performs a computerized body scan to map out key locations on your body that the massage rollers will need specific adjustments to. This ensures that the rollers provide adequate pressure and intensity when they reach these areas, thereby giving personalized massages unique to each user.



It uses an SL-track

The Osaki Belmont uses the industry-favorite SL-track to guide its roller mechanism. This allows the Belmont to provide massages that not only reach all the way from the base of your skull to the tips of your hamstrings but also allow more flexibility and accuracy for the rollers when following the contours of your back and spine.


It is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism

Osaki Belmont 3D Massage Rollers


The Osaki OS-3D Belmont’s rollers are also of premium quality. They are made versatile with Osaki’s 3D design. Hence, they move up and down, laterally wider or closer together, as well as inward or outward depending on the section of the body they are attending to. Plus, with the ability to change speed and intensity, the Belmont’s 3D quad-rollers promise to provide any user thorough massages to relax those tired and sore muscles.


It comes with plenty of air cells

The OS-3D Belmont is equipped with a generous amount of air cells strategically distributed all over the chair. These air cells provide compression massages to different areas of the body like the shoulders, arms, calves, and especially the feet to give a full-body massage experience that will completely melt away all your fatigue. Also, the air cells provide five different intensity levels of compression so you can get adequate kneading regardless of your body size, shape, or condition.


It has long extendable footrests

Osaki Belmont Massage Chair Extendable Footrest


If you are worried about the chair being able to accommodate other people in the house, then don’t fret. The Belmont was designed to handle and fit users of different heights and sizes. The Belmont’s leg and footrest can extend by as much as 5 inches if need be. So, unless you can’t fit through a regular-sized door, then the Osaki Belmont should comfortably accommodate you.


It offers lumbar and calf heating

The Osaki Belmont offers more than rollers and air cell compressions for loosening those tired and knotted muscles. Another premium feature up its sleeves is heating therapy. The Belmont has heating elements located at the lumbar and calf regions designed to warm and slowly unwind those tight muscles. Heated regions promote faster circulation and the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. This allows the muscles to relax and be ready for a more effective massage.


Osaki Belmont Heat Therapy



It comes with a Zero-gravity feature

In addition to this, the Osaki Belmont massage chair also comes with another very popular premium feature – the Zero gravity tech. This design feature allows the chair to recline to a position that provides users with a sense of weightlessness. This NASA-inspired feature not only makes you feel like you’re floating, but it also decompresses your spine and improves blood circulation. The Zero-gravity feature takes the Belmont’s massages to a whole different level (both literally and figuratively).


It is designed with space-saving technology

Despite being able to recline to an almost horizontal position, the Osaki Belmont still needs only two inches of clearance between it and the wall behind. This is because the Belmont was designed with space-saving technology. The seat can slide forward and backward on its own without having to move the base so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.



It offers a wide variety of massages to choose from

Unlike other budget chairs that have limited massage offerings, the Osaki Belmont offers 16 different auto programs and 6 manual massage styles to choose from. So, if you’re not up to the task of customizing your massage, you can just simply try any of the pre-programmed massages it comes with.


It offers control options

Osaki Belmont Massage Chair Remote Control


Another premium feature that the Belmont has is its versatile control options. While most budget chairs only offer a single remote controller, the Belmont provides a traditional wired remote controller as well as a more premium, easy-access control panel on its armrest that allows users to control the chair’s basic functions – turning it on or off, changing angles of recline, heating, and more.


If you are on a tight budget, but you still wish to have some of the top features of high-end models like the Osaki Encore, then you must try the Osaki Belmont massage chair. It’s the best budget chair with premium features.


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