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October 4, 2019

Smart Massage Chair Face-Off: Daiwa Pegasus 2 vs Human Touch Super Novo

After a hard day of working, doing chores or taking care of your family, don’t you just want to plop down on your massage chair and enjoy a great massage? Sure, most massage chairs can give you a decent massage therapy experience. However, not all of them are smart. Not all of them are like the Daiwa Pegasus 2 or the Human Touch Super Novo.

Which chair is the smartest though? Let’s dive in and study their features to find out.

Smart Features

A massage chair must have special technological features in order for it to be considered smart. What about a voice-activated massage system? That's exactly what the Pegasus 2 has. All you need to start the chair massage is to say a simple "Hello, Daiwa". It also lets you activate any of the massage programs, make adjustments to them, and even sync them to your favorite music by simply speaking to it. More than that, you can speak to the chair using 7 different languages. How's that for operating a chair without ever lifting a finger?

Not to be outdone, the Super Novo has a similar feature too. The Super Novo implements an Alexa capability called a Virtual Therapist. What it does is ask you a series of questions regarding your massage preferences and physical requirements. It then stores your information so that when you need a specific massage all you need to do is to literally ask for it.

Massage Technologies

There are some features that are present in both chairs. The question is: “What makes them different?”

1. Massage Track
Both chairs have an L-shaped track that enables the massage rollers to travel farther down your back all the way to your glutes and hamstrings. This gives you better massage coverage compared to chairs that only use an S-shaped track. The Super Novo, in particular, has a unibody track that covers up to 60% more of your back compared to other chairs.

2. Massage Programs
Both chairs use 3D massage rollers which can move along the track up and down, left and right, as well as in out. The Pegasus even has a Deep Shiatsu setting that applies pressure to key points along your spine. The thing is that the Super Novo has both 3D and 4D rollers. What makes them special? It allows you to control the speed of the rollers as well, just like the caring hands of a professional massage therapist.

3. Heat Therapy
There are heating pads on the lumbar part of both chairs. However, the HT Super Novo has dual heating pads while the Pegasus 2 only has one.

4. Zero Gravity
You can experience zero gravity recline on both chairs. However, the Pegasus 2 has a space-saving design that requires only 0.25” of space from the wall in order to recline. The Super Novo needs 2”. So, if you have very limited space, the Pegasus may be the better option.

5. Rocking Rotation
One feature the Daiwa's smart massage chair has that the Human Touch's counterpart doesn’t is the ability to gently rock back and forth like a rocking chair, a great way to reduce anxiety.

6. Airbag Massage
Both chairs provide compression massage on the shoulders, arms, and seat. However, the Pegasus 2 included some on the calf and feet as well.

Customization Options

An ideal massage chair gives you options to personalize your massage. How do the two chairs do this? The Pegasus 2 Smart provides 27 auto and 9 manual programs as well as three 3D modes to choose from. You can also choose among 6 levels of speed and even turn the Tapping feature off if you want to. Aside from that you can also adjust the shoulder width from 26” to 32”.

The Super Novo, on the other hand, gives you 38 auto programs that include deep tissue, full-body immersion, and other relaxation and recovery programs. It also gives you the ability to control roller speed and intensity.

Fun Features

As if all those features are not enough, both chairs can make the massage therapy more enjoyable through these fun features too.

1. Bluetooth
The Daiwa Pegasus Version 2 allows you to connect your devices wirelessly so that you can play music through its high-quality compact speakers.

2. Sound System
The truth is the Super Novo’s Altec Lansing premium sound system will probably give you a better listening experience. It even has built-in immersive nature sounds and narrated demos of the chair’s features.

3. Smartphone App
While both chairs have a USB charging port, only the Pegasus 2 has an app that allows you to access all of the chair controls.

Both of these chairs are undoubtedly smart. They’re just smart in a lot of different ways and it all comes down to which features are most important to you so you can decide which home massaging chair to purchase. You can also contact us so we can give you our free personalized recommendation and offer you our special deals. Refer to the contact details below:

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