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October 16, 2019

Comfort and Diversity: The Osaki OS-Pro Capella Massage Chair

Comfort and Diversity: The Osaki OS-Pro Capella Massage Chair

Buy 1 Osaki Capella Massage Chair, BlackWhen it comes to massage chairs, it's not always easy to find an affordable option that is not only comfortable but also has diverse functions that will suit your specific requirements. If that is what you're after though, there is no need to look any further. Why? The Osaki OS-Pro Capella is here to satisfy your desire for both comfort and diversity in a chair massage.

How? For one, it is from Osaki, a leading distributor of electric massage chairs dedicated to helping people relax and enjoy a more active lifestyle. Their products are guaranteed to be of high quality but priced well below national retail price. Most importantly though, it is the Capella’s features that make it one special kind of massage chair. So, what can the Capella do for you?

It can provide you with the most comprehensive and comfortable chair massage

There will be days when you’ll need a massage only for specific areas and other days when you will need a more complete massage. The Capella can give you a holistic chair massage because of these features.

L-Track System
The L-track system allows the rollers to massage not just your back. It can also massage you from your neck down to your glutes and thighs.

Heat Therapy
Does your back need a little more than just the rollers? The Capella massaging chair has heating pads on the lumbar area to help increase your blood circulation and loosen your tense muscles.

Three Step Zero Gravity Mode
Zero gravity maximizes the intensity of the massage because the backrest supports the complete weight of your back. What's different about the Capella's zero gravity feature though is that you can choose among 3 stages according to your comfort level.

Full Body Air Massage

What about the areas of your body that the rollers can't reach? You can still benefit from compression massage via the 12 airbags located at shoulder, lower back, arms, feet, and calf areas of the chair.

Best Foot Massage
Your feet can also get the royal treatment. Aside from a compression massage through the airbags, you can also experience foot reflexology via the two spinning rollers at the bottom of the footrest that stimulates your acupressure points.

Extra Cushion
Do you know what else makes an Osaki Capella massage experience super comfortable? It's the back cushion and one extra cover at the top of the backrest. They make it so easy for you to just sit back and relax.

It can customize your Osaki chair massage according to your needs

Massage chairs that cannot cater to your body’s specific needs can’t possibly give you a satisfying experience. You’ll be happy to know that the Capella has the following features that can give you exactly what you need.

3D Plus & Minus

As if the L-track system is not enough, this Osaki chair has an upgraded 3D plus and minus function that enables you to control and adjust the 3D rollers. You can adjust them not only according to the area and width of the massage but to the intensity too depending on your preference.

8 Auto Programs

The Capella has 8 auto programs that you can choose from - Restore, Deep Tissue, Text Neck, Waist and Hips, Shape and Tone, Thai, Sweet Dream, and AM Routine. Choose whatever you want!

Automatic Extendable Footrest
Height is not an issue with this chair. The footrest extends automatically according to your height.

Body Scanning System

Not sure if the Capella can cater to your body type? Don't worry. It's body scanning system enables the chair to self-adjust and automatically customize according to the size of your shoulder. That way, the chair will be able to hit all the right spots.

It includes extra features that make the massage therapy experience more luxurious and satisfying

Bonus features are always a treat! Here’s more of what the Capella has to offer.

Easy Remote Control
Hate complicated manuals and controls? The Capella's remote control has an easy view screen and easy-to-use buttons that operate all of the chair's functions.

Side Controller

If you don't want to use the remote, use the side controller instead. It's conveniently positioned by the arm rest for easy access.

Space Saving
It slides forward as it reclines and only needs 3.5" of space from the wall to get fully reclined.

Bluetooth Speaker
Elevate your massage therapy with music! Connect your device to the chair's Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while having a massage.

See full details of Osaki Capella Massage Chair

If you are looking for the ideal massage chair that can offer you both comfort and diversity without making a huge dent in your pocket, the Osaki OS-Pro Capella is the one for you. Get it in either black, brown or taupe for only $3,999. Connect with us now using the information below to place your order or get a free consultation first.

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