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September 30, 2019

Relaxation Rivals: Luraco Legend Plus vs Osaki Ekon

Are you excited to get that much-awaited home massage therapy but your relaxation plans fail to push through because you simply cannot decide which massaging chair model best suits you? Here’s an interesting comparison that can help you narrow down your decision: the Luraco Legend Plus versus the Osaki Ekon.

Both quality products of reliable brands

Who hasn’t heard of the name Luraco in this industry? Hailing from a camp of advanced technology, the Legend Plus is one of this LLC company’s many quality products that have been designed and engineered in the US. Listed not only in the FDA but also in the UL and CE, this massage chair is equipped with several features that make it live up to its legendary name.

Now, let’s turn the spotlight to our massage chair challenger: the Osaki OS-Pro Ekon. If you’re familiar with the Osaki chair massage experience, then you know what to expect with the Osaki Ekon. A product of Japanese engineering and technology, this massage chair is definitely a model that will not disappoint.

Looking for 3D technology?

The good news is, these two both have massage rollers with 3D capability. So, whether you go for the Luraco Legend or opt to get the Osaki Ekon, you get a massage chair with adjustable intensity levels to match your current massage pressure craving.

What else is common between these two? They both offer zero-gravity functionality.

Do you know that NASA-inspired position where your body is reclined at an angle that places your knees slightly higher than your heart? With both models, you can enjoy this best deep tissue massager feature that subsequently relieves pressure off your spine and improves blood circulation.

Still curious?

Airbag massage is also a common denominator for both models as the units are equipped with strategically located airbags that are capable of delivering outstanding air compression massage to every user. The same goes for Bluetooth-capability. These two units have high-quality Bluetooth speakers ready for taking calls or listening to music.

Each with its list of merits

Now for their distinct feat. Does a 58” L-track sound impressive to you? If so, then you’ll instantly fall in love with the Luraco Legend massaging chair. Armed with a longer massage roller track, you can enjoy extended massage coverage (reaching all the way to your glutes) in every session.

How about a combined S- and L-track system? This one’s found in the Osaki Pro Ekon. Here, you get a massage roller track that simultaneously follows the curvature of your spine and, at the same time, reaches past your glutes and under your thigh muscles.

Still not sure which one to choose?

Let’s take a look at their massage programs:

The Osaki Ekon comes with 6 automatic modes and 6 massage styles, while the Luraco Legend plus has 9 automatic preset programs. It has limitless customizable individual body part massage profiles in its manual setting. This means that, with the Luraco Legend, you get unlimited chances of mixing and matching massage modes and styles until you finally find the perfect setting for your body. This is perfect for homes with multi-users too, as this unit has provision for up to five personal user memory settings, making it a truly customized and enjoyable massage experience for the entire family.

On the lookout for complementary heat therapy? With the Osaki Ekon model, each unit comes with lumbar heating capacity, ready to soothe those painful and aching lower back of yours. As for the Luraco Legend, it also has body heating capacity with five intensity levels to boot.

Got tired legs and feet in need of some TLC? While both units have inflatable airbags in the calf area, their roller technologies differ. Spinning reflexology rollers with kneading massage technique found in the Ekon massage chair can stimulate acupuncture points on the soles of your feet. Meanwhile, the Luraco Legend combines doubled foot rollers with air calf massage for a deeper massage feel.

And how do they fare in terms of ease of use? The Osaki Ekon makes use of an LCD remote control with straight-forward controls and buttons. On the other hand, the Legend massage chair has a touch screen remote control for hassle-free navigation.

Want a virtually quiet massage session? The Legend massage chair can operate with very little noise, many thanks to its built-in noise reduction technology.

Searching for something else? One of the notable features of the Osaki Ekon is its fully adjustable head cushion for superb relaxation and comfort. And for your utmost convenience, this unit is made with space-saving technology that allows the chair to glide forward as it reclines. This means you can enjoy that full-body chair massage without having to worry about taking up so much space in any room within your home.

So, which one is it going to be?

Will you go for Luraco’s legend plus or stick to the outstanding and luxurious Osaki Ekon? Give us a call now so we can personally give you our FREE personalized recommendation based on your preferences, budget and other factors. Just reach out to us using the information below now:

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