Pegasus 2: Your Smart Massage Chair Choice

Pegasus 2: Your Smart Massage Chair Choice

Ever had those moments when you wish you had a full-time massage therapist at home to take away all your days’ stress and tension? Lucky for you, you don’t need to wish for a home service massage to treat yourself to a relaxing and healing experience. In fact, you can get the same fully satisfying and insanely impressive holistic massage from one of this year’s best massage chair models in the market.

Think no such massaging chair exists? Well, think again, because buying the Pegasus 2 massage chair will prove to you that there is one. And it may just be one of the smartest choices you will ever make this 2019.

Here’s what you need to know about this massage chair.


Hailing from years of quality and innovation

Want to know the story behind the company that turned the Pegasus 2 massage chair model to reality? For 35 years, U.S. Jaclean has brought expertly designed products in the comfort of people’s homes. And just recently, the company announced an exciting change in its growth and direction. From thereon, two brands, namely Daiwa Felicity and Daiwa Massage Chair, have been designated to carry the company’s products.

Daiwa Massage Chairs Logo

Pegasus 2 falls under the latter brand. And if we know anything about this brand, it’s that their prestige and quality are topnotch, so we are honored to be their EXCLUSIVE authorized online dealer.

So, what else should you look forward to when you bring home the Pegasus 2 Smart? Next to a lineage of proven quality, you’re in for a ride with its outstanding features. Let’s tackle them one by one:

Top of the line technology

The Pegasus 2 may be the smartest massage chair model yet because of its unparalleled technology. Imagine this:

You sit on this ideal massage chair and get to activate by only saying “Hello, Daiwa”. No complicated controls, no buttons to press. Just a multi-language, voice-activated massage system that is ready to bring you relief and comfort at your command.

Want to hear more? How about an impressive range of massage-related features?

First off, this unit operates its 3D massage rollers on a 49-inch L-track. This means that you get the powerful combo of advanced roller technology (with five intensity controls) running on an extra-long massage track. So, after the 3D smart scan maps your back for a more customized experience, the top of your shoulders, your back, and all the way to your upper thighs, can expect nothing but the best massage experience with the Pegasus 2.

Still not enough? Then, feast your eyes (and muscles) on the Pegasus 2’s additional features.

This massage chair also has Zero Gravity capability---and it comes in two angles (30 degrees and 120 degrees). Enjoy NASA-inspired technology and its many benefits like helping your spine decompress and better blood circulation.

Get this: it also incorporates both heat and sound therapy during its massage session. Now, you can get loosened and pain-free muscles while enjoying a massage that glides in rhythm with your favorite tunes.

But that’s not all.

This massage chair also boasts of a powerful compression massage that is made possible by 48 airbags strategically placed around the unit, including its calf and feet areas. It even has undulating motions around the calf area and triple reflexology foot rollers for that luxurious calf and foot massage combo that you’ve always dreamed of.


Customizable to your satisfaction

Don’t you just love it when a massage chair is a perfect match for your needs and wants? That’s exactly what you get when you bring home the Pegasus 2 massage chair. Let’s break it down.

It won’t take up much space in your house as it has the Wall-Hugger Design. This is because it can recline with only 0.25” space away from any wall, many thanks to its gliding recline mechanism.

Know what else is cool?

Adjustable shoulder and leg components to accommodate people of wider and taller body structure. And if you want to simply relax and recline the unit? You can, too! It has bonus chair and foot pads that are ¾-inch-thick that can serve as a soft cushion perfect for relaxation. It even has a rocking rotation technology that mimics classic rocking chair movement and feels that’s great for de-stressing or a quick nap.


Complete connectivity and control

Do you enjoy add-ons like connectivity features? If so, then you’ll probably love to hear this:

The Pegasus 2 has built-in high-quality, compact Bluetooth speakers, for that ultimate surround sound experience during each massage session. And for your devices (like smartphones and tablets), this massage chair has a USB charging port to keep them fully charged and within reach.

See full details of Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair

And how do can control this unit, you may ask? Just grab the advanced and multi-language hand-help remote control or simply download the Pegasus 2 Smart Massage Chair app on your iOS or Android device, to get full control of its amazing features. What else are you waiting for? Don’t think twice. Just make the smart move.

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