Reimagine Relaxation With The Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Reimagine Relaxation With The Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

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Do you feel like almost every massage chair for sale you’ve seen seems to be a contender for the top spot? That’s because they are. They are being developed to get the title of the best massage chair in the market. And with all the ongoing technological advances these days, the capabilities that manufacturers can add and program to massage chairs are seemingly endless.


But if there’s one real relax massage chair set to impress you this 2019, it would probably be the Super Novo massage chair by Human Touch. Seem like it’s too good to be true? Then let’s get started with the astounding list of features that this latest human touch massage chair has to offer:


Diverse Dimensions

Ever dreamed of simply snuggling and cozying up in a massaging chair that can mimic both expert and caring hands of your favorite massage therapist? With the Super Novo massage chair, your dreams are turned into an intuitive reality. Here’s how this massage chair does it:


First off, it offers a divine combo of extensive track systems and massage roller technology. The Super Novo massage chair has both the S-track and L-track systems (a.k. A. a Unibody track) incorporated in the unit to give you that multidimensional massage you’ve always dreamed off.


With the S-track addressing the sinusoidal shape of your spine, you get more you will be able to feel the unit’s rollers traverse your spine’s entire curvature. Feel the back massage rollers move forward and reach your cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) regions, then retract to reach your thoracic (mid back) and sacral (tailbone) areas. On the other hand, the L-track system extends the path of the massage rollers all the way down to the top of your hamstrings.


Second, this newest human touch massage chair also has 4D massage rollers that make each of its 38 auto wellness massage programs more defined and enjoyable. This is because aside from the usual vertical and horizontal movements that massage rollers can do, the Super Novo’s 4D massage rollers can amp up the ante by adding not just depth but also variable speed to each massage session.


Want to hear more? This amazing massage chair also features Cloud Touch acupressure that makes use of targeted air cells to provide pressure and healing for your body. And if you love combining heat with massage therapy, you’ll also fall in love with the Super Novo. That’s because it has dual lumbar heat that can soothe your lower back’s constant aches and pains. Plus, its extendable leg rest also has a heating pad that can provide soothing warmth that radiates throughout your legs.


Daring Distinction


Here’s another totally cool feat: the Human Touch Super Novo is the first of its kind to incorporate Amazon’s Alexa in every massage session. Also called the virtual therapist, this unique technology makes use of Alexa’s artificial intelligence to literally get to know you and your body. Get a massage that’s exactly how you imagined by telling Alexa your preferences.

So, whether it’s telling this digital assistant that you want a recovery massage, or you want a session solely focused to your lower back, the Super Novo will readily respond to give you what you want and need.


Now, check this out: This human touch massage chair also features the NASA-inspired Zero Gravity technology that reclines and elevates your leg at an angle slightly higher than your heart. In this position, you get to enjoy a deeper massage that also decompresses your spine and improves blood circulation at the same time.

Still find that lacking? How about throwing in some state-of-the-art audio system. Equipped with the premium Altec Lansing sound system, the HT Super Novo you can listen to its built-in nature sounds or hear narration and walkthrough of this unit’s many health benefits.


Dedicated Design

Does all of that sound good? Just wait until you hear more of its wonderful features. Because the Super Novo massage chair is built with a design that has your happiness and comfort in mind. Get this: This massage chair has a sleek design and a space-saving technology that makes it the perfect and stylish addition, even to smaller-sized houses.



Love control but hate confusing remote control buttons? The Super Novo also includes advanced yet user-friendly fingertip control with its a panel conveniently located at its armrest. Now you can power it on, recline it, and do many other things without having to reach for the remote control.

What else is missing? How about a built-in USB port that can charge your device while you enjoy a relaxing massage session.


All in all, the Super Novo massage chair’s $9,999.00 price point seems to be a reasonable deal for a massage chair that is packed with such insane and astounding features. A massage chair that has diverse dimensions, daring distinction, and dedicated design, the Super Novo truly reimagines relaxation with its advanced features.


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What are you waiting for? Reimagine relaxation with your very own Super Novo massage chair today. Contact us using the details below and don't forget to ask us about our great offers such as our best deal guarantee and 0% financing. This chair isn't really available for ordering yet, but we'll be more than happy to talk to to you why it's the best massage chair for you. We can't wait for our customers to experience a revolutionary massage chair!



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