Titan Vigor 4D: Best Value For Money Premium Chair With Loads Of Highly-Advanced Features

Titan Vigor 4D: Best Value For Money Premium Chair With Loads Of Highly-Advanced Features

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If you are looking for a premium chair that provides the best value for money, then the Titan Vigor 4D massage chair should be at the top of your list. This new Titan is equipped with the industry’s most popular features and the most advanced technology available – all to give you unrivalled massages anytime you want. Read on to find out more. 



It has a 4D massage mechanism

The Titan Vigor 4D is equipped with rollers that are fully customizable – allowing you to change the spacing, speed, pressure, and timing of the quad-rollers. This versatility, that goes beyond 3D, enables the Vigor to attend to a greater area beyond your spine, extending all the way from your shoulder regions down to your glutes.

Plus, with the Vigor’s intelligent computerized body scanning and the long-reaching SL-track, the chair effectively maps out every inch of your spine and shoulders to make sure that the massage rollers are able to exert the appropriate amount of pressure during any massage – regardless of the individual using the massage chair.


It has heated back rollers

While most massage chairs offer heating therapy only in selected, isolated areas (like the lumbar region), the Vigor provides heating anywhere along the spinal area with its unique heated back rollers. Now, you can further unwind knotted muscles through heat therapy anywhere, as these advanced rollers apply mild heat from the neck area to the glutes in a calming fluid motion.


It has an advanced 2-stage Zero Gravity feature

Titan Vigor Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The makers of the Titan Vigor understand the benefits of the very popular, NASA-inspired Zero-gravity feature – spinal decompression as well as improved blood circulation, which is why they’ve taken this feature to the next level by allowing the Vigor to offer 2 zero-gravity positions instead of just one.

While the first stage is enough to lessen the pull of gravity, the second zero-gravity stage (position) is engaged even further down (backward) to increase the feeling of weightlessness and enhance all the benefits of the first position.


It has 32 air cells for full body compression

The Titan Vigor 4D comes with a generous amount of air cells (32) for a full-body compression massage that perfectly complements the quad-rollers. These air cells are found all over the chair to reach places on the body that the rollers cannot attend to.


Titan Vigor Massage Chair 32 Air Cells


Air cells on the sides of the Vigor, for example, thoroughly knead the arms and hands of the user by rhythmic compressions while those located around the calves and feet provide deep kneading and compressions on the calves and feet. Using high-quality memory foam, the Vigor’s air cells intelligently apply enough force to deliver maximum relief without pain and soreness.


It is a space saver despite accommodating users of different heights

The designers of the Titan Pro-Vigor 4D have engineered the Vigor to be excellent at optimizing space. First, it has an automatic extendable footrest that provides an extra 7.1 inches of length for tall users, so it doesn’t have to take additional floor space just to sit taller people. Second, it only requires 4.5 inches of space between it and the wall behind to go from its fully upright to its fully reclined position.


It comes equipped with modern techie conveniences

Titan Vigor 4D Massage Chair Remote Control

The Titan Vigor not only uses modern technology to deliver awesome massages. It also utilizes top-of-the-line tech to provide more convenience for its users. For example, the Vigor uses a huge touchscreen controller to provide users an almost unlimited access to the chair’s settings and massages. The controller is attached to an easy-pivot mount that lets you see the screen perfectly from any angle.


If that’s not enough, there are also quick access controls (physical buttons) found on the armrest so that you can toggle between settings instantly without having to navigate controls on the touchscreen. Buttons on the arm panel can help you power the Vigor on or off, change massage intensities, extend the footrest manually, or even select auto-programmed massages.


Titan Vigor 4D Massage Chair Hi-tech features


It also comes with a wireless charging station located conveniently near the armrest so your phone stays always within reach. Now, both you and your phone can get recharged at the same time. The Vigor also comes equipped with high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers around the head region. This allows you to connect your mobile devices and listen to your favorite tunes, meditative music, podcasts, or even catch up on the latest news while you’re being pampered and reinvigorated by the Vigor. 


Lastly, the Titan Vigor massage chair comes with several auto-programmed massages that can target specific regions in the body or provide a full-body treatment – 4 for the lower back, 4 for the neck and shoulder, and 8 for the full body. All of these auto-programmed massages can still be manually tweaked to suit personal preference. 


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So, what else are you waiting for? Take the Titan Pro-Vigor 4D for a spin and see for yourself why it’s the best value for money premium chair in the market today.



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