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January 16, 2019

The Phantom: The Definition of Ultimate Massage Experience

The Phantom: The Definition of Ultimate Massage Experience

Buy 1 Bodyfriend Phantom Massage Chair w/ Free Indoor Setup & Assembly, Black A massage provides your body and mind with numerous health benefits. However, not all massages are the same and not all massage chairs provide you with the same benefits and experience. There's a massage, and then there's the Phantom. The Phantom massage chair is known for being the compelling favorite in the world of massage chairs. That is because it makes use of a new generation of state-of-the-art technology developed by Bodyfriend Inc.

Bodyfriend Inc.

Bodyfriend envisions a future wherein they can provide daily health solutions that help people analyze body conditions and manage their health right in the comfort of their own home. This vision has led the company to create its own renowned design, technical and medical R&D centers that work together to create massage chairs that provide health benefits for the body and mind.

Bodyfriend award-winning massage chairs are chic, edgy, luxurious, and blends effortlessly and seamlessly into a home’s interiors. However, beyond their aesthetic appeal lies a smart health care product that draws from IoT, Big Data and AI technology.

Key Features of the Phantom

One of the first decisions when buying a Bodyfriend Phantom is which color to choose. Whether you choose white or black, you get the same ultimate massage experience. The Phantom massage chair is unique in its ability to provide the ultimate massage experience because of these key features.

Zero Gravity - Experience the feeling of weightlessness using the Phantom's Zero Gravity function. It offsets the effects of gravitational pressure on the body by elevating the feet to be level with the heart. You can even adjust the recline angles to position your body at the optimal angle to maximize the effects and benefits of the massage.

Zero Wall - Some people are concerned with how to fit a bulky massage chair within a limited space. That is simply not an issue with the Phantom because of its Zero Wall feature which increases space efficiency by decreasing the space used. It uses smart technology that automatically slides the chair forward when the chair is reclined, saving you the trouble of allocating space behind the chair.

Heating - Heat therapy provides extensive health benefits. When heat is applied to your body, it opens up your blood vessels and promotes blood circulation, improves motion and increases muscle, ligament and tendon flexibility. The Phantom provides comfortable heating levels of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit on your back and buttocks.

11 Customized Auto Massage Modes - With the Phantom's Manual mode, you can choose from a few massage techniques. However, when you don't feel like selecting your own settings, you can choose from one of the 11 automatic massage modes instead, such as:

1. Recovery - targets the shoulder, back, and waist with acupressure massaging techniques.
2. Stretch - uses tapping and kneading techniques while fully reclining the body at different angles to gently stretch the legs and body separately.
3. Rest - concentrates on kneading the entire back for 30 min.
4. Refresh - simultaneously uses kneading and tapping techniques on the targeted shoulder area.
5. Auto Upper - provides tapping for the shoulders and back while using acupressure and various other massaging techniques for the upper body.
6. Auto Lower - relieves tension for the lower body area by concentrating on the legs and operating rollers for the feet.
7. Office - uses tapping and acupressure massaging techniques focusing on the waist while automatically reclining the body at different angles to promote relaxation.
8. Hip-Up - alternates acupressure and kneading techniques on the buttocks.
9. Athlete - combines tapping, kneading, and acupressure techniques targeting the shoulders and operating dual chopping feet rollers.
10. Adolescent - gently massages the spine and pressure massages the feet and legs to help stimulate growth plates.
11. Rejuvenate - moves between the upper and lower body using tapping and acupressure techniques targeting the shoulders and waist to relieve muscle knots and tension

Auto Leg Adjust - It doesn't matter what your height is when using the Phantom because it has responsive sensors on the heel of the foot unit that measures leg length. It can be manually adjusted too.

Shoulder Airbag Massage - To relieve fatigue and soreness on your shoulders, you can use the Phantom's airbag compression massage function that makes use of six airbags. It can also be set up for other preferred areas under manual mode.

Ergonomic Hand Massage - Got tired hands? The Phantom utilizes magnetic acupressure airpads targeted specifically to crucial acupressure points that administer moderate compression massages to the hand.

Bluetooth Connectivity - Play your favorite music while receiving a massage. The Phantom has a Bluetooth function that you can use to sync your mobile device.

S & L Frame - You know your body is well-supported with the Phantom's S & L Frame. It supports and massages the entire length of your body by conforming to its contours, reaching untouched areas such as under your thighs.

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The combination of all these state-of-the-art features enables the Phantom to give you a massage experience like no other. Order now as stocks run out fast!

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