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July 10, 2019

Embrace Massage Perfection With The Phantom II Massage Chair

Embrace Massage Perfection With The Phantom II Massage Chair

Buy 1 BodyFriend Phantom II Massage Chair with FREE indoor setup & assemblyDo you ever feel drained and without energy after a long day at work? Or perhaps your sore and tired muscles are preventing you from enjoying your day like you used to? Either way, perhaps it’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to schedule a massage today. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to head out for a quick spa trip and come back rejuvenated and relaxed after a holistic massage session.

Looking for a convenient alternative? How about bringing home a luxurious and soul healing piece like the Phantom II massaging chair.

Want to know its amazing features? Let’s go through each one of them one by one:

XD Massage System

Are you familiar with massage chairs that feature 3D massage rollers? They’re the ones that are capable of delivering a 3D massage to your body as the chairs’ rollers traverse not just an x and y-axis, but also an added z-axis. This additional axis makes it possible to move in and out of the plane, thereby giving each massage that you receive a much deeper feel.

And how does this differ with the Phantom II’s XD system? The Phantom II’s massage system is actually designed to be better. Here's why - with the Phantom II massage chair, you can customize the range of the massage roller heads to the contour of your body. Simply press the XD button to adjust the positioning of its back-massage balls and enjoy a soothing massage that traverses from your head down to your buttocks.

BODYFRIEND's Premium XD Massage Module

In addition, this conceptual and customized massage system provides for a deeper and wider, X-shaped massage on your back. Not to mention the XD massage system mimics human massage almost perfectly with its ability to execute ergonomic massage angles.
So, what else makes this chair so special? Read on.

Full Air Body Massage

If you’re a fan of air compression massage, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Phantom II offers a full air body massage. With airbags located on the shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot areas, you will surely enjoy the wonderful benefits that air compression massage can bring such as better blood circulation. To top it all, you can adjust the intensity of these airbags, giving you full control of each massage session.
Ready to hear more?

Body Scanning Feature

Bodyfriend Full body air massage

The Phantom II massage chair also has a built-in auto body-scanning feature that allows sensors on the unit’s back massage modules to locate your shoulders accurately. With this, you’ll be sure that each massage stroke hits the perfect spot as the massage system adjusts to your body structure. And if that’s not enough, it has an auto-leg adjust feature that allows for up to 8 inches extension of its leg rest making taller users more comfortable in every massage session.

Calf and Leg Massage

Speaking of legs, who doesn’t love a good calf and leg massage? Well, you certainly can expect this one from the Phantom II massage chair. Not only does this unit have airbags at the calf area that help relieve swollen calves, but it also has rotating rollers in the same area to reinforce the air compression massage.

Think that’s all? It also has airbags that knead both sides of your feet plus additional three-step foot massage rollers that target acupressure points on your sole, which makes the Phantom II one of the massage chairs that offer the best foot massager yet.

Heating and Zero-Gravity Function

phantom 2 heating

How about heating and Zero Gravity function? The Phantom II is also equipped with these awesome features. Get treated to a nice and literally warm massage that has back heating adjustable to up to 140 F. And for Zero-G, this exceptional massage chair reclines to 170 degrees to let you enjoy this NASA-inspired position that provides benefits such as relieving pressure off your spine.

Want to hear its other massage-related wonders?

Other Features

You’ll also be pleased to know that the Phantom II massage chair has a Brain Massage 2 capability: a special massage technique that incorporates the science of binaural beats. Plus, it has a Palm Shiatsu feature that massages acupoints through magnetic reflexology.

Looking for more?

This luxurious massage chair also has high-quality stereo speakers for your auditory satisfaction. And aside from Bluetooth connectivity, the Phantom II also has a spectacularly smart remote control that can quickly cater to your every need.

And the best part?

See full details of BodyFriend Phantom II massage chair

It has a brilliant space-saving design which means it only needs up to 4 inches of backspace from the wall to get into recline position. Now, you can definitely enjoy this gorgeous massage chair whose synthetic leather lining and zipper upholstery make it everyone’s eye candy.

Ready to give in?

At the price point of only $7,999, you can enjoy a premium massage when you bring home your very own Phantom II massage chair. Listen to your body now and feel the difference in perfection.

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