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January 31, 2019

A Legend is Reborn in the Luraco Legend Plus

A Legend is Reborn in the Luraco Legend Plus

Buy 1 Luraco Legend PLUS Massage Chair, CreamIf you're looking for a massage chair that combines the best in innovation, quality, and luxury, you can find them all in the Luraco Legend. The Luraco Legend is part of the World's #1 Medical Massage Chair product line. It has been upgraded into the Luraco Legend Plus with newly-improved features that further bring together innovative technologies, massage therapy techniques, and healthcare features into one ingenious and comprehensive machine.

Luraco Technologies

The Luraco Legend was developed by a private engineering firm from Arlington, Texas called Luraco Technologies. Founded over ten years ago, Luraco Technologies is now a global leader in robotic massage chair design and innovation. The company is on a mission to provide advanced products for the military and commercial sectors.

Luraco designs the world's best robotic massage systems and is the proud manufacturer of the first and only American Made massage chairs in the industry. They are an award-winning company that has been awarded the Dallas Top 100 Companies by the SMU School of Business, Top Defense Contractors in Tarrant County, as well as the Achievement Award by U.S Department of Commerce.

The Luraco Legend PLUS

The Luraco Legend is the first non-Chinese made L-track massage chair. It is designed, engineered, and assembled in Dallas, Texas with the structural hardware and synthetic leather made in Taiwan. It has the latest technology in L-track and 3D Robotics with the longest roller track length in the industry, which goes from your head to your hamstrings.

With the new Luraco Legend Plus, the physical appearance of the chair has not changed. However, there have been many electronic and massage-comfort enhancements made such as the following:

1. Added Bluetooth Connectivity and Upgraded Speakers

The original Lucaro Legend did not possess any Bluetooth connectivity but the Legend Plus does. With the addition of this new Bluetooth accessibility, plus upgraded speakers, users can now have the ability to connect to their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop to play their favorite tunes while relaxing and getting a massage.

2. Improved Rollers

The Luraco Legend already had the longest roller track length in the industry at 58 inches. This means that the height of the user will not be an issue and that anyone who uses the chair will still experience an outstanding head to leg massage. This was further improved though with the Legend Plus wherein 3 cm. was added thereby creating a higher reach for taller users. This will ensure a massage not only to the lower hamstring muscles but also to the neck.

3. Improved Armrest Airbags

The Luraco Legend has a comprehensive airbag system consisting of 60 airbags. This provides therapy for the areas of the body that the roller system can't reach. In the Legend Plus, further improvements have been made to the armrest airbags in order to provide a more comfortable and effective massage experience. The airbag massage intensity can still be adjusted by simply pushing a button in order to customize the intensity according to the user's preference.

4. Enhanced Software

The Luraco Legend already possesses the latest in advanced 3D robotic massage, which includes an intelligent sensor technology for accurate body shape and neck detection. However, some enhancements were also made on the Legend Plus to improve the chair's comfort as well as to enhance the massage precision for a more enjoyable and beneficial massage experience.

Aside from these upgrades though, you can still find the following features on the Luraco Legend Plus that the original version also had.

  • Touch Screen Remote Control - has an advanced touch screen keypad that is simple and extremely easy to operate5 Memory Settings - allows up to 5 users to create and save customized massage profiles, chair positions, and intensity levels for easier and faster access.
  • Zero Gravity - provides the user with a sense of weightlessness through a neutral body posture position that has been proven to heighten the state of relaxation and well-being
  • Advanced Foot Massage - uses double mechanical foot rollers plus a 3-tiered system that provides a great foot and calf massage
  • Heat therapy - for the back and feet with 5 levels of heat intensity
  • Adjustable Leg Length - adjusts leg length using an Ottoman mechanism to suit users in varying heights
  • 9 Auto Programs - 20-minute pre-programmed soothing massages
  • Body Stretching - relaxes a compressed spine
  • Body Scan Technology - intelligent sensor for accurate automatic body shape and neck detection
  • Noise Reduction - very quiet operation
  • Health Monitoring System – an optional feature that uses a patented system to measure blood pressure and heart rate, making the Luraco the first and only medical massage chair

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The Luraco Legend Plus is made with commercial grade leather and is available in either black, chocolate or cream colors for only $7,990. For your inquiries and orders, you can reach us using the info below:

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