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January 10, 2019

From Mild to Wild: 7 Versatile Features of the Human Touch Novo V2

From Mild to Wild: 7 Versatile Features of the Human Touch Novo V2

Buy 1 Human Touch Novo V2 Massage Chair, RedA massage chair can be a wise investment for your health and wellness. However, some massage chairs only have limited features. If you wish to take advantage of a wider range of benefits, choose a versatile massage chair that can cater to different types of people as well as a variety of massage requirements, from the mildest to the wildest ones. The Human Touch Novo V2 massage chair is exactly that.

The Human Touch Novo V2 was created by Human Touch, the leading provider of high quality, innovative lifestyle products, massage chairs, and experiences. Their chairs are designed by an experienced team of expert designers and engineers with the help of the medical community, making sure that each product is a perfect blend of form, function, and fashion.

Human Touch has a wide variety of customers, from everyday people looking for a respite from the stress of today's lifestyle to chiropractors who integrate therapeutic massage on a Human Touch chair as part of their professional services and also serious athletes in need of recovery from intensive training.

These customers' needs vary greatly but that does not automatically mean they need different types of massage chairs. A winner of the 2016 ADEX Platinum Award for Design Excellence, the Novo V2 is capable of giving all of them the kind of massage that will suit their specific needs. This is possible through its 7 versatile features.

7 Versatile Features of the Human Touch Novo V2

1. Choosing the type of massage you want is easy with the Novo V2's 32 auto programs which include:

• AWAKE – Helps you get up and ready to move for the day.
• ENERGIZE – Gently soothes and stretches you from head to toe. This auto program also includes an independent STRETCH program.
• PERFORMANCE – Gently rocks you while delivering a more intense Cloud Touch air massage. This auto program also includes an independent ROCKING program.
• RECOVERY – Focuses on relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.
• UPPER BACK – Provides a massage that targets your upper back.
• LOWER BACK – Focuses the massage on your lower back.
• DEMO – Demonstrates all of the chair’s massage techniques.
• SHIATSU – Delivers a massage with varying intensities - soft, medium and aggressive.
• SWEDISH – Provides a moderate massage with soft to medium intensity.
• SPORTS – Gives a soft massage that increases to an aggressive intensity.
• THAI – Gives an aggressive massage that decreases to a soft intensity.

2. Manual Massage Modes

If you want a more customized massage, you can access the manual massage modes which will allow you to customize your back massage Mode, Focus, Width, and Speed. The 6 Modes include Kneading, Tap Touch, Percussion, Shiatsu, Knead and Perc, and Audio Sync. Focus has 3 options - full, zone, and spot. Width adjusts the horizontal massage range from either wide, medium or narrow while Speed in manual mode adjusts the kneading and top touch massage speed. All manual massages include foot or calf massage and Cloud Touch air massage.

3. Unique L-Track Massage

The L-Track Unibody design of the Novo V2 is more than just style. Its distinctive L-track system covers 60% more of your back compared to conventional massage chairs, which extends high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your glutes.

4. Extending Foot and Calf Massage

The Novo V2 can provide optimized reflexology and adjustable intensity for calves and feet via its underfoot rollers as well as its extendable leg rest that automatically adjusts for your height.

5. Lumbar Heat

Heat therapy can gently soothe and loosen tight muscles plus help relieve pain. The Novo V2 has a dual lumbar heat system that is adjustable to target specific muscles.

6. Full-Body Stretch

The Novo V2 has an expansive "bend and stretch" functionality that provides leg and spine relief, which increases blood flow to the vertebrae and discs. This rejuvenates the lower back and allows you to recover with great efficiency.

7. Cloud Touch Acupressure

There are strategically placed air cells on the Novo V2 that apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch your muscles, massaging you from head to toe. You have the choice of selecting one or more Cloud Touch massage areas and then setting the intensity at any time during an auto massage program. You can also use it independent of any auto program.

Available in five colors - red, blue, cream, brown and black - the Novo V2 also features built-in Bluetooth speakers and an easy-to-use controller with a crystal-clear LCD screen.

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