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May 24, 2019

Osaki Pro Admiral: 5 Features That Make It a Massage Chair Leader

Osaki Pro Admiral: 5 Features That Make It a Massage Chair Leader

Buy 1 Osaki Pro Admiral Massage Chair, TaupeLooking for a massage chair for sale that's a sure leader in both features and functionality? Here's the good news... Osaki Pro Admiral joins the ranks when it comes to the top osaki massage chair models released. And the best part is, you get the benefits of a holistic massage and enjoy many other exciting features all for the price of only $4399.

Does this sound too good to be true? Wait until you hear about its fabulous features. Have a sneak peek...

Powerful 3D Plus L-Track Massage Combo

Love a power-packed massage? The Osaki Pro Admiral’s massage rollers are powered by advanced 3D technology so, with every session, you get to enjoy a massage that is packed with full range and flexibility. With an added third dimension, its massage rollers are able to move beyond the up-down and left-right motion. This means that you get to feel the massage rollers extend out from the backrest, giving you a deeper massage than usual 2D rollers can provide.

Now, check this out: These rollers run on an L-track system, which means that you get to enjoy advanced 3D technology massage from your neck, down to your entire spine length, all the way to your glutes and upper hamstrings.

Awesome Auto and Manual Massage Modes

How about a massage chair that provides you with some variety? You can choose from any of the Osaki Pro Admiral's 16 auto massage programs then simply sit back and let this massaging chair impress you with its moves.

And if you want to take control of which body spot to focus on? You can also do that with the Osaki Pro Admiral. Just choose the manual mode and select your favorite from amongst the six massage styles of the Osaki Pro Admiral. Pinpoint which part of your body deserves the extra attention and set the controls to the massage style that suits your needs.

Top-notch Air, Heat, and Gravity Trio

Excited to hear more? There are other interesting massage-related features that this leading massage chair has to offer.

Let’s start off with its full body air massage function. Relieve body pain and tension through better blood circulation enabled by the Osaki Pro Admiral’s exceptional air compression massage. With a total of 24 airbags located at the chair’s shoulder, arms, lower back, feet, and calf areas, your body will surely benefit from this ideal massage chair.

Now, here’s a literally hot feature: this massage chair also has heating pads for that extra warm and soothing massage experience. Simply enable lumbar and calf heating controls and enjoy added therapeutic effects that come from localized heating.

But that’s not all. The Osaki Pro Admiral is also equipped with Zero Gravity (Zero-G) function that’s set to give you a one of a kind massage session. Get ready to be wowed when you recline into this NASA-inspired position. Because as the massage chair assumes the Zero Gravity mode, your legs will be aligned in a position that is slightly higher than your heart. Reclined in zero gravity, your body’s weight is pressed towards the chair’s backrest. This allows for a deeper massage and can bring some spine decompression relief.

Fantastic Focus for Your Legs and Feet

Are you a fan of foot massage spa? If so, then you’re going to want to hear this. This massage chair sends out some extra TLC to your tired legs through its extendable footrest (which can reach up to 7.1 inches). It also gives your tired soles and toes some massage loving through its unique foot massage functionality. Here, spinning foot rollers knead and stimulate acupuncture points at the bottom of your feet for a well-deserved foot massage treat.

Thrilling Added Technology

Still not convinced? Here are some technologically advanced add-ons for you to marvel on:

For starters, each session in the Admiral massage chair starts off with an auto body scan to map your neck and back areas. This advanced scanning technology helps the massage chair deliver optimal pressure to every point in your body.

Feel better with music?

The Osaki Pro Admiral also offers Bluetooth-enabled speakers so you can listen to your favorite tracks while you enjoy a relaxing massage. Plus, this massage chair has a USB connector port, so you can charge your mobile device or tablet when it runs out of battery. And for your added convenience, the Osaki Pro Admiral has a user-friendly LCD remote with an easy-view screen and multi-language support feature, so you can control the unit with no hassle.

See full details of Osaki Pro Admiral Massage Chair

To sum it all up, the Osaki Pro Admiral is a true massage chair leader with its incredibly insane features. For the price of only $4399, you get a massage chair that its powerfully-packed with cool massage features and amazing technological add-ons.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the lead and bring home an Osaki Pro Admiral today.

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