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March 2, 2018

6 of the Best Massage Chair Features You Will Find in the Titan Jupiter Massage Chair

6 of the Best Massage Chair Features You Will Find in the Titan Jupiter Massage Chair

Buy 1 Titan Pro Jupiter XL 3D L-Track Massage Chair, Black Stress is an inevitable force that drives us to make decisions when the situation calls for it. It can definitely be seen as a positive force. But once it becomes a recurring experience, then it becomes chronic and a negative force that should be dealt with. Too much stress is often one of the reasons why people experience burnout which results in poor work performance and decreased energy.

There are many things that you can do in order for you to deal with chronic stress and its effects. Some people are able to handle and manage their stress in ways they think are healthy but in reality, are really counterproductive and detrimental. So how do we combat stress the healthy way and improve our natural health? Fret not because the Titan Jupiter Massage Chair offers a healthier approach that will put an end to your dilemma.

A wide variety of massage chairs are popping up in the industry and every one of them are built differently. Most holistic massage chairs these days can give you a high-quality massage experience, but not all of them are built to cater to all your needs. You can get all the best features you can find in a massage chair without breaking the bank.0

1. The Titan Jupiter Massage Chair is one of the latest chairs to hit the market.

latest massage chair

Be one of the first to experience real bliss with this massage chair. What is great about this new chair is that you can experience the very best in massage chair technology at a lower price. Easy Massage Chair also offers better budget flexibility with its hassle-free and easy installment plans, helping you stay on top of your financial game plan.

2. It combines two of the best massage chair features at a lower price - the L-Track system and 3D massage technology.

With the innovative 3D massage feature that positions the rollers according to the curvature of your back, the chair is able to accurately target the pressure points and deliver consistent massage. This allows you to feel more relaxed as the L-Track system allows the rollers to extend past the glutes and reach the top of the hamstrings.

3D and L-track massage chair

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair also comes with a zero- gravity feature that lets you recline into a position that induces the feeling of weightlessness. Inspired by NASA technology, the feature also lets you have a deeper, more intense massage (e.g. deep tissue sports massage) as the backrest offers complete support of your back. This position also elevates the feeling of comfort and lets you feel the effect of the massage instantly.

3. The Titan Jupiter XL can accommodate tall users, up to 6”6’

massage chair for tall person

Unfortunately, most chairs in the industry fail to accommodate a larger spectrum of users due to design that limits the full relaxation of taller people. Luckily, the Titan Jupiter massage chair answers that problem.

As the first of its kind to cater to people up to 6’6”, Titan has designed the track to extend from the normal 8 to 9 inches, to an additional 12.6 inches from the default position. What is great about this is that even though the chair is made to accommodate a taller person, it can still comfortably sit people who are 5 feet in height.

4. It has a space-saving design

space saver massage chair

One thing that keeps people from buying a massage chair is lack of space. Most massage chairs tend to eat up a lot of space, requiring up to 3 feet of clear space behind the backrest for the chair to fully recline.

So the team behind the Titan Jupiter massage chair came up with a design that directly addresses that problem. Thanks to its ingenious design, the chair only needs 3.2 inches of space from the wall!

5. The Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair adds the comfort of heat with its heating pads.

massage chair heating

Aside from the instant relief that you will feel with the heat feature, this allows the added benefit of promoting better blood circulation and loosening tense muscles. The heat pads are located on each side of the lower lumbar area which heightens your satisfaction from the back massage.

6. With its advanced Bluetooth features, you can listen to relaxing music or receive calls without interrupting the massage.

massage chair bluetooth

No need to cut off your relaxation to receive a phone call; connect your device to the chair via Bluetooth so you can enjoy your massage without interruptions. You can even play your favorite tunes or listen to guided meditations for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Aside from 6 of the most sought- after features in the industry, the Titan Jupiter massage chair also boasts of having full body air massage that adds a new dimension to the massage. The chair also comes with 9 preset programs each delivering different massage combinations depending on your needs.

The Titan Jupiter massage chair offers the newest and latest technology in the business. If you want the ideal massage chair that has all the best features and is offered at a competitive price then this chair is for you.

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Esther March 13, 2018 at 10:34 AM
There's a massage chair called Rex-L+ that comes with brain massage functions.
It's a full-body massage chair that has 12 different pre-set modes and 2 more brain massage modes!