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October 21, 2017

Simple Guide to 2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Chairs

Simple Guide to 2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Chairs

2D Massage

2D is what you picture as your traditional back roller massage. The massage rollers move in two dimensions, up and down from your neck to your lower back, and they can also move side to side. This basic movement is effective, feels great and provides much of the benefits of massage, including alleviating back pain, easing sore muscles, to relieving stress and improving natural health and wellness.

Our all-time best seller for 2D massage chairs
Osaki OS-4000T

Osaki OS-4000T Executive Massage Chair
    • Offers you a solid massage of your back, arms, shoulders, hips and feet
    • Takes all the pressure off your spine and knees with zero gravity mode
    • Relaxes muscles with the heat therapy function
    • Priced at $2495 including free shipping, there is not a better value out there

Next step up
Infinity Altera

Infinity IT-Altera L-Track Massage Chair
    • Similar to the 4000T, with some dramatic improvement is the L-track massage
    • improved roller quality because it is much newer
    • Improved roller quality
    • Space saving
      • Only need 2 inches of clearance space
      • You can put it right up against your wall
    • Accommodates a very wide height range of users from 4'9" to 6'2" tall

3D Massage

3D massage feels much more like a human masseuse caring hands than 2D massage. Not only can it move up and down and side to side, the rollers can also push out further into your back as well. 3D massage chairs are very popular nowadays because of this additional dimension where the rollers can push much further out to provide extra intensity on the massage. Most high quality ideal massage chairs offer up to 5 inches of additional intensity range, meaning the rollers can push further into your back 5 inches further than a traditional 2D massage chair.

Another benefit to 3D massage is that you can also reduce the intensity to make it very, very gentle. This wide range of adjustable intensity is very popular in households where more than one user will be using the chair. This is because every user can find the appropriate intensity level to be comfortable for them.This is where you can determine the best deep tissue massager in the market.

Best 3D massage chair under $6000
Infinity 8500x3

Infinity IT-8500X3 3D Massage Chair
    • Excellent overall full-body 3D massage
    • Zero-Gravity mode
    • Heat Therapy function
    • Stretch Massage mode
    • Also offers perhaps the best stretch massage mode on the market (known as spinal alignment)

4D Massage

4D Massage

4D massage chairs do everything that 3D massage chairs do in terms of motion. The rollers will also go up and down, side to side and back and forth. 4D takes this a step further, by adding a 4th dimension to its massage movement technology which is that it also adjusts speed. With guidance from professional holistic massage therapists, 4D massage movements were crafted to add variations of speed to each style of massage. Much like the time-tested traditions of Japanese massage, the hands of the masseurs slow down or speed up, even pause to apply attention and pressure to tight muscles, into the areas of your back that need it the most.

$5000 and below
The Osaki Pro Japan-Premium 4D

Osaki Pro Japan-Premium 4D Massage Chair
    • Excellent quality massage chair
    • Made in Japan
    • A comfortable fit for a very wide range of users
    • 4D massage offers an elite level of massage quality

The next step up
Kiwami 4D Japan

    • The most life-like massage chair on the market today
    • The chair will accurately map the users back, analyzing the contours of back muscles and spine. This ensure a more consistent massage pressure throughout the session, so that no area of back is neglected
    • Quality of massage is truly comparable to a top-level masseuse
    • Normally priced at $6999 but there's a limited time 1000-dollar discount which brings the price down to $5999 including free shipping

Plus, there are 12 different stages of strength adjustment - You and everyone else who uses this chair can find a very comfortable setting


2D massage chairs were the standard for many years and they still do a good job. People wanted a massage that could substitute their masseuse or spa service so 3D massage was invented to significantly improve the movement and quality of the massage. 4D evolved the massage quality even further by allowing your massage chair to focus on your tense muscles that most need soothing attention and care.

If your price range is about $5000 or below, we would recommend an excellent 2D massage chair like the Osaki OS-4000T, or a step up from that is the Infinity Altera. But if your budget permits and you are interested in the additional massage quality of the 3D or the 4D massage, we recommend that you consider the other chairs mentioned here today including the Infinity 8500x3, the Osaki Pro Japan Premium 4D, and the Kawami 4D Japan massage chairs.

If you have any questions or would like a free, personalized recommendation, please chat or call (888) 612-8862.

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