Top 3 Things To Avoid When Buying A Massage Chair

Top 3 Things To Avoid When Buying A Massage Chair

By now you probably already know all about the health benefits of a massage. After all, it's mentioned everywhere from The New York Times article on how massage eases back pain; to the Washington Post story on improving your physical and mental well-being through massage; and The Wall Street Journal's coverage of the health benefits.

But when shopping for the ideal massage chair, there are few important things you should avoid. As an industry leader, Easy Massage Chair has worked with many happy customers since 2005. Here are some key points that have helped us guide our customers into the best electric massager for them:

1. Avoid purchasing a brand that doesn’t have a strong market reputation

  • They sell items that are not durable
  • Service and Parts are not readily available
  • The manufacturer may not in business if and when you need warranty service.

EMC is very selective and only carries highly regarded manufacturers with a proven history of customer satisfaction including Luraco Massage Chair, Infinity massage chair, Apex, Osaki, Human Touch and several others. We have chosen to discontinue distributing several brands due to their mediocre customer support.

Massage Chair Brands Apex Massage Chairs Infinity Massage Chairs Inner Balance Massage Chairs Titan Massage Chairs Osaki Massage Chairs Dr. Fuji Massage Chairs Fujita Massage Chairs Inada Massage Chairs uKnead Massage Chairs Omega Massage Chairs Human Touch Massage Chairs Luraco Massage Chairs Superior Massage Chairs

For example, Infinity Massage Chair is known for being well stocked with spare parts in their warehouse. They also carry one of every model they've ever produced and they keep this in their warehouse. They have a dedicated service and support department in case you require any troubleshooting or parts or maintenance. You can have peace of mind knowing that Infinity will be there to provide what you need.

With these reputable brands, the large majority of customers can reasonably expect fifteen or more years of regular usage without ever requiring any service. When you see a warranty from a quality brand, it carries a lot more weight than a warranty from a no-name-brand or brand that doesn't have a strong reputation.

2. Avoid a chair with the wrong intensity level for you

Most customers are happy with a moderate intensity level. However, if you (or someone else who use the chair like your spouse) prefer a more gentle holistic massage or a very intense deep tissue massage, you should consider a 3D or 4D massage. That’s because these offer the largest range of intensity settings. With 3D and 4D massage, you will be able to easily adjust the intensity from very gentle, all the way up to very intense (like a deep tissue sports massage). This is very popular when there will be multiple users, since each user often prefers a different intensity level.

Below is a video of how 3D massage offers a wide range of adjustable intensity:

Here are the most highly recommended 3D Massage chairs for each price range:

  • Under $3000

    Titan Pro Executive – It’s the most affordable way to get a truly great 3D massage chair from a renowned brand. And with the $1000 limited discount, this is clearly the best bang for your buck of any high quality 3D massage chair
    Titan Pro Executive 3D Massage Chair

  • Under $7000

    Infinity 8500x3 – it features the best stretch massage, on par with the most luxurious massage chairs on the market. This the best massage chair under seven thousand dollars.
    Infinity IT-8500X3 3D Massage Chair

  • Under $10,000

    Luraco i7 – the best chair on the market which is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. It is also the #1 rated medical massage chair and is the only massage chair listed with both the FDA and UL as a medical massage chair.
    Luraco i7 iRobotics 3D Medical Massage Chair

    Human Touch Novo X.T. – a runner up choice which also features L track massage
    Human Touch Novo XT 3D Massage Chair

3. Avoid a chair that is not suited to your body size

For users of average height and weight, this is not an important consideration because most chairs will fit you comfortably. But if someone who will be using the chair often is about 5’3” or shorter, or has narrow shoulders, we want to ensure that you get good shoulder massage pressure and a great foot massage.

When a user about 5’3” or shorter sits in a typical sized massage chair, they may find themselves not getting enough pressure when the shoulder airbags inflate. They just don’t quite reach their shoulders. And when it comes to the foot rollers massage, they'll need to slide down in their seat in order to get the full intensity.

Fortunately, there are some choices specifically designed to comfortably fit for this type of user.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Infinity Altera
    • often the most popular choice for users 5’3” or shorter
    • height range from 4’9” up to 6’2” so it accommodates a wide range of users
    • offers advanced benefits such as L-track massage (which massages under your glutes and under your thighs) and also has space saving mode
      Infinity Altera Massage Chair

  • Osaki premium JP 4S
    • specifically designed for users that are shorter than average
    • boasts a height range from 4’10” to 6’4”
    • made in Japan and offers premium level massage chair experience
    • $3000 limited time discount bringing it from $8999 down to $5999
      Osaki premium JP 4S

An ideal massage chair is a significant long term investment in your health and well being. So it’s obviously important that you choose a reliable massage chair that fits your body well, that is backed by a dependable warranty just in case.

Easy Massage Chair distributes massage chairs exclusively from high quality manufacturers that are highly regarded. If you have any questions or if we can help provide you with a free personalized recommendation, please chat with us or call 888-612-8862