Choose Your Champion: Luraco Legend Plus versus Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

Choose Your Champion: Luraco Legend Plus versus Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

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We evaluated two of our best-sellers back to back to give you an ultimate comparison between successors that have trumped their respective predecessors. Which is the ideal massage chair for you? We'll find out.




Let’s take a look at the Inada DreamWave. This massage chair comes from the renowned and world-class lineage of the Inada Sogno. It carries not just enhanced features from its predecessor but also the same Japanese technology and quality that makes it worthy of being called “The World’s Best Massage Chair”.


We’ll be pitting the Inada DreamWave against the Luraco Legend Plus from the product line of “The World’s #1 Medical Massage chairs”. A product of American design, engineering, and assembly (with the structural hardware and synthetic leather made in Taiwan), the word “Plus” signifies that this massage chair is an upgrade of the earlier model named Luraco Legend.



To find out which one will ultimately reign and be the perfect massage chair champion worthy of being called “fit for your home”, let’s take a closer look.




The first thing to do is to know the similarities between these two massage chairs. Here are what they can both offer:

  • Exceptional full body massage. Both the Luraco Legend Plus and the Inada DreamWave come with full body massage capability, delivering relief and relaxation from your neck, shoulders, lower back, down to your hip and thigh areas, all the way to your calf and the soles of your foot.

  • Scanning technology. These massage chairs also have body scan technology in common such that each massage session can be fully customized based on your overall body built as determined by their respective unique body scan features.

  • Body stretch programs. The Luraco Legend Plus and the Inada DreamWave massage chairs also find common ground in their advanced body stretching features.


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After seeing the common features of the Luraco Legend Plus and the Inada DreamWave, let’s move on to the actual chair duel. The following list of features will show you how distinct these two massage chairs are from each other:

  • Distinct attributes. Aside from its proprietary intelligent robotic massage techniques, the Luraco Legend Plus is uniquely built with an optional medical massage chair feature that uses a patented system to measure blood pressure and heart rate. It also offers a Zero-G capability where you can have a massage while assuming the NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity position. The reclined angle by which you will receive the Zero-G massage (knees and legs positioned slightly higher than the heart) is optimal for spine decompression and better circulation.


Inada Dreamwave


The Inada DreamWave, on the other hand, boasts of a record-breaking coverage (over 1,200 square inches of your body) and its patented Dreamwave technology (where air cells undulate in a figure-8 motion) delivering a balanced and complete relaxation---a break from the traditional air compression massage delivery. And for people with hot low back and ligament injuries (i.e. runners), the iliotibial band massage unique to the Inada DreamWave massage chair is the perfect solution. To top it off, the Inada DreamWave also features a Deep Relaxation setting for that thorough and rhythmic massage you’ve always craved for.


  • Roller track type. The two massage chairs also differ in the tracks that their massage rollers traverse. For the Luraco Legend Plus, a built-in L-track (measuring up to 58 inches) provides extended massage coverage, while the Inada DreamWave’s track takes on the traditional S-form.

  • Airbag quantity. When it comes to airbags, however, the Inada DreamWave reigns superior as it comes with a total of 100 airbags. The Luraco Legend Plus, on the other hand, only has a total of 80 airbags.

  • Heating. As for relief via heat therapy, the Luraco Legend Plus delivers superb heating technology with both back and feet heating provision that comes with five levels of adjustable intensity. In contrast, the Inada DreamWave has constant and localized infrared heating pads located at the lumbar and base portion of the massage chair seat.




No doubt about it, choosing between a legendary massage chair (Luraco Legend Plus) and the massage chair of your dreams (Inada DreamWave) can be quite a challenge. However, considering the features discussed above, you may already have a favorite in mind, so you can determine which massage chair is fit for you.


If you want a more medically-attuned massage chair with several notable features, then the Luraco Legend Plus is the one for you.
If, on the other hand, you are a fan of massage chairs with great coverage and highly-advanced technological features all packed in a premium model, then the Inada DreamWave is the best deep tissue massager for you.


So, if you want to go for an innovative and quality massage chair, then buying the Luraco Legend Plus for only $7990 is the right decision for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying the additional buck for a more luxurious purchase, then you can get one of the



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