Experience Real Luxury with the Osaki Pro Ekon Massage Chair

Experience Real Luxury with the Osaki Pro Ekon Massage Chair

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key factor in leading a balanced life. But with the amount of pressure that we experience everyday, it can be hard to manage stress. Poor stress management is a problem that many people face today and unfortunately, it affects many aspects of our lives, including our family.


Thankfully, there are healthy ways to cope with stress - one of them is by having a holistic massage regularly. Having a real relax massage chair session at home is one of the best ways to end a long day. There have been numerous studies that confirm the many health benefits one can get from having a massage. Some of its notable effects include stress and pain relief, as well as the reduction of muscle tensionand over all better natural health.


Having the best electric massager at home allows you to have the privilege of being able to end your days on a high note. And you, too, can experience great relaxation with the luxurious Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair. This top-of-the-line, high-end massage chair is designed by Osaki, one of the world’s leading massage chair brands.


The Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair offers excellent features made to help relax your body, so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle. This is a new product and you'll want to read our general osaki massage chair review to understand how it changes everything you know about massage.


Zero Gravity Position


Osaki Ekon Zero Gravity Massage Chair

One of the best features of the Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair is its zero gravity position that induces the feeling of weightlessness. The pressure that we feel from all the problems we encounter every day can really take a toll on our bodies, making us feel heavy and exhausted.


This zero gravity massage chair is the answer to feeling more refreshed as it takes the pressure off the spine and offers complete support of the back. This position is known to promote pain relief and increase relaxation. As the best deep tissue massager equipped with the zero gravity feature, it can instantly make you feel the soothing effects of the massage.


Real 3D Massage


Osaki Ekon 3D Massage Chair

One of the best features that the Osaki Ekon offers is its 3D Massage Technology. Built to mimic a human's caring hands touch, the 3d zero gravity massage chair technology allows you to extend out the massage heads for a deeper, more intense massage. With 5 levels of intensity, you can enjoy a deeper and wider massage that effortlessly reaches acupuncture points.



L- Track and S-Track Systems


Osaki Ekon L-track Massage Chair

If you are getting a massage chair, it is really important to know if the one that you are getting features the L-track or S-track system. The S-Track follows the curvature of your spine which gives you a smoother and more precise massage. L-Track, on the other hand, allows the rollers to continue massaging past your lower back so it can massage your buttocks muscles and under the thighs muscles.


If you don’t want to compromise on either, choosing the Osaki Ekon is the ideal massage chair as it combines both the qualities of the S-track and L-track systems. It effectively reaches every part of your back, while also being able to extend all the way to your glutes.


Auto Body Scanning System


Osaki Ekon Auto Body Scanning Massage Chair

Let the massage chair do the work for you. With its automatic body scanning system, the Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair accurately pinpoints areas in your body so you can have a consistent massage that is tailored according to your body.




Calf & Foot Massage


Osaki Ekon Calf & Foot Massage Chair

The Ekon massage chair is designed to provide a relaxing experience, as well as introduce its users to different possibilities in massage. This massage chair highlights the benefits of reflexology with the help of its reflexology massagers. It is a great feature that thoroughly relaxes the calf and foot region and covers the reflex points. The Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair uses spinning reflexology massagers that apply a kneading massage technique. Located in the bottom of the footrest and back of the calf, the spinning rollers can effectively stimulate acupuncture points. And as the airbags inflate, users will feel a deeper massage at the bottom of their feet.


6 Unique Auto- Program


Osaki Ekon Massage Chair Auto ModesSit back, relax, and make the chair do the work. With the Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair’s 6 auto- programs, you can get the kind of massage that you need right away. It offers the following modes:

    • Sport Refresh
    • Extension
    • Rest & Sleep
    • Working Relief
    • Neck and Shoulder
    • Waist and Spine



Play music from your phone with Bluetooth Connection


Osaki Ekon Massage Chair with bluetooth

Another healthy way of relieving stress is by listening to music - add that to a great massage and you get an experience unlike any other. With Bluetooth speakers located in the headrest, users can listen to their favorite music while relaxing in the chair.




There are other notable features that make the Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair truly unique. Some of them include:

  • A space-saving design engineered with the latest technology that allows users to slide the chair forward as the chair reclines
  • 2 heating pads located in the lumbar area that enhances the feel of the rolling massage
  • Fully adjustable head cushion
  • Easy-to-use remote controller


This product is a huge step up from the previous massage chairs. A number of new features are being introduced which is why reading an Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair review will definitely realize its potential at making your life better.



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