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BODYFRIEND is leading the healthcare market with their unprecedented quality and unsurpassed designs. Possessing more than 50% of the market share annually, BODYFRIEND continues to show explosive growth in Korea's domestic market to not only be the no. 1 massage chair company in Korea, but to become the no. 1 massage chair company in the world.


Helping analyze body conditions and manage health by providing daily health solutions in the comfort of your own home - this is the future that BODYFRIEND envisions. Since its inception, BODYFRIEND has researched ways to improve health and promote wellness. This has led to the creation of their renowned R&D centers, including their Deisgn R&D, Technical R&D, and also Medical R&D Centers. BODYFRIEND created massage chairs that provide health benefits for the body and mind, all of which have been reviewed and supported by clinical researches and studies. Drawing from loT, Big Data, and Al technolog, BODYFRIEND presents smart healthcare products to help promote the healthier lifestyles of their clientele.


BODYFRIEND massage chair designs, inpired by chic lines and the edginess of Supercars, incorporate dynamic colors to created a luxurious ambience for a homes interior decor. However, to BODYFRIEND, design does not only mean the product's aesthetic appeal, but how it promotes healthier lifestyles. The mechanism and enhanced UI/UX differentiate BODYFRIEND massage chairs from their competitors'. They even take it a step further by researching the settings of where their massage chairs will be placed, creating massage chairs that blend seamlessly and effortlessly into their surrpoundings. In turn, BodyFriend has been globally recognized for their designs, receiving numerous international design awards, and has been given the privilege to collaborate with companies such as Marvel and Lamborghini.


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