Luraco i9 vs Luraco i7 Plus Medical Massage Chair | What's The Difference And Which Is Better?

Luraco i9 vs Luraco i7 Plus Medical Massage Chair | What's The Difference And Which Is Better?

Picture yourself after a long day. Thinking of coming home to a soothing and therapeutic massage? Luraco has the same thing in mind when they created massage chairs for you! Highly acclaimed leader in massage chair technology, Luraco produced top-notch products over the years. The Luraco i7 PLUS was a great upgrade and here comes the new Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair to serve you better.

Here's a comparison chart for your quick reference. Just click the image below to see the full chart.

Luraco i9 versus i7 comparison chart


Now, let's get down to the deeper details to help you decide which is best for you.



First of all, it's Luraco! Both i7 PLUS and i9 are made in the USA – from concept to manufacturing up until its completion – proudly Texas-based (all other brands are sourced elsewhere). These two are FDA, CE, and UL listed for the safety and medicinal benefits of its users. Luraco sees to it that they uphold top research and development technologies to provide only the best quality products.


luraco massage chairs made in usa



Both are powered with a first-rate operating system to ensure efficient service delivery. Being the pioneer in touch screen technology in massage chairs, both models come with a touch screen Remote Control. Needless to say, it gives a user-friendly experience, just like a smartphone. To add, it's convenient to use even at nighttime compared to rubber controls attached to your seats.

Luraco technology has also empowered these two models with intelligent sensor technology for a body scan. Yes, both could easily determine your body shape, locate your neck and back, and even detect and adjust to the length of your legs.


Memory Settings

luraco massage chair memory settingsThe two models offer different memory settings for five users! That's right, you don’t need a reset to make it fit your preferences. Save your settings and let the others enjoy their favorites too. Next time around, just find your profile and you're off to your personalized relaxing massage.


6 Locations Multi-intensity Massage/Variable Speed

Both i7 PLUS and the i9 targets your pressure points like no other. From gentle to intense, you have control of the taps and the kneads on your neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet. Both also have controls for variable speed. A slow massage tracing your aching spine or quick tapping on your exhausted legs, you have it on your hands. The buttons on the screen are made simple and easy so you can customize your massage experience stress-free.


7 Human Voice Command

Your massage buddy, on average, speaks one to two languages. These two Luraco models are (most definitely) not your average companion to relaxation. It has SEVEN (7) languages voice responses. Choose among English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, or Korean and communicate freely with your massage chair.

Noise Reduction

luraco noise reductionDidn't you say you want an undistracted massage? Then head on to the Luraco i7 PLUS or the Luraco i9 for they are both powered with noise reduction technology. You don't really have to hear the movements inside every nook and cranny.


Preset Programs and Manual Settings

There are NINE (9) preset programs for your massage needs that come with either i7 or i9. If you have already figured out your style, then head on to the manual settings and pinpoint the areas you wanted to concentrate on.


Foot and Calf Massagers/ Foot Stretching

Find your massage solutions for achy feet and worn-out legs. Both the i7 and i9 models have three-layered foot and calf massagers to address this issue. They also have a two-position foot stretching structure to give those tired feet good pressure and thrust.


Body Swivel and Twist Stretching

While other massage chairs boast of their rollers alone, Luraco has placed a unique feature on both their medical massage chairs on top of their distinguished rollers – the body swivel and twist stretching. It rotates your body and provides you with that much-needed stretch. And do take note that you do not find this in any other massage chairs in the market.


Zero Gravity

Luraco zero gravity massage chairBoth models place your bodies in a reclined position where an imaginary line of your knees and head lies straightly above your heart. This position ascertains maximum relaxation as it equalizes the pressure in the body. Relaxation guaranteed, just by settling in the massage chair.


Blood Pressure and Heart Monitor

Both Luraco chairs offer integrated blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. You can conveniently adjust the intensity of your massage based on the figures on the monitor for your optimum health. This is an optional but truly worthy upgrade to go along with your massage chair.


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Though both are undeniably excellent massage chairs, there are differences between the two. The following traces even their slightest comparisons, so get ready to find out which one lives up to your needs.


Split SL-Track

The Luraco i7 has a great 32" vertical S-Track which is great for the spine. But the Luraco i9 combines both S-Track and L-Track in one – so you can get the maximum coverage for your neck, shoulders, all the way to the buttocks.


luraco i9 split sl track



Better Design and Accessibility

The i9 comes in a sleeker look and feel than the i7. Additionally, the biggest difference is that the i9 is built with "easy access" sliding arms to make it more convenient for the elderly or those with physical challenges to get in and out of the chair. It also helps save more space compared to the outward swinging armrests of other models.


Improved and Added Rollers

While the Luraco i7 provides two rollers for the feet, the Luraco i9 has three to serve the soles better. The latter also has added four sections of arm rollers to bring hands and forearm massages to the next level of comfort.


Butterfly Technology Rollers

luraco i9 massage chair patented butterfly rollers

Employing an enhanced 3D robotic system, the i9 has rollers that provide the tapping and kneading like an actual expert masseuse. This advanced improvement has not been seen in massage market chairs elsewhere; not even on the i7.


Heat Technology

We cannot underestimate the contribution of heat to an overall massage experience. Heat makes it much better in many ways. The great news is, both i7 PLUS and i9 are powered by Luraco's innovative heat technology. The i7 PLUS concentrates on feet, seat, and back while the i9 shifts its heat locations to the hands, lower back, and feet.


Bluetooth Speaker and Charging

luraco i9 wireless charging

Both models allow you to play music on your smartphone with their quality and powerful Bluetooth speakers. But only the i9 allows for wireless charging. That means unlimited music streaming without draining the battery.


Height Adjustment

The two massage chair models are built for all body types and can accommodate up to 300 pounds; the only difference is the height accommodation between the two. While the maximum height for i7 PLUS is 6'7", the i9 can adjust up to 6'10". That's a three-inch window!



With Luraco massage chairs, you are assured of supreme quality and high-end technology. All the research and development of these chairs are aimed at providing you with the utmost comfort and benefits. Between the two, the basic features are very much the same. The Luraco i7 PLUS delivers to your expectations. The Luraco i9 has more added features that enhance your massage experience.


Luraco i9 Luraco i7 PLUS


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