Luraco i9 vs Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair Comparison

Luraco i9 vs Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair Comparison

Luraco Technologies has shifted the way we view massage chairs. Typical comfort has been surpassed with medical therapeutic robotic technology. As unparalleled innovators of extremely comfortable, relaxing, and therapeutic USA-made massage chairs, Luraco continuously revolutionizes the way it transforms your massage experience.


Luraco Legend Plus is a response to the demand for a smaller massage chair, but it did not only deliver in terms of size. It has become a sensation for the experience it brings. With the coming of the Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair, more developed features were added, unmasking their latest research and technology yet. But how do they compare? Is there any real difference? Get ready for the matchup of the best of the best!


Luraco i9 Luraco Legend Plus


Noise Reduction

We all want that quiet at the end of a tiring day. Luraco has developed noise reduction features for Legend Plus and the i9 so you can get a more relaxing experience.


Manual Settings and Preset Programs

Both models allow you to explore various customized massages with their manual settings. If you've got time, you can choose limitless combination massages as you enter a world of zen. But don't fret if you're too tired to find the right combination, these two offer you 9 preset programs to choose from: Health, Soft, Quick, Morning, Night, Sport, Shiatsu, Stretch, and TV Mode

Memory Settings

Enjoyed your unique setting? Save it and experience the same pleasure the next time you hop on to the massage chair. The Legend Plus and the i9 have 5 user profile memory settings!


Easy Access

Luraco i9 Massage Chair easy access swinging armrests

Both chairs are a delight to slip into with their luxurious leather material, but the Luraco i9 ups the game with its sliding arms that allow for easier entry. This is especially useful for people who have some mobility issues.


3D Rollers

Luraco sure has a way of bringing the best massage experience to its users. With the development of its 3D technology, you are assured of a more intense massage. It does not only offer a wide coverage but also a greater depth of kneading.

Zero Gravity

Both the Legend Plus and the i9 provide a way of positioning your body at its most relaxed state. At the Zero Gravity position, your body has the chance to feel a different level of satisfaction.

Touch Screen Remote and Bluetooth

Luraco i9 Massage Chair Remote Control

The first of its kind, Luraco made sure that its remote controls are user-friendly. People now, being very familiar with smartphones, can get a better hold of their preferences through the touch screen remote controls that come in both models. What else is there to love? Both have Bluetooth modes for streaming your music while your body rests.


Body Scan & Monitor

The Legend Plus has an intelligent body scan system; the i9 has too, only it's faster. Huge thanks to its new super-high-speed Gigahertz microprocessor!



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Have you heard of this feature among massage chairs? Some have S-Track while others have L-Track. The Legend Plus boasts of its L-track with a mind-blowing length of 58". It's the longest L-track in the market by far. The i9, on the other hand, has a whopping 60" split SL track – offering the benefits of an L-track with added stretch and S-track benefits.


Heat Therapy

Split SL Track of Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

Both models bring heat to a whole new level, well, to 5 different levels! You can customize the level of heat on the different areas of your body. The only difference between the two is the area of concentration. The Legend Plus applies heat on feet, seat, and lower back. The i9 directs heat on hands, lower back, and feet.


Intensity Levels

There are also 5 different intensity levels for the two models. You can control the degree of strength applied to the different parts of your body. As for the Legend Plus, the areas covered for this are neck, midback, lower back, arms, buttocks, and feet. The i9 focuses on the head, midback, lower back, calves, arms, and feet. Sounds good? Still, there's more to find out who's the winner in this battle.



Massage airbags are known to elevate the massage experience to a more pleasant degree. While Legend Plus has 80 massage airbags, i9 has 20 more airbags to relieve the tensions on your body.


Back Rollers

The Legend Plus is highly acclaimed for its quad back rollers. With 3D iRobotics, i9 has better - patented Butterfly Rollers! Not only does it allow better rythm and intensity, it also contributes to your overall enjoyment of the massage benefits. Imagine the level of satisfaction you can get.


Foot Rollers

Our feet are probably most exhausted after a day of constant movement. Good news, you can choose between a Legend Plus that provides dual foot rollers and an i9 with triple foot rollers with additional two calf rollers. What do your feet deserve?


Body Size

The Legend Plus caters to narrower bodies. Its height limit is up to 6'5" with a weight limit of 250 pounds (slim to average size). However, i9 accommodates all body types. Even those who are 6'10" in height are most welcome. It also caters up to 300 pounds. No need to worry about the length of your legs for both models have adjustable leg lengths. They even offer adjustable bicep and shoulder air massagers.



The i9 has 7 different response languages to help you. Your options are English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Korean.



A summary of all the Luraco i9 and Luraco Legend Plus' differences can be seen in our comparison chart. Click the image to see the full chart

Luraco i9 vs legend comparison chart


If you haven't figured it out by now, the only winner in this battle is YOU! Luraco assured you of both features and functionality. Materials and performance go beyond one's expectations. The Legend Plus is great, but the i9 has better features you just couldn't resist. Need more assistance in deciding which one is for you? Head on to our customer service, and we'd be happy to help you sort your options. Contact us now using the information below



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