The Luraco i9: Bringing Optimum Health to a Whole New Level

The Luraco i9: Bringing Optimum Health to a Whole New Level

Have you ever found yourself yearning for more satisfaction after a massage? It was all so quick you barely savored the moment and wished for a few extra stretching and care. Don't even try to deny it. You wanted more. So, here's more!

Introducing the new Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair. It is the new and upgraded version of the highly-regarded and hailed as "World's Best Medical Massage Chair" Luraco i7 Plus. In a nutshell, it showcases the following key features, among others:

  • Brand new butterfly 3D robotic arms
  • Sliding Arms for "easy entry"
  • SPLIT S-L Track for the best stretch and best glutes massage
  • Hand rollers
  • Made in USA, fully manufactured in Texas


Intrigued? Find out more why it diverges from the usual massage chairs in the market and be prepared to be fascinated.


Optimum Massage Experience


Excellent years of research and product development have led to the creation of Luraco i9 with its super-advanced features that offer superior therapeutic and medicinal massages just for you! You don't have to choose which part of your upper or lower back needs more attention. Employing the most cutting-edge technology, Luraco i9 provides a split S-L Track. It gives a full massage from head to buttocks and treats the curves of your spine with much care in mind – giving the best stretch for tensed muscles and the finest glutes massage your body craves for.

It now comes with the brand-new Butterfly Technology Rollers with an enhanced 3D Robotic system. Luraco i9 has come up with a 3D roller motion that kneads, unlike any other chair.
Yes, it's true! As you can adjust its depth, weight, and height (the 3 dimensions), this massage technology has an adjustable feature that comes with heat, music, speed, and rhythm.


patented luraco i9 butterfly technology rollers


Weary hands?
Your tired hands and forearms are also released from tension, all thanks to the all-new four sections of hand rollers. These rollers are specified to address the pressure that your muscles certainly require.


Tired feet?
The i9 has patented foot and calf rollers which give intense massages. It has triple rollers to cover more areas of your soles bringing additional and genuine massage experiences. Sounds good? It also comes with a unique body and two-position foot stretching structure. Your calves will thank you as they face the three-layered footrest that offers soothing calf massage like no other.


Overall, Luraco i9 provides you with optimum stretch with swivels and twist stretching that cannot be found anywhere else. And you can enjoy these while in true zero gravity position to boost your relaxation while your body is in a natural, stress-free alignment.


luraco i9 zero gravity massage chair


Now get this: Luraco i9 is size-friendly! 

It comes with adjustable shoulder and bicep airbags so that they are positioned according to your height. Alongside the new airbag locations, it has advanced airbag technology for thigh compression, lower back twisting, and an enhanced stretching experience. So, you could just sit tight and bask in the relaxation you haven't experienced before.


It will always be magic when heat is combined with every massage experience. Blood circulation and flexibility improve. And remember that soothing feeling of warmth to release your discomfort? You can find that all here with Luraco's heat therapy that is aimed at your hands, lower back, and feet.



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Optimum Comfort

luraco i9 massage chair's sliding armrests

Some people find it uncomfortable and troublesome to get into a massage chair. The Luraco i9 makes it so much easier for you to step into your relaxation by introducing easy entry armrests. Just slide back the armrest for safe and hassle-free access. It is most convenient for elderly people or people with physical challenges to safely sit down. But does it look as great as it feels? It most certainly does! Wrapped in luxurious car-quality full leather, the Luraco i9 provides you with comfort like no other.


Sharing your massage chair with other people in your family? No need to worry about fiddling with the setting every time someone else uses the i9 - you don't have to change it back to the levels you want every single time. It's made possible with i9. It has 5 Different Users Memory Settings so multiple people could use it at their convenience.


Did you know that you can adjust Luraco i9 into 5 Levels of Intensity? From super-soft to super-intense so you can fully customize your preferred level of massage comfort. You can control 6 different areas such as your neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet to target for more intensity or less.


The i9 also has 9 Preset Programs and at the same time, limitless customizable individual body part massage options. Manual Settings are also there to help you get a better aim at specific body parts.
Need for speed? Its variable speed controls are included to assist you. It includes helpful diagrams of the whole body to guide you into acupressure and reflex points.


Be honest - who would not want a quiet relaxing massage? With its Noise Reduction Technology, you are assured of your quiet time – relegating the external sounds so you can focus on your inner well-being and restful moment.


Optimum Technology


Did you know that Luraco was the first manufacturer to bring touch screen technology to massage chairs? Luraco remotes have two U.S. patents and allow for easy, convenient, intuitive operation. It doesn't stop there - it is also built with a high-quality Bluetooth Speaker. It's a perfect partner to complete your relaxation experience as you stream music from your phone and fill the room with the same vibe.


Are you multilingual? So is Luraco i9! It has 7 Languages of voice response. Whether you speak English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, or Korean, this massage chair can most certainly understand.


Luraco i9 Massage Chair safety certifications

This American engineering breakthrough has also employed a high-speed microprocessor that allows for a fast and accurate body scan. Impressed yet? Luraco i9 has already bagged seven (7) US patents and more patents pending. It is FDA, UL, and CE listed as it is compliant with the standards of consumer safety.


It is also the only certified American-made and fully manufactured in Texas ensuring the best quality among the rest of the existing massage chairs. With years of research and development, you can never go wrong with its quality and excellence. It offers a 5-year Limited Warranty with excellent U.S based customer service and reliable after-sales support.


Optimum YOU

Luraco i9 custom edition

Want to know a secret?Luraco i9 can be customized! Imagine a top-notch massage chair designed to your liking. Yup, that's i9 Custom Edition. You can place your name on the remote screen and even on the leather of your headrest. You can also place a wireless charger for your mobile phone so that it’s within reach and its battery is filling up while you peacefully recline. The custom edition also comes free with blood pressure and heart rate monitoring as well as a back up emergency power to restore the chair position if power is suddenly interrupted.


See full details of Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair


Say goodbye to unsatisfying massage sessions. Step into the new Luraco i9 and feel the difference. Give your body the rest and and experience it from the best of the best. Optimize your health, your body, your life. What are you waiting for? Place your order now. Please don't hesitate contact us for any inquiries and we'll be happy to assist you.



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