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October 21, 2019

Infinity Genesis Massage Chair: Pure Relaxation and Ultimate Convenience

The perfect end to a long and tiring day is a night of pure relaxation. A great way to achieve this is through massage therapy. However, getting one is not always convenient. That is, unless you have the Infinity Genesis massage chair at the comfort of your own home. Why? Well, the Genesis possesses the perfect combination of ultimate convenience and pure relaxation.

Let us explain. The Genesis is a result of months of engineering and innovation by Infinity, a company dedicated to providing innovative, durable, customizable, and user-friendly products designed to unlimit wellness for people of different lifestyles. Infinity definitely spared no luxuries in creating the Genesis, which is immediately obvious just by looking at its sleek outer shell and synthetic leather interior.

Here’s more. The Genesis utilizes top-of-the-line technology to ensure a completely relaxing chair massage. Pure relaxation can be achieved through the chair’s following features...

49” L-Track System and Four-Wheel Mechanism

The chair’s four high tech rollers provide pressurized strokes that knead out muscle tension but not just on your back. The L-track system allows the rollers to travel from your head to your thighs giving you a holistic massage.

Zero Gravity Massage

The effects of the massage rollers are maximized due to this positioning, which decompresses your spine and gives you a feeling of weightlessness.

Decompression Stretch

A good full body stretch can be so relaxing, and this function gives you exactly that. The airbags grip your shoulders and legs as the chair reclines and this soothes and relieves your spine.

Total Sole Reflexology

Are your feet feeling left out? Not with the Infinity Genesis chair. A truly relaxing massage includes all your body parts, even your feet. This infinity chair has three rollers per sole that replicates thumb and finger techniques of reflexology to attend to your vital pressure points.

Lumbar Heat

A little heat can do wonders for soothing and loosening muscles. Your back gets this benefit from the heating modules located at the lumbar area of the chair.

Rocking Technology

Rocking your body back and forth can give you an incredibly relaxing sensation. This technology does just that in order to relieve your muscles of the pressures of gravity.

Airbag Compression Therapy

Are the massage rollers not enough? Don't worry. There are also airbags all throughout the chair that give you a compression massage similar to how it would feel like from real caring hands.

Its ability to personalize your massage ups the comfort level of your chair massage. And... as if the other features are not enough, these technologies below further contribute to a relaxing massage experience:

Optical Body Scanning Technology

This technology allows the rollers to adjust its position so that it can hit all your pressure points accurately.

3D Massage Technology

You can personalize your massage by adjusting the width, length, and intensity of the rollers according to your needs.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

Not all massage chairs possess this ability to rotate the airbags up or down to better fit your shoulders. It enhances the decompression stretch massage therapy too.

Automatic Footrest Extension

No need to fret if you're taller than most. The chair's footrest will automatically extend according to your leg length.

Massage Techniques

You can choose among several techniques including kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and rhythm. Choose the one that will give your body the most benefit depending on its current needs.

Rhythm Technique

Got tunes playing during the massage? You can sync the chair to follow the rhythm of your music.

Its special features allow you to easily operate the massage chair making your massage therapy experience super convenient. Infinity knows you can’t truly relax if the chair is hard to operate. So, they included these extra features to make the chair massage easier for you:

Zero Wall Space-Saving Technology

Other massage chairs are so inconvenient to operate because they need way too much space especially when it reclines. You won’t get that problem with the IT-Genesis. You can place it right against the wall because it slides forward as it reclines.

USB Charging Station

Charging either the chair's wireless remote or your device is so convenient because there's a USB charging station right at the left side of the chair beneath the waist airbag.

Bluetooth Technology

Listen to some tunes or guided meditations easily by connecting your device to the chair via Bluetooth. The immersive speakers make the massage experience even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Apple and Android App Functionality

Don’t want to use the wireless remote? That’s okay. You can operate the chair right from your Apple or Android device through its app-based functionality. How cool is that?

All these features combined make for the perfect marriage of ultimate convenience and pure relaxation. Don’t waste time and stop your suffering from the pains brought by stress. Experience the healing benefits of massage now! Order the Infinity Genesis massage chair by contacting us now using the information below.

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