Bring Home the Prize of Relaxation and Release With the Osaki OS-Pro Honor

Bring Home the Prize of Relaxation and Release With the Osaki OS-Pro Honor
Imagine ending your day with warm and soothing massage therapy. Your tensed shoulder muscles getting some good old relaxing kneading, your painful back muscles receiving relief from a one of a kind healing service, and your legs (plus the soles of your feet) getting pampered. Now, picture that scenario happening every single day of your life as you walk into your home and cozy up into your very own massaging chair.


Sounds perfect, right? You bet it is! And this is exactly the kind of win-win situation that the Osaki Pro Honor brings to your home the moment you choose this ideal massage chair. Want to hear more about this unit? Let’s go through this chair’s outstanding features, one at a time:


1. 3D massage on an SL-track

Do you know how a massage chair for sale like the OS-Pro Honor can deliver life-like massage? It’s because of this Osaki chair’s 3D massage system. Why 3D? In addition to the left/right and up/down movements that 2D massage chair rollers can do, 3D-equipped massage chairs have a third plane. You heard that right. Its rollers are designed to extend in and out of the backrest to closely mimic your therapist’s gentle massage movements.


And if you want to control these 3D massage rollers? All you need to do is to press the 3D or 3D- buttons on the remote control to enjoy your favorite intensity setting. And where do these 3D massage rollers traverse? None other than on a 52” SL track which brings the combined benefits of a spinal curve following S-track and an elongated L-track. This means you get to feel the best chair massage starting from your neck, down to your back, glutes, and upper hamstrings.




2. Backrest scanning system

Ever had a massage that felt like every knead and pressure hits the right spot in your body? This is exactly what the Osaki OS-Pro Honor’s 3-core processor was made for: to know your body and map out your back so it can deliver the ultimate massage experience.


Wanna know how this works?
Here goes. Before your massage starts, the Osaki Pro Honor’s system maps out your back’s entire curvature. This means it pinpoints the appropriating starting point of the massage so that the pressure and speed of each delivered massage are consistent and accurate from the top until the bottom.


Want a say in the starting point?
The OS-Pro Honor acknowledges that. Which is why at the end of the backrest scanning session, the computer gives you a 5-second window to adjust the starting point according to how high or low you want it to be.


3. Air massage plus lumbar heating

Do you love the feel of compression massage working on your blood circulation and promoting overall muscular relaxation? Well, with the Osaki Honor massage chair, you can get this kind of massage not just in one area of your body. Equipped with multiple efficient airbags strategically-placed throughout the unit, this 3D Osaki massage chair can provide you with one of the most powerful full-body air massage than you can imagine.


Now, get this: If heat therapy is your go-to solution for alternative pain relief, then you’ll love the Honor’s added heating feature. With heating pads located at the lumbar area of the unit, you can be sure that this Japan made massage chair brings a warm complement to its masterful massage moves.


4. Zero-Gravity

Fancy a NASA-inspired massage mode? How about trying the OS-Pro Honor’s Zero-gravity capability. Enjoy the benefits of a deeper massage, decompressed spine, and optimized blood flow as the unit reclines to a position that brings your knees at an angle slightly higher than your heart.






5. Foot roller massage on an extendable footrest

Want to bring home a chair that doubles as the best foot massager? Then you found the right unit. With the Osaki Honor’s spinning reflexology rollers, your feet get the well-deserved pampering it needs after a hard day’s work. Stimulate acupuncture points at the bottom of your feet while enjoying a heightened massage experience, many thanks to the unit’s ankle grip function.


And the best part? You can enjoy this amazing foot massage without having to worry about your comfort. This is because its footrest can extend up to 4.5 inches allowing it to cater to taller chair users.


6. Space-saving technology

Got small home space to work with? That’s no problem with the Honor massage chair. It is designed to glide forward as it reclines, so it only requires 4.5in of wall space behind it to get into position.








7. Numerous massage programs and styles


Looking for variety when it comes to massage therapy? Look no further. Because this new massage chair has six auto massage programs. At the push of a button, enjoy these pre-programmed massage combinations and functions. Similarly, choose from any of its six massage styles (Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Clapping, Rolling, or Shiatsu) and get the satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of.



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So, what’s your verdict?

If you think an Osaki massage chair like the OS-Pro Honor model ticks off all your needs and wants when it comes to a massage chair, then there’s no need to wait. Go ahead and purchase a unit today for only $4,299.