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January 11, 2018

What's the Difference Between The Luraco Legend and The Luraco i7?

What's the Difference Between The Luraco Legend and The Luraco i7?

Our customers have been asking us about the difference between the Luraco Legend and the Luraco i7 and we can’t blame them for wanting to know more about these two great massage chairs. These two chairs are known to have the latest massage chair technology and adjustable features that can give you the perfect massage.

Both massage chairs are built to relieve your stress and provide total relaxation. But if you are looking for specific qualities in a massage chair, then it’s really worth taking note of the unique features that the Luraco Legend and the Luraco i7 have.

The Luraco Legend

The Luraco Legend massage chair offers amazing features at a lower price. It features 3D Massage Technology that allows you to adjust the intensity and can give you a deeper massage. Other features include:

    • Easy touch screen and user-friendly remote controller
    • Up to 5 personal user memory settings so the whole family can enjoy
    • 9 automatic preset programs
    • Adjustable heat at the back with 5 levels of intensity
    • User height recommendations of up to 6' 2" and weight up to 240 pounds
    • Foot rollers and air calf massager

Each feature is designed with the latest technology that can give you and your family a great massage experience. You can read more about what makes the Luraco Legend the perfect addition to your home here.

The Luraco i7

The massage chair that embodies all the best features and latest massage chair technologies, the Luraco i7 is simply one of the top massage chairs in the world. It is the only massage chair that has been evaluated and proven to provide health benefits by a professional research institution. Dubbed as the World’s Number 1 Medical Massage Chair, The Luraco i7 is designed to give the highest standard of performance.

The Luraco i7 offers some outstanding benefits and features:

    • A smart touch screen and easy-to-use remote feature. It uses a touchscreen controller - a first in the industry - which makes it easy to operate, even at night
    • The most up-to-date sensor technology that accurately detects body shape, neck and leg length, giving you a tailored massage
    • A unique body swivel with twist stretching feature not found in any other chair in the industry
    • An ultra clean audio MP3 player that enhances mind relaxation and built in amplifier and speakers
    • The most advanced and True 3D robotic system with the latest control technology that provides superior lower back, neck, and shoulder massage techniques
    • User height recommendations of up to 6'7" and weight up to 300 lbs
    • Noise reduction technology which makes it the quietest massage chair available
    • An adjustable full body heat feature with 5 heat settings
    • Human voice response setting that can be set in seven different languages

If you are looking for the best massage chair in the industry, then the Luraco i7 is a great choice for you.

The Difference Between the Two

While both massage chairs offer amazing features, the Luraco Legend and Luraco i7 have different qualities that make them great choices for different customers. For a detailed specs comparison chart, click here.

Luraco i7 vs Luraco Legend

Advantages of the Luraco i7:
Advantages of the Luraco Legend:
  • The Luraco i7 has more massage airbags than the Luraco Legend (100 airbags vs 60 airbags in the Legend) which provides a more precise massage.
  • The i7 uses genuine leather on all of the touch points (Head, Arms, Shoulders, Hips, and Feet)
  • There is heat in the lower back, seat, and feet. The Luraco Legend has it in the lower back and feet only.
  • The i7 has a more advanced remote control feature as it uses a smartphone- like controller
  • It has a better stretch massage.
  • The Legend has a lower price point and delivers high- quality performance
  • It has an L- track feature which means it has rollers that can massage your glutes, a feature that the i7 does not have. Unlike the i7 which has a 32” track, the Legend uses a 58” track which reaches your glutes.

Their Common Features

What these chairs do have in common is that they have been put through the strictest tests and are certified by UL and FDA - so rest assured that you are getting a high-quality chair. They are also made in the USA which guarantees high-performance and top-notch quality. Both chairs also include a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Aside from being able to give a great full body massage experience, both massage chairs have a zero gravity feature. It is a unique position that gives you the feeling of weightlessness as it reduces the pressure of gravity on your spine and joints. The zero gravity feature instantly increases your relaxation and allows you to feel the effect of the massage immediately.

Still Can't Decide?

You really can’t go wrong with a Luraco massage chair!

Buy Luraco i7 iRobotics 3D Medical Massage Chair

If you are looking for a highly refined massage chair, then the Luraco i7 perfect for you. It is built with all the latest technologies and the highest level of quality in the industry

Luraco Legend 3D L-Track Massage Chair

However, if you would like to save some money and prefer a strong massage in your glutes, then the Luraco Legend is perfect for you.

David Hill March 29, 2018 at 8:10 AM
We will be getting one as soon as our house gets finished.
My wife is buying me one. She love me so much.