Titan Luxe 3D: Giving You High-End Features Without The High End Price Tag

Titan Luxe 3D: Giving You High-End Features Without The High End Price Tag



Normally, you’d have to pay a large premium to get a luxury massage chair and enjoy its high-end features. Fortunately, with the Titan Luxe 3D, you don’t have to anymore. Titan’s new massage chair offers some of the latest high-end features but with a price tag well below the luxury market. Sounds impossible? Read on to learn more about the Titan Luxe 3D and its features.


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Intelligent Voice Control

The Titan Luxe 3D massage chair is equipped with highly advanced voice recognition technology – a technology usually found only in luxury models.  With this feature, the Luxe provides users the convenience of operating the chair without the use of a remote controller.  Using the advanced tech, the chair recognizes specific verbal commands preceded by a key phrase, “Hey Alice” or “Hi Alice”. Installed mics located near the head region allow the chair to listen to the user’s voice so you don’t have to shout or look in a certain direction.


Titan Luxe 3D Massage Chair With Voice Control


Computerized Body Scanning

The Titan Luxe 3D also uses computerized scanning to determine the dimensions of specific body regions of the user. This allows the chair’s AI to map out the most effective route for the 3D rollers to give you the best massage, regardless of your body type or shape.  It helps customize massages to ensure that each user receives the best massage for them.


3D SL-Track Massage Mechanism

The Titan Luxe  is equipped with 3D massage technology. This means the chair’s quad rollers allow movements in several axes – up and down the spine, farther or closer together to narrow or expand the massage area, and inward or outward to vary the pressure on the muscles. If that’s not enough, you can also change the rollers’ speed and intensity to get that perfect massage you like.


Titan Luxe 3D SL Track Massage Chair


To guide and carry its advanced 3D quad-rollers, the Titan Luxe  uses an SL-track. This track is considered by many as the best track in the industry because it combines the longer reach of the L-track with the accuracy and flexibility of the S-track, giving you the best of both worlds. The SL-track allows the quad-rollers to deliver a more effective massage regardless of the user’s body shape.



Full Body Air Massage

The Titan Luxe 3D also comes generously equipped with air cells to provide a full-body air massage. With a total of 24 adjustable air cells strategically distributed all over the chair, the Luxe 3D offers unparalleled air compression therapy that is guaranteed to give you the most relaxing kneading ever.


3-Stage Zero-Gravity Technology

Titan Luxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Titan Luxe may be the only massage chair that offers 3-stage Zero-Gravity recline technology. This means not just 1, or 2, but 3 different angles for achieving that weightlessness. So, whether you’re tall or short, big or thin, you will find the best position to enjoy the Zero-Gravity experience with the Titan Luxe 3D.  Furthermore, with the Titan’s latest space-saving technology, the Luxe can go from a fully upright to a fully reclined position with only an inch of clearance from the wall behind the chair.


Multiple Heat Therapy

Titan Luxe Massage Chair Heat TherapyThe Titan Luxe 3D massage chair also has more than one set of heating elements. Unlike other chairs that only have heating elements in the lumbar region, the Titan Luxe also has heating elements in the calves.

These allow the chair to use heat therapy to help unwind tired and knotted muscles in the lower back as well as in the calf areas of the leg – the same muscle groups that usually get worked out but left unattended by most people.



Multiple Massage Modes

The Titan Luxe 3D offers 15 auto or pre-programmed modes – comfort, relaxing, stretching, neck and shoulder, spine care, meridian treatment, and more. However, if you prefer customizing your own massage, you can also choose from 7 different manual massage modes – knead, tap, shiatsu, knock, and more, then slowly adjust the details of the massage as you see fit. With Titan Luxe 3D’s multiple massage modes, you’ll have all the massage styles you’ll ever need.


Foot Rollers and Heel Kneading

Titan Luxe foot roller heel massage

The Titan Luxe 3D comes with excellent massage features to take care of your feet too. It comes equipped with 3 foot-rollers (per foot) that are specifically designed with reflexology ridges to activate various acupuncture points on your feet. Furthermore, the Luxe 3D also comes with kneading wheels that target the heels of your feet to give you unrivaled foot relaxation.


Extendable Footrest

This Titan also comes with a versatile and extendable footrest, so you don’t have to worry about your height. The manual spring-loaded footrest extends by as much as 7 inches to accommodate users that are taller than most.


Side Control Panel With USB Charging

Titan Luxe Massage Chair Side Panel USB Charging

Sometimes, users don’t want to talk or fiddle with the remote control. They just want to slow down the massage a little or sit back a little bit more, while continuing to enjoy the massage. For these reasons, the Titan Luxe 3D is designed with a convenient side control panel on the armrest. This provides users with the extra convenience of accessing the chair’s features with just a few movements of their fingers. No talking. No getting up.

The Titan Luxe also comes with a very convenient USB charging port on the armrest. This allows users to charge and use their mobile devices while they continue to be pampered by the chair. With this feature, your phone gets recharged while you get rejuvenated.


Bluetooth Speakers

Titan Luxe Massage Chair With Bluetooth

To allow users to listen to some audio, the Titan Luxe 3D is equipped with Bluetooth speakers that you can easily connect to. Using any Bluetooth-enabled device, complete a more relaxing experience with some chill background audio or just simply catch up on the news or your favorite podcasts while you get pampered with a massage.


As you can see, when you purchase the Titan Luxe 3D, you are getting plenty of the most advanced features in the high-end massage chair market today without paying for the high-end price.

To see it for yourself, try the Titan Luxe 3D now.