Osaki Opulent: Luxurious Comfort and Practicality

Osaki Opulent: Luxurious Comfort and Practicality

If you’re one of those who spend long hours sitting in front of a desktop, you probably find yourself longing for a break and relaxation at the end of the day. Fortunately, with the Osaki Opulent massage chair, this is exactly what you’ll be getting every time you come home from work – a luxurious and profound relaxation experience that will not only soothe your tensed muscles but also help you physically and mentally unwind. Equipped with some of the industry’s most advanced technology and features, the Osaki Pro OS-3D Opulent provides unparalleled relief and relaxation to all its users. 


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3D Massage

At the heart of its structure, the Opulent carries a mechanism armed with Three-Dimensional Massage Rollers. These spinal rollers are capable of moving in any axes – up and down your spine, laterally, or even inward and outward (hence the 3D name). This ability to move in almost any direction allows the Opulent’s multiple rollers to accurately follow the contours of the user’s back, regardless of body type or muscle tone, delivering massage to soothe the shoulders, spine, and even glutes.


Steel SL-Track

To maximize the use and effectiveness of its 3D Massage Rollers, the Opulent is equipped with a strong, long-reaching, and accurate SL-Track. The steel track allows the rollers to deliver relaxing massages all the way from the neck down to the user’s legs, thighs, and glutes.



Zero Gravity Reclining

The Osaki Opulent is equipped with NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity technology. With the touch of a button, users can activate this feature and enjoy the weightlessness brought about by this feature of the chair. By positioning your legs at a higher elevation, the Opulent reduces the strain of gravity on your spine and improves blood circulation.


Space Saving Technology

Engineered to minimize the floor space that it takes up, the Opulent is designed with ingenious space-saving technology. Mechanisms on the chair slide the seat forward when the chair goes into fully horizontal Zero-Gravity mode. This allows the chair to be positioned quite close to the wall, about as little as 2 inches away. 


Osaki Opulent Zero Gravity Massage Chair


32 Cell Full Body Air Massage

The Opulent comes with a generous number of airbags (32 in total) to deliver compression massages to different parts of the body. The numerous airbags are strategically placed to complement as well as enhance the roller massages that the chair delivers. With these airbags, compression and kneading massages can be applied to the shoulders, arms, waist, hips, calves, and feet.


Heating Zones

The Osaki Opulent massage chair also comes with special graphene material that warms up to provide heat therapy to the lumbar region, neck area, and calves. The chair’s heat therapy promotes enhanced blood flow to the target areas which consequently hastens the removal of accumulated toxins as well as the delivery of oxygen and essential materials for muscle recuperation.


Osaki Opulent 3D Massage Chair Heat Theapy Areas


Multiple Programs (16 Auto and 6 Manual Massage Techniques)

The Opulent also offers a multitude of massages for users to enjoy. With 16 auto-programmed massages and 6 different manual massage styles to choose from, the chair will always have a massage to address your specific concern. If that’s not enough, the Opulent also allows users to customize each massage by giving the users access to various aspects of the massage – roller intensity, speed, direction, compression levels, as well as temperature.


Specialized Foot Massage

The chair also offers superb lower body reflexology by using powerful acupuncture-enabled foot rollers that provide extra attention to the soles of your feet. Then, with the help of the strong calf compression airbags that push the lower legs and feet down even further, the feet are subjected to even stronger kneading of the foot rollers.


Osaki Opulent 3D Massage Chair Foot Rollers


Automatic Extendable Footrest

To accommodate taller and longer users, the Opulent is equipped with an automatically extending footrest. As soon as you apply pressure on the footrest, the footrest descends even further (by as much as 7 inches) so you can easily fit the taller members of the family in the chair.


Remote Controller and Shortcut Panels

To provide users access to the chair’s features and settings, the Opulent 3D comes with a wired remote controller that has a large display. It has a very intuitive interface and plenty of graphics to help guide users on how to operate the chair. However, if you prefer a quicker and simpler way to control the chair’s power, backrest reclining, leg height, and leg extension, the chair has a shortcut panel near the armrest.


Osaki Opulent Massage Chair Extra Features


Phone Charging Surface

For additional convenience, the Opulent offers a phone charging station on the armrest. A wireless charging surface can juice up devices wirelessly if you have a wireless-charging-enabled device. It also has USB ports to connect to in case your phone or any other mobile device cannot charge wirelessly.


Bluetooth Speakers

The Opulent also comes equipped with high-quality Bluetooth speakers for your listening or entertainment needs. This allows users to listen to the news, podcasts, meditative audio, or other favorite tunes while receiving a pampering massage from the chair. 

Overall, the Osaki Opulent is packed with a ton of features and technologies that will provide you with the much-needed relief that you are craving at the end of the day.  Try the chair now and see why the Opulent is a worthwhile investment option.

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