Luraco i9 Max Plus Billionaire Edition And The i9 Max Plus Royal Edition: The Most Innovative And Luxurious i9 Models

Luraco i9 Max Plus Billionaire Edition And The i9 Max Plus Royal Edition: The Most Innovative And Luxurious i9 Models

GOOD NEWS: We're excited to announce that the Luraco i9 Max massage chair has been upgraded to the new Luraco i9 Max Plus! This enhanced model now features a convenient wireless remote and a "Keep Warm" heating option to make your winter days cozier. Additionally, the chair boasts new software improvements for an even more personalized relaxation experience. For ease of use, a user manual and video tutorial are now pre-installed directly on the remote control, ensuring you can maximize your enjoyment right from the start!


Are you in the market for a high-end premium massage chair?  Then you might want to consider the Luraco i9 Max Plus' siblings - Billionaire and Royal Editions.


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Inheriting all features from the i9 Max (regular) and i9 Max Special Edition that already pack some of the most advanced massage features and tons of exclusive technologies you have never seen before, these two higher end models exude luxury of the highest class. Interested? Read on to find out more.


They come with a strong personalized touch

Luraco i9 Max Billionaire Edition Features



When you purchase the i9 Max Billionaire Edition, you’re getting state-of-the-art chair that highlights your ownership - your picture featured on the welcome screen of the remote, personalized keypad screens and a leather name tag. Not only that, you will also receive extensive software customization and special embedded software that lets its user customize its performance in all Auto Modes. 


Luraco i9 Max Royal Edition Features

On top of those features, when you buy the Royal Edition, you get literally golden add-on features. Why? Because nothing says classy like gold!

  • 18K gold nameplate engraved with your name
  • 18K gold-plated remote-control cover
  • 18K gold plated trims on the arm and footrests
  • 18K gold plated massage robot arms






The following features and benefits are common accross ALL the Luraco i9 Max editions. Yes, even in the base model Luraco i9 Max and the Special Edition.


They have patented powered easy-entry armrests

Luraco i9 Max Powered Easy Entry Armrests

The Luraco i9 Max Billionaire Edition and the i9 Max Royal Edition are equipped with Luraco’s exclusive and specially designed easy-entry swinging armrests that make it easy to get in and out of the chair. First to appear in the original i9 base model, these armrests were manually maneuvered out and back into place initially. However, in the new i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition, these armrests are now powered by actuators that swing them aside for you. 


They have dual engines that utilize the patented 3D butterfly technology

Luraco i9 Max Butterfly Massage

Just like the i9 Max Special Edition, the Billionaire Edition and the Royal Edition are also equipped with spinal rollers that use the patented 3D butterfly technology. This technology, which enables the rollers to move in wave-like circles that resemble butterfly wings in flight, delivers massages that feel so life-like that they rival those you get from spas or physical therapies.


Luraco i9 Max Dual Engine 3D Butterfly Technology


If that’s not impressive enough, the i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition come with two engines (using the 3D butterfly tech) to power the rollers, allowing you to receive the full-back, as well as the neck and shoulder massages at the same time. In addition to this, both the Billionaire and Royal editions come with special embedded software that allows users to customize the chair’s performance (and settings) even in the Auto modes.


They deliver unique and advanced body stretching techniques

To add a whole new dimension to massages, the i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition pack actuators in strategic locations (lower back, feet, and hands) to deliver some twisting and pulling motion on specific areas of the body. Some say it’s the perfect addition to the spinal and air compression massages.


They use a wide range of rollers to address different parts of the body

Luraco i9 Max Multiple Rollers

In addition to the highly advanced spinal rollers, the Luraco i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition also pack arm and hand rollers, calf rollers, and even tripled foot rollers to give you an extraordinary full-body pampering. You can even customize the intensities of each roller to make sure you properly give focus on the body parts that need more attention than others.


They are designed with several heat zones

Luraco i9 Max Heat Therapy Zones

Unlike other massage chairs in the market that only provide heat therapy in the lumbar region, both the i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition incorporate several heat zones to deliver heat therapy to other parts of the body. These chairs are equipped with heating elements in the lower back, hands, and feet regions to help soothe strained and knotted muscles in these body arts as well.


They are equipped with a blood pressure monitor

Luraco i9 Max Blood Pressure Monitor

Like the i9 Max Special Edition, Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition can monitor your blood pressure, making sure your body is not straining itself during your time on the chair. With the integrated BP monitor, you can safely enjoy the chair’s Zero-gravity feature or even cycle all the way through the massages with the highest intensities without worrying about erratic or rising blood pressure.


They offer Over-The-Air (OTA)  Unlimited Software Update

Luraco i9 Max OTA Wifi Update


The i9 Max Billionaire Edition and Royal Edition promise software support and updates to make sure that your chairs stay optimal and in the best working condition for a very long time. Both chairs connect to your WiFi network seamlessly to make updating hassle-free. 


The i9 Max Billionaire Edition and the Royal Edition are some of the most advanced and the most luxurios massage chairs on the market today. With these chairs, you get high-quality service and state-of-the-art equipment with a generous touch of style and class. Try them now and see why they should be your next massage chair.