Another Successor To The Luraco i9 - The i9 Max Special Edition

Another Successor To The Luraco i9  - The i9 Max Special Edition

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When Luraco announced that they will be phasing out the i9, two models were positioned to continue the success of the i9 – the Luraco i9 Max and the i9 Max Special Edition. Read on to find out more about the Luraco i9 Max Special Edition massage chair and how it’s taking all the popular features of the (phased out) i9 & it's i9 Max sibling, and then making them better.



3D Butterfly Technology

Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Double 3D Engine Massage Chair


The Luraco i9 Max Special Edition utilizes the unique 3D butterfly technology that powered the spinal rollers of the original i9.This exceptional technology allows the rollers to move synchronously in circles while pushing down in a wave-like fashion, much like how butterflies move their wings during flight.

The resulting intricate movements of the rollers give a life-like massage that rivals even those you get from spas or physical therapies – a very popular feature of the i9. However, unlike the i9 or the i9 Max, the i9 Max Special Edition has double the 3D engines to provide users full back, neck, and shoulder massages at the same time.


Automotive leather and full personalization

Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Leather Tag


The Special Edition Luraco i9 Max is fully clad in elegant automotive leather, just like the regular i9 Max. This gives users a luxurious but familiar feel whenever they sit on the chair for a massage. However, despite sharing the same leather upholstery as the i9 Max, only the i9 Max Special Edition is personalized with a leather tag that shows the owner’s name – kind of like a small but distinguished reminder to anyone else that sits on the chair who the chair really belongs to.


Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Software Customization


And if that personalized touch is not enough for you, the i9 Max Special Edition takes it a step further by including software customization. With this, special keypad screens of the Special Edition also show everyone that, “This chair is Specially Made for the owner”. How’s that for personalization? 


Wireless Charging

When the i9 Max and the i9 Max Special Edition came out, one of the issues that they immediately addressed with an upgrade is the lack of charging ability of the original i9. You see, despite all its innovations for massages, the i9 did not offer any way to charge your mobile devices. So, if you decide to listen to your phone, for example, throughout the whole massage session in the i9, and your phone runs out of juice, then that’s it for your audio as well as for your device. 


Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Wireless Charging


To address this issue, charging solutions were now integrated into the i9 Max and the i9 Max Special Edition. While the i9 Max included a USB charging port, the i9 Max Special Edition takes it even further by offering a Qi wireless charging station on the armrest. If your phone or mobile device supports Qi wireless charging, then you can just conveniently place your device on the station (no need to plug it in) and leave it there to charge until you finish your massage.


Blood pressure monitoring

The regular Luraco i9 Max lacks some bells and whistles. It’s quite understandable though because it is, first and foremost, a massage chair after all. However, the massage chair market is getting more and more competitive and other models are turning to other features to increase the value of their products. That's why the i9 Max Special Edition is bundling a blood pressure monitor in the package.


Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Heartreate Monitor


The blood pressure monitor is a useful accessory one can use to keep tabs on rising or erratic BP. It’s a convenient albeit precautionary measure to make sure your circulation remains optimal while you are being pampered by the i9 Max Special Edition.  It’s also a way to ensure that no additional (and unnecessary) stress is being created in the body when you enjoy the Zero-gravity functions or when you choose to increase massage intensities to the maximum.


Backup emergency power

Luraco i9 Max Special Edition Massage Chair with backup power


Another feature that is exclusive to the i9 Max Special Edition is the inclusion of backup emergency power. Now, this built-in battery is not meant to treat you to a full massage session without an external source. Instead, this emergency power carries just enough juice to restore the chair to its original position in case a blackout occurs while you are in the Zero-gravity position or when you are inconveniently too reclined. It’s more of a safety feature really rather than an auxiliary power source.


See full details of the Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair


Apart from these features, the Luraco i9 Max Special Edition offers true Zero-gravity technology, voice controls, power-assisted easy-entry armrests, triple foot rollers, calf rollers, heat therapy on different areas, air compression massages, pre-programmed massages and saving functions, touchscreen controls, and a whole lot of other popular features that made the i9 a crowd favorite.

However, the i9 Max Special Edition has also included its own innovations to stand out in the market that continues to grow competitively.  It really has what it takes to succeed the i9, so get one and try it out for yourself.



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