Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair: Your Personal Sanctuary

Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair: Your Personal Sanctuary

With how fast-paced life is nowadays, a moment of peace and relaxation can go a long way in keeping you both physically and mentally fit. This is exactly what the new Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair offers you – your very own personal sanctuary. This new Infinity model is packed with the latest massage technologies and features designed to provide you with brief but worthwhile moments of relaxation and tranquility, helping you rejuvenate faster and keeping you healthy despite all the stress of work and life. 

The Infinity Riage 4D is engineered to provide you sanctuary amidst all the bustling activities of daily life. Here’s what the chair has to offer. 



Multiple Massage Techniques and Programs

The Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair offers a variety of massage techniques to provide you with muscle relief regardless of your current condition. You can choose between kneading, knocking, tapping, kneading-knocking combination, or shiatsu. There are also 10 auto-programmed massages that you can select if you want to jump in and skip all the settings. While some of these auto programs focus on a specific body part, some provide whole-body relief, and some just deliver gentle attention to help you fall asleep. 


4D Massage Mechanism

The Riage 4D comes equipped with an advanced 4D back massage mechanism that utilizes multiple rollers capable of changing directions, speed, intensities, and timing. This engineering wonder allows the chair to provide you with massages that closely resemble those given by professional masseuses or therapists. The rollers can mimic even the nuanced movements of human hands, so each back massage feels like a visit to the spa.


Airbag Compression Therapy

The Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair also has multiple airbags built into several areas of the chair. These airbags rhythmically inflate and deflate, providing different intensities of compression to targeted regions of the body – arms, back, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and even feet. 


Dual Reflexology Foot Rollers

For your tired feet, the Infinity Riage 4D utilizes not one, but two reflexology rollers per foot. These specifically crafted foot rollers provide excellent kneading while subtly activating vital acupressure points on the soles of your feet. The dual rollers also ensure that each sole is thoroughly kneaded and covered, resulting in unparalleled foot relief.  


2-Stage Zero-Gravity Feature

The Infinity Riage 4D Massage Chair is also equipped with the NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity technology. The chair can simulate weightlessness in the user by reclining to a certain angle. However, unlike other massage chairs, the Riage 4D offers two positions for achieving the weightless effect instead of just one. This guarantees that you enjoy the massage enhancements and health benefits of the Zero-Gravity feature regardless of your body size or type. 


Truefit Body Scanning 

To make sure you get the appropriate attention that your body needs, every time you sit on the Infinity Riage 4D, the chair utilizes its Truefit™ Body Scanning feature. It’s a way to assess your body’s condition based on specific body measurements. 

After the scanners finish taking your information, the Infinity Riage 4D then processes all this data to map out the rollers’ path, ensuring they give optimal pressure and a highly personalized route for the current user. 


SootheMe Sound Therapy 

One of the ways that the Infinity Riage 4D can provide you sanctuary is by immersing you in a world of relaxing audio. With its SootheMe™ Sound Therapy, you can listen to carefully curated onboard tunes, meditative music, or nature sounds to take your mind and ears off your current busy affairs. The chair’s immersive audio also works well with the massage to put you in a state of calm and a healthy mindset. 


Premium Bluetooth Speakers

To help you enjoy the sound therapy, the Infinity Riage 4D comes with built-in, premium Bluetooth speakers located around the head region. These premium speakers not only play the SootheMe™ Soundscapes but also any audio from your mobile devices. All you need to do is to successfully pair up your device (mobile, tablet, or even laptop) with the chair’s speakers via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. 


Heat Therapy

To give you a cozier sanctuary, the Infinity Riage Massage Chair uses heating elements in the lumbar region. These heating elements generate soothing warmth for a lumbar heat therapy that works amazingly well with knotted muscles. As the heat penetrates the muscles, it causes them to loosen and become more pliable. At the same time, the penetrating heat also enhances blood flow and faster muscle recovery. 

The makers of the Infinity Riage 4D understand that the demands of daily life can be quite intense and sometimes too overwhelming.

This is why the Infinity Riage 4D is designed to provide you with your very own sanctuary amid all the chaos, using highly advanced massage features, multiple massage programs, and a host of other massage technologies. What more do you need?