Kyota Yugana M780 4D: For Advanced and Completely Personalized Care

Kyota Yugana M780 4D: For Advanced and Completely Personalized Care

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Premium massage chairs should not only provide great massages. They should also be able to recognize the user’s condition and tailor-fit their massages to address each user’s needs and preferences. This is exactly what the Kyota Yugana M780 4D Massage Chair does. It provides advanced and completely personalized care through tailor-fitted massages. Here’s how the Yugana M780 does it. 


TrueFit Body Scanning

To start each massage, the Kyota Yugana M780 uses its TrueFit™ Body Scanning technology to assess the user’s condition, taking note of the user’s muscles, spinal contours, and other specific body dimensions. The chair then uses the information to map out the most optimal route for the massage rollers to follow, ensuring you get the best massage for your current condition. 



4D Back Massage Mechanism

For maximum versatility, the Kyota Yugana M780 utilizes a 4D massage mechanism that allows its multiple rollers freedom of movement in various directions. This enables the back massage mechanism to provide wider or narrower coverage (depending on the massage), while also changing speed and intensity like real human hands. 


Full Manual Control

Despite its body scanning technology, the Kyota Yugana M780 still allows users to further customize each session by providing complete access to almost all aspects of each massage. If you want to change the type of massage, speed, intensity, or coverage area, you can do so anytime using the chair’s controllers. 


Expandable Neck Pillow

The Kyota Yugana M780 also comes equipped with a neck pillow that you can detach and then expand to use as a back pad. All you have to do is unfasten the Velcro keeping the pillow folded, and then let the rest of it just drape over the backrest so that it reduces the intensity of the massage. 


3 MyMassage Memory Program

Once you’ve fully customized a massage to your liking, you can then save it to memory for faster access the next time you use the Kyota Yugana M780. The chair lets you keep up to 3 customized massages in its MyMassage Memory Program, allowing you to have 3 auto-programmed massages to use with a single touch of a button. 


Adjustable Chromotherapy Lights

The Kyota Yugana M780 also comes with LED mood lighting to help balance your overall emotional and mental energy. Choose between several hues to achieve the most soothing ambiance for you. 


SoothMe Nature Sounds

If the lights are not enough to set the perfect mood, then you can also customize your background music to further improve the ambiance in the room. The Kyota Yugana M780 provides several audio options for you to listen to. From your favorite music to meditative tunes, or even relaxing soundscapes of nature, you’ll find the best audio to complement your lighting and massages for that unforgettable, multisensory, next-level relaxation. 


Intersound Bluetooth Speakers

For those who prefer having sounds to listen to when they get a massage, the Kyota Yugana M780 comes with immersive Bluetooth speakers that you can easily connect to. Whether it’s the news or some meditative tunes you want to listen to, the chair’s speakers have got you covered. 


Multi-control option

The Kyota Yugana Massage Chair also provides users with a choice when it comes to controlling and accessing the chair’s massages and features. For those who prefer a complete hands-free experience, the chair offers an intelligent voice-activation system capable of recognizing and executing verbal commands using a set of keywords. Built-in mics around the head region constantly listen to the user and look out for specific keywords. 

However, for those who prefer the appeal of tactile controls, the Kyota Yugana M780 also offers a wired and colored remote controller. Its colorful and graphics-oriented interface, along with a bunch of large buttons, make this classic controller a treat to use. 


Lumbar and Back Heating

For times when your back muscles have become extra tight, the Kyota Yugana M780 offers soothing heat therapy. With different levels of warmth to choose from, users can loosen these knotted muscles, making them more pliable to mechanical massages and kneading. At the same time, the increased temperature encourages faster circulation and muscle recovery. 


Charging Stations

The Kyota Yugana M780 is equipped with charging stations.  And just like its many features, this too provides users options to choose from. For those with wireless charging capabilities, there is a wireless charging pad that sits just within reach of your fingers in the armrest. However, for those that do not charge wirelessly, a separate USB port offers a convenient wired option. 


From its massages to its various advanced features and conveniences, the Kyota Yugana M780 is exceptional in providing users with several options to choose from. This versatility allows the chair to provide highly advanced and very personalized massages for all its users. If you’re the type that prefers customized massages or more personalized care, then the Kyota Yugana is the perfect option for you.