Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D Massage Chair: Extending The Boundaries Of Mechanical Massages

Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D Massage Chair: Extending The Boundaries Of Mechanical Massages

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The massage chair industry has come a long way in the last few decades – incorporating both mechanical as well as modern technological advancements to take massages to the next level. The Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D is the latest in the long line of massage chairs that are pushing the limits of mechanical massages. Here’s how the M980 Syner-D is extending the boundaries of massage chairs.


It uses a dual mechanism for the back massage

The Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D is the first massage chair to employ two separate mechanisms for the back rollers. The Syner-D Dual Back Massage Mechanism is essentially two individual massage mechanisms that are finely tuned to work harmoniously with each other, allowing the chair to give the broadest and most human-like rubdown on the market today.

Plus, with the ability to customize the separate rollers’ direction, distance, speed, and intensity, the Kyota Nokori now offers the most versatile, mechanical back massage in the industry.


It comes with the all-new J-track



The Kyota Nokori M980 maximizes the use of its dual back massage mechanism by utilizing the all-new J-track. This customized track is the result of combining the long reach of the older but popular L-track and the superior stretching ability of the younger S-track. With the best of both tracks, plus Kyota’s tweaks, the J-track allows the Syner-D Dual Back Massage Mechanism to deliver superior spinal decompression and the most optimal pressure in any massage regardless of the user’s size or body shape.


It delivers superior calf massages

Kyota Nokori Calf Massage Chair


The Kyota Nokori uses a variety of mechanisms in the calf region. Aside from the kneading rollers in the back, the chair uses multiple air cells for compression, and orbital oscillators from the sides to deliver vibrations and kneading massages that induce better circulation in the legs and calves. This combination results in superior calf massages characterized by improved blood flow as well as faster removal of toxins and fatigue.


It uses multiple rollers for the feet

While other chairs use single or dual rollers for the soles of the feet, this Kyota Syner-D® massage chair utilizes three different foot rollers to provide the broadest foot massage ever. The Shiatsu foot rollers provide extra attention to your soles by covering more pressure points on each foot, leading to spa-level reflexology massages.


It comes with a tablet remote and a quick access control panel

Kyota Nokori Massage Chair Quick Access Panel


If you are the type that requires tactile control over the chair’s settings and functions, the Kyota Nokori M980 provides two upgraded options for you. You can use the chair’s tablet remote for a bigger and full-color, touchscreen display, or a quick access control panel (made up of large buttons and a joystick) on the armrest – both being a far cry from the traditional brick remote you find in other massage chairs.


It utilizes voice command

However, for a hands-free massage experience, the Kyota Nokori™ M980 Syner-D® comes equipped with voice-recognition technology. This feature allows users to activate and operate the functions of the chair without a remote or the need to tinker with dials and buttons. Recognizing verbal commands, the chair leaves your hands free to enjoy massages or to do other things.


It combines smart body scanning, auto-programmed massages, and remembers settings for you

Kyota Nokori Syner-D Auto Programs


Like most premium massage chairs, the Kyota Nokori offers several auto-programmed massages to choose from. However, unlike these other chairs, the Nokori M980 utilizes the Truefit™ Body Scanning feature to tailor-fit its auto-programmed massages to the user’s body profile. If this is still not enough though, the chair allows you to customize settings within the massage and then save these massages using MyMassage™ Memory Programs, allowing you to easily recall them anytime you want.


It comes equipped with premium Bluetooth speakers, built-in sound therapy, and mood lights

Kyota Nokori Massage Chair Mood Lights


Designers of the Kyota Nokori™ M980 Syner-D® recognize the value of having the right ambiance for a perfect massage. This is one of the main reasons why this premium massage chair comes with excellent Bluetooth speakers, mood lights, and an ensemble of ambient sounds.


With an on-board collection of nature sounds as part of the chair’s SootheMe™ Sound Therapy, you don’t even have to stream any music/audio from your mobile device. Then, the sound therapy in combination with chromotherapy (using adjustable lights on the sides of the chair), the Kyota Nokori™ M980 Syner-D® sets the perfect stage to deliver a massage that goes beyond the muscles – a massage that soothes the mind and soul.


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This is what the Kyota Nokori™ M980 does. It goes beyond existing industry innovations to elevate the massages of premium massage chairs to the next level. So, if you want a massage chair that will last you a long time, go for the one that is extending the boundaries of mechanical massages today. Go for the Kyota Nokori™ M980 Syner-D®.



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