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November 7, 2018

Feel Your Best With The Human Touch Acu Touch 6.1 Massage Chair

Feel Your Best With The Human Touch Acu Touch 6.1 Massage Chair

Buy 1 Human Touch AcuTouch 6.1 Massage Chair, BlackAfter a hard day at work, at school or at home, you deserve some relaxation. One of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate is to get a massage. Unfortunately for some of us, a masseuse is not always a convenient or viable option. There is a better alternative – a massage chair – and it offers convenience and relaxation right in your own home.

A massage chair is always ready to give you a massage anytime you need it. You might think though that only the affluent can afford to splurge on a massage chair. However, you'd be surprised to know that's actually not the case. There are brands, such as Human Touch, that offer wellness solutions that promise you a better life without breaking your budget.

Human Touch

For more than 35 years, Human Touch has provided high quality, innovative lifestyle products, massage chairs, and experiences that deliver indispensable, life-changing benefits to its clientele. Their vision is to help their clients feel, perform, and live their best by developing state-of-the-art massage chairs that contain patented massage systems. These systems replicate techniques used by massage professionals that aim to reduce muscle tension and pain caused by today's hectic lifestyle.

One glance at a Human Touch massage chair and you might mistake it for an upscale recliner because of its sleek lines, luxurious upholsteries and designer styling. However, once you take a seat, you will find out that it's more than any other chair you've encountered before. One such massage chair is the AcuTouch 6.1.

Human Touch AcuTouch 6.1 Massage Chair

The Human Touch AcuTouch 6.1 is a revolutionary chair that is designed to completely envelop you in wellness, comfort, and luxury. It is available in either Black SofHyde or Espresso SofHyde colors. Made of leather-like polyurethane material, SofHyde does not include any animal hide or leather.

This chair’s ability to provide you with a truly fully encompassing massage is due to the following remarkable features.

  • 3D Flexguide 360 Massage Technology and S-Track System
  • Auto-Immersion Experience
  • Targeted Massage Programs
  • Cloud Touch Massage
  • Foot and Calf Massager
  • Other Features

The problem with some massage chairs is that they are unable to reach certain places of your body thereby leaving you with an unsatisfactory massage experience. However, the AcuTouch 6.1 has a 3D Flexglide 360 massage technology that can provide therapeutic massage on every contour of your body with unparalleled flexibility and seamless glide. It also has an S-track system that follows the natural curve of your spine down to the lower lumbar area of your back.

The last thing you want when you sit down on your massage chair is to waste precious minutes figuring out how to make it work or how to configure it just to have the kind of massage you need. This will not be a problem at all with the AcuTouch 6.1 because you can easily choose from nine effective Auto-Immersion programs designed by the Human Touch Wellness Council. You can choose a massage that focuses on full-body, shoulders, and lower back, or any of its collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs.

Sometimes you want to focus the massage on certain trouble spots and this chair can do just that with its twelve targeted techniques that stretch, loosen, and relax specific muscle groups. You can even set the massage zone lengths to either 3, 6, or 9 inches.

One sign of a great massage is the feeling like you are floating on air. This chair has the ability to make you feel this way by lifting, squeezing, manipulating, and massaging your body with the use of strategically placed active contours located at the shoulders, hips, seat, and arms.

One of the benefits of massage is that it improves blood circulation which provides the entire body with a greater sense of wellness. The AcuTouch 6.1 has a foot and calf massager with patented Figure-Eight technology that refreshes and invigorates sore muscles while circulating blood from the feet toward the core of the body.

The AcuTouch 6.1 boasts of other notable features such its crystal-clear LCD remote control, which allows you to easily manage the chair’s full suite of programs and features. Need an arm massage? It has a pop-up arm massager as well which retracts for a streamlined appearance when not in use. Your height is also not going to be an issue because it features 9 vertical height adjustments so that everyone can enjoy a full-length back massage.

See full details of Human Touch AcuTouch 6.1 3D S-Track Massage Chair

Can a massage chair like this with a full range of features possibly be affordable? You'd be happy to know that it only costs $ 4,999.00 which is significantly lower than other high-end massage chairs with similar features. Get it now so that you too can escape to a world where pain, stress, and discomfort are mere distant memories.

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