Osaki OS-Pro Massage Chairs Face Off: Ekon vs. Maestro

Osaki OS-Pro Massage Chairs Face Off: Ekon vs. Maestro

UPDATE: A new & upgraded version of the original Maestro model - the Osaki Maestro LE (Limited Edition) massage chair is now available! Read our full review to learn more.

When it comes to Osaki massage chairs, you really can't go wrong. Osaki is one of the biggest manufacturers of massage chairs that is well known for providing high quality products and superior customer service. The brand has quite an extensive array of massage chair models though and choosing one that is the right fit for your lifestyle may become overwhelming.


If you are the type of person who doesn't mind splurging a bit for luxury, the Osaki Pro line is for you. This is Osaki's premium line that boasts of using the latest in massage chair technology. Two of the most popular models in this line are the OS-Pro Ekon and the OS-Pro Maestro.
To give you an idea which one of these is the best electric massager for you, here's a rundown of their similarities and differences.



Massage Track System

Both chairs make use of an S & L track massage system, which means that you get to enjoy their combined benefits. An S track follows the curve of your spine while an L track extends the massage all the way down to your glutes and under your thighs. This gives you a more consistent massage with a wider coverage.

Space Saving Design

The chairs only need 5" from the wall because it has a space saving technology that lets it slide forward in order to recline the backrest. This makes both chairs great for small, tight spaces.

Body Scanning

The chair scans your body at the start of the session so that it can map out important areas and detect your shoulder height. Then the chair determines the amount of pressure needed for each area giving you a more targeted and customized massage.

Zero Gravity

Both chairs can place you on the perfect position to receive ultimate relaxation and that is due to its zero-gravity feature. In this position, you feel weightless as the chair puts your legs above heart level while taking the pressure off your spine.

Air Massage

Aside from using rollers, the chairs also use air bags to provide a full body holistic massage. These air bags are located on the shoulder, arm, waist, pelvis, calf, and foot areas.

Foot and Calf Kneading Massage

There are reflexology rollers under the feet and at the back of the calf in both chairs. They spin and provide you with a kneading type massage. Combined with the inflating air bags, your feet and calves will receive a deep tissue massage.

Bluetooth and USB Charger

Both chairs have a USB charger. They also both have Bluetooth speakers on the headrest which allows you to listen to your favorite sounds or tunes.




Massage Technology

The Ekon provides a 3D massage which means that the rollers not only move up and down and side to side but also in and out. The level of intensity of the rollers can be adjusted. On the other hand, the Maestro gives a 4D massage which is just like 3D but more human like. Like a caring hands of a human masseuse, the rollers can sense tight areas and adjust the pressure as needed.

Heat Therapy

Both chairs provide heat therapy. However, the Ekon only uses two heating pads on the lumbar area while the Maestro uses heated rollers.

Auto Programs

The Ekon has six auto programs to choose from: Sports Refresh, Extension, Rest and Sleep, Working Relief, Neck and Shoulder, and Waist and Spine. The Maestro, on the other hand, provides 8 modes: Demo, Relax, Swing, Stretch, Scraping, Shiatsu, Lady, and Gentleman.

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Manual Massage

Both chairs have manual programs as well that can do spot or partial massage. However, the Maestro only has 4 manual programs (Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling) while the Ekon has 6 (Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Kneading and Tapping, and Rolling).

Auto Leg Scan and Leg Extend

The leg rest of both chairs can be extended. However, the Maestro features a leg scanner as well that determines the optimal length for your height.

Remote Control and Quick Controls

Both chairs have a slim LCD remote control that helps you navigate the different features. However, while the Ekon has a number of buttons to press, the Maestro only has 4 simple buttons and a touch screen. The Maestro also has quick access controls by the armrest. In addition, you can install an app for your iPhone and Android device that you can turn your mobile phone into a remote control for the Maestro.

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Both the Ekon and Maestro are capable of giving you a very satisfying massage. The Maestro just has a few extra features that give it a slight edge. These extras are reflected on its price of $ 8,999.00. The Ekon costs less at only $ 7,999.00. Once you pick what's best for you, call us at 1-888-612-8862.

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