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May 31, 2019

Bodywork Therapy: Your Alternative to Healing Naturally

Bodywork Therapy: Your Alternative to Healing Naturally

Don’t you just hate it when your day gets ruined just because you have bodily aches and pains that won’t go away? Let's face it. You've probably had those inconvenient moments when you suffer from stiff and painful shoulders and you can’t go on with your day. Or times when your movements get limited by constant lower back pain. And then there may also be occasions when you get sore calves and legs from all that walking.

On these days, all you probably want to do is to find the nearest spa. Or you might want to slump down in a good old massaging chair to melt all the stress and tension away. Yet, when you do get to book that much awaited R&R session, you wonder next which technique would best suit your needs.

Bodywork therapy

Want to know a little secret? These pains in various regions of your body may be alleviated naturally through an alternative form of medicine known as bodywork therapy. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, there are some things that might spark your interest.
Let’s go through this concept bit by bit.

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Bodywork therapy or simply called bodywork is a broad term for techniques that involve manipulating the body through a series of movements and positions. It is basically a form of alternative and holistic treatment that focuses on aspects of your body to bring about relief brought about by stress and physical activities.

So how does it go, exactly?

Bodywork makes use of a body-based therapeutic approach. This means that your therapist (or the bodywork practitioner/instructor) will focus on realigning your body’s structure so its function can subsequently improve. Some of the commonly addressed body parts include problems with the spine and joints. Your therapist can also work on your muscular structure and connective tissues (known as fascia) to soothe any long-standing musculoskeletal issues. Postural issues may also be corrected if you undergo bodyworks massage therapy.

Here’s another awesome piece of information. As mentioned earlier, bodywork is a general umbrella term for touch (and sometimes non-touch) therapies that address your various body’s needs. And this form of manual healing therapy ranges in form and modality.

Ready to learn more about bodywork?

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First on the list is perhaps one of the most popular forms of bodywork: massage therapy. This modality involves movements (such as kneading, rubbing, and tapping) performed by a licensed massage therapist (LMT). Also called bodyworks massage, there are several specific massage techniques that deliver hands-on and manual relief and relaxation in every massage session.

One good example is the Shiatsu massage technique which originated in Japan. Using pressure from the fingers, this massage therapy focuses on rebalancing the body’s energy by stimulating points in your body’s meridian. This is quite similar to acupressure, another form of bodyworks massage therapy (of Ancient Chinese origin) which also makes use of trigger points all over your body.

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Rolf therapy

Ever heard of the term Rolfing? This is another example of bodywork therapy that works on musculature and connective tissue problems. Also called structural integration, this technique developed by biochemist Ida Rolf focuses on deep and manual therapy ultimately aimed at softening and improving contracted and stiff muscular fascia.

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Sound familiar? That’s because the process is somewhat similar to deep tissue massage that some massage chairs (like the Synca JP1100, Luraco i7 PLUS and the Panasonic EP-MAJ7) can also execute.

Feldenkrais method

Here’s another amazing fact. Another form of bodywork that stirred interest in the scientific community is called the Feldenkrais method (FM). Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais method has been studied by academic researchers that look into methods that promote natural health.

So how does this employ bodywork? This technique, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is divided into two phases. The first one is all about engaging your intelligence and physical perception. Next, the Feldenkrais method practitioner guides you through a series of exercise lessons. This second phase aims to correct your habitual functional patterns by directly involving your neuromuscular system.

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Looking for more examples of bodywork? Other modalities of this therapeutic practice include the Alexander technique, Hellerwork, Tragerwork, Trigger point therapy, Craniosacral therapy, and many others.

Now, for the bottom line.

When done correctly by an experienced bodywork therapy practitioner, bodywork therapy modalities can bring several benefits. Aside from getting relief from chronic pain caused by deep-seated problems in your posture, muscles, or fascia, you also experience a greater range of movement. In addition to all of this, you receive holistic advantages such as improved mood, stress relief, and other improvements in your physiological functions (such as blood circulation).

Modern massage chairs such as the one mentioned above are more than capable of doing bodywork therapy. You should definitely consider getting one for yourself and your family. We offer FREE personalized recommendation based on your needs, preferences and budget. Just contact us using the details below and let's talk!

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