What Can Break In A Massage Chair And How To Deal With It

What Can Break In A Massage Chair And How To Deal With It

Play this scenario in your head: You waited all day to get that soothing massage right at the comfort of your own home. You’re looking forward to the gentle kneading and the light tapping of your sore and tired muscles. But just as you are about to slip into relaxing bliss, suddenly, your massage chair stopped working. It’s every massage chair owner’s worst nightmare - something’s wrong with the unit.


You’re pretty sure it’s broken and you are left stressing out over the thing that’s supposed to ease your stress away. Now what? Before you give in to anxiety and panic, take a moment to step back and assess the situation. Retrace your actions and figure out if you missed a step in the TLC department for your massage chair. And while you wait in line for the next customer service representative to speak to you, reading up might be helpful, too.


Let’s take a quick recap and learn what can break in a massage chair. By now, you must have realized that massage chairs, like any other man-made material, are not meant to last forever. Eventually, they do give in to natural wear and tear, especially with constant use.


So, how do you figure out what’s wrong with your massage chair and, more importantly, what can you do about it?


1. Examining Exteriors

checking exterior of massage chair for damage


Take a look at the aesthetic marvel that is your top-of-the-line massage chair. Do you notice a dent or something similar? Exterior problems on the unit, though fairly uncommon, still make it to the list of what can break in a massage chair. They usually result from damages during shipping and/or delivery. Because, while most shipments are handled with the utmost care, we still have to account for human error.


Fortunately, this is where the manufacturer's warranty and unit replacements come in. Depending on the brand, manufacturers often give 3- to 5-year warranty coverage for massage chairs. Additionally, our Safe Shipping Guarantee covers instances like this, too.


And, here’s a plus: At EasyMassageChair.com, you can expect Easy Returns as well. This means that if for any reason, you decide that you want to return the massage chair that you purchased, you can do so; so long as it falls within the 30-day-span that you received your massage chair delivery.

But what if what you’re dealing with requires troubleshooting from a qualified technician?

Case in point:


2. Inspecting The Inside

checking the inside parts of massage chair for damage


What makes your massage chair capable of performing massage techniques? How about that which makes it possible for the unit to recline? Or even allows its airbags to generate air pressure and compression-like movements? You guessed it: it’s the different parts. And when one (or more) of these parts start to get faulty or lose functionality altogether, the massage chair’s performance gets compromised.


It's time to check if your massage chair still falls within the manufacturer’s warranty period. If it still does, then you’ll be pleased to know that most (if not all) manufacturers provide a hassle-free labor service that can be done in your area. You read that right. You need not ship that massage chair of yours to get it working again.


More often than not, manufacturers send their technicians to take a look at your massage chair and determine if a part needs servicing or total replacement. Depending on the manufacturer’s explicit specifications, product warranty may span from 1, 3, or even 5 years and may vary in coverage.


Now that you’ve looked at both the inside and outside aspects of your massage chair, what else could possibly cause your massage chair to stop working? How about doing this next one...


3. Power Cycling and Resetting

resetting a massage chair


Does a simple power cycling fail to reboot and power up your massage chair? How about performing a system reset (check your user manual if there's an option)? You can check if the problem springs from its electrical connection. This may occur when the massage chair gets to experience fluctuating power supply. Usually, a power surge (too much supply of electric current) overloads the unit’s system and causes it to shut down. And while others rely on voltage regulators, surge protectors, or power strips to protect the unit’s circuit, some massage chair owners may forget to install such fail-safe.


What should you do if this happens? It is still best to consult a professional. Whenever possible and applicable, make use of the warranty coverage for in-house labor and servicing. And if the warranty is out of the table and spending for labor/parts replacement seems impractical? Then can consider just buying a new one or perhaps checking out our Factory Certified Refurbished massage chairs.


factory certified refurbished massage chairs


What exactly are these? These are blemish-free, Grade A massage chairs that come with a 3-year factory warranty from their manufacturer. What’s in it for you? You get a fully functional massage chair to replace your broken one, and this time it comes with huge savings plus a 3-year warranty. Definitely a win-win scenario.


Bottom Line

When your massage chair stops working, it could be caused by any of these three things:

  1. The exterior may have been damaged due to shipping, delivery or mishandling.
  2. The interior motor and parts may need servicing or replacement.
  3. The problem may be electrical in nature.


So, what do you do? Get acquainted with how to get warranty coverage and review the terms set in place by the product’s manufacturer and arrange for repair or replacement. Or when that option is no longer available and spending for repair seems impractical, you may need to get a new one or just opt to get a Factory Certified Refurbished massage chair and enjoy a 3-year warranty plus huge savings.




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