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October 1, 2018

Titan Regal 2: A Complete Royal Treatment for Your Body

Titan Regal 2: A Complete Royal Treatment for Your Body

The popularity and constant use of massage chairs at home have increased over time. With the emergence of more forms of advanced technology, these must-have units for the home are evolving in form and in function.

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The Titan Regal 2 is among the newest forms of massage chair innovation that combines supreme massage chair performance enclosed in an elegant and sophisticated design. If you are looking for a chair that can provide an ultimate massage experience in the comfort of your own home, here are the different ways the Titan Regal 2 gives you the complete royal treatment:

Extended massage coverage

The track of the rollers of massage chairs has a big impact on the delivery of the massage experience. As the name implies, these tracks guide the massage rollers into a direction that enables them to address the massage needs of the human spine curvature. Most massage chairs have an S-track for their massage rollers.

With the Titan Regal 2, an L-track has been set in place. Armed with an L-track, the Titan Regal 2 extends the usual coverage of the S-track. From the neck, lower back, mid back, and tailbone spinal areas, the Titan Regal 2’s L-track extends the path of its massage rollers all the way to the glutes and top of the hamstrings. This extra coverage is perfect for those who suffer from sciatica and lower back pain as the rollers get to massage these oft-neglected areas.

Body-scanning technology

In addition to an L-track, the Titan Regal 2 has a body scanning feature that enables the rollers to accurately scan your body, for a more targeted massage feel. A great way to achieve customization for all body types, this form of massage chair technology complements the ability of the Titan Regal 2 to traverse your entire body in its L-track.

Dual massage modes

The Titan Regal 2 has both an automatic and manual massage mode to cater to each user’s preference. Choose from the four preset 15-minute full-body massage programs (Refresh, Relief, Relax, and Stretch) that combine shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and air massage techniques. For users that prefer manual control on specific locations on their backs or on different sections of the body, the Titan TP-Regal 2’s massage rollers are capable of Kneading, Knocking, Knead-knocking, Tapping, and Shiatsu movements as well.

Titan Regal 2 Manual Settings Mode

Zero-G capability

Popularized by NASA, the use of zero-gravity in massage chairs is an example of a breakthrough technology that works wonders on the human body. In this position, where the chair reclines all the way until the user’s legs are higher than the torso, massage is effectively executed as the back becomes more pressed towards the chair’s seat.

This shifts support of the weight of your back to the backrest and allows for a deeper and more intense massage. Additionally, the zero gravity position aids in relieving pressure on the spine which helps relieve back pain. This is perfect especially for those who spend long periods of time sitting down.

Quiet yet powerful air massage

While most massage chairs compete for airbag quantity, the Regal 2 focused on lesser air bags that can cover greater volume and surface area. With strategically-placed airbags (shoulder, arm, hand, calf, and foot), this massage chair can offer an excellent full body air massage minus the machine whirring sound.

One-of-a-kind foot massage

The combination of spinning foot rollers and the chair’s inflating airbags provides for the unique foot massage that is delivered by the Titan Regal 2. The former stimulates acupuncture points in each foot. The latter, on the other hand, compresses the bottom of your feet for a deeper massage experience.

titan regal 2 foot massage

Heat Therapy

In addition to its massage functions, this Titan massage chair also boasts of its ability to provide soothing heat therapy directed at the user’s back. Because heat can alleviate pain and contributes to less-tensed muscles, the addition of heating pads in the chair’s back region gives the Titan Regal 2 a real edge when it comes to user relief and comfort.

User-friendly features

High-quality speakers have been placed in the headrest of the massage chair unit to allow users to listen to their favorite music, while they enjoy a soothing massage. Similarly, the Regal 2’s remote controller has an LCD screen and designated icons for easier operation of the unit.

Space-saving design

One of the hesitations in buying massage chairs is when the units are seen to be bulky and space-hogging. With a clever technology engineered in the Titan Regal 2, your home does not have to reserve a large space for its placement. Reclining this massage chair only takes up about 4.5 inches of wall space as it slides forward to accommodate the position.

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