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August 4, 2019

Titan Pro Commander: The Total Massage Chair Package

Titan Pro Commander: The Total Massage Chair Package

Buy 1 Titan Pro Commander Massage Chair, BrownWhen was the last time you had a good and satisfying massage?You know, the kind where you don’t have to worry about clearing up your schedule to make way for a booked spa appointment. Or perhaps one that does not involve leaving the comforts of your own home to give in to the treat of rest and relaxation. If it’s been a while since that happened, you might want to consider getting a massage chair for your home.

Just imagine this:
Coming home to an elegant and ultimate piece of furniture that can turn your abode into that restful sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of. But isn’t a massaging chair oftentimes too expensive, you say? Well, that’s where the Titan Pro Commander will prove you wrong.

Are you intrigued yet? Let’s take a moment to check out what this ideal massage chair has to offer.

3D massage rollers

Did you know that an effectively executed holistic massage can be delivered even by non-human hands?

You heard that right. Just like your favorite and highly-skilled massage therapist, the 3D massage rollers of the Titan Commander have been designed to bring massage satisfaction to every user. Surpassing regular 2D rollers that can only move on an up and down and left to right direction, the Titan Pro Commander’s rollers can move on a third dimension. This means that the rollers can move with greater range and flexibility as the third plane allows the rollers to move outward from the backrest, giving you access to a deeper massage experience.

L-track system

Now, picture this: The flexible 3D rollers that put the Titan Pro Commander in the running to be the best massage chair in the market gets the perfect pair: an L-track system. What’s so special with an L-track? Only that it can let the TP-Pro Commander’s 3D massage rollers to glide not only from your neck down to your lower back, but also extends the coverage to your glutes and all the way to your upper hamstrings.

And the best part? The Commander massage chair also comes with both an auto and manual mode, so you can take advantage of this marvelous engineering. Think about this: A massage chair with 3D massage rollers running on an L-track and has five pre-programmed massage modes to choose from. Now, all you have to do is choose which auto program suits your current needs.

And if you want a more focused and localized massage? Simply hit the manual mode and choose from any of the four massage styles (Kneading, Tapping, Tapping and Kneading, Shiatsu) that this Titan massage chair can deliver. The manual massage mode works in either a specific spot that you choose to focus on or on a certain region in your body.

Air massage

Get this: The Titan Commander massage chair has 12 strategically placed airbags that can repetitively compress and then decompress to further induce blood circulation in your system. This movement, also called air compression massage, is quite helpful when it comes to relieving your body’s aches and pains.

Three-step Zero Gravity

Now, here’s another exciting feat. This massage chair for sale also has a three-step Zero-Gravity function where the unit can recline into this NASA-inspired position that relieves pressure on your spine and improves blood circulation. Similarly, by elevating your knees at an angle slightly higher than your heart, you also get a deeper massage experience.

Advanced foot rollers on an extendable footrest

Still looking for more? How about spinning reflexology rollers at the bottom of each footrest that stimulates acupuncture points for a soothing foot massage experience. And if you’re on the taller side? You still get to enjoy this perk without having to sacrifice your comfort because this Titan massage chair’s footrest can extend until up to 6.5inches.

Heat on lumbar plus elbow and neck cushion

Speaking of comfort, the Titan Pro Commander also includes heating pads on the lumbar area of the unit. That’s perfect for back pains and provides a warm and soothing sensation. Plus, you’ll find that its elbow and neck cushions are yet another source of added comfort.

Built-in Bluetooth speaker

Do you enjoy listening to music while getting some massage TLC? Then the built-in high-quality speakers of the Titan Pro Commander will definitely bring you joy. Simply enable your Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy your favorite tunes from your device.

Easy to use remote with multi-language setting

And for the controls? Simply grab the remote and configure your chosen setting from its easy to view screen. A multi-language setting is also available and lets you choose if you want the English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean language option.

Ready to bring this massage chair home? We bet you are. And the good news is, for the price of only $3,999, you can enjoy all these amazing massage-related features. So, go ahead, grab this chance and place your order now.

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