Titan Pro-Acro 3D: Best Titan Yet

Titan Pro-Acro 3D: Best Titan Yet

On of he latest models by Titan, the Titan Pro-Acro 3D, builds on the best features of its predecessors to take massages to the next level. It comes equipped with the industry’s most advanced tech and then some more. Read on to fitnd out about the Acro 3D and why it is the best Titan yet.





It utilizes an SL-track

The Titan Acro 3D uses the longest track for its massage rollers – the SL track. This track allows the chair’s quad rollers to reach from your neck to the glutes, and then ultimately to your hamstrings. While other chairs come equipped only with an L-track or an S-track, this chair was designed to get the benefits of both.


It utilizes a 3D massage mechanism

The Titan Acro has rollers that are highly customizable. The chair’s user is given complete control over several aspects of the massage rollers – speed, intensity, width, depth, and a lot more. With this, you can change the three-dimensional impact of the massage, hence the term 3D massage mechanism.


It is equipped with intelligent voice control

Titan Acro Massage Chair Intelligent Voice Control


The Titan Acro 3D massage chair is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies in the massage industry. This model comes with intelligent voice control. This means the chair can be verbally instructed to perform specific functions based on certain recognizable voice commands. It’s essentially like having a massage chair-version of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.


It has a heart rate monitor

Unlike any other massage chair, the Titan Acro sports an intelligent heart rate monitor. There is a built-in scanner at the tip of the armrest where the user can place his/her finger to automatically activate the heart rate monitoring function. At the same time, the chair also recommends a massage type that is best suited for your current condition (according to your heart rate). However, despite this advanced feature, designers of the Titan Acro massage chair insist that the chair is not to be considered a medical device of any sort.


It is equipped with the 2 stage Zero Gravity feature

Titan Acro Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair


The Titan Acro 3D massage chair comes with the NASA-inspired zero gravity technology. This means that the chair reclines to positions where the user’s back and legs are at level with each other. Unlike other chairs, however, the Acro comes with 2 different angles or stages to achieve weightlessness. These positions provide different degrees of relief for your spine while improving blood circulation. At the same time, these positions enhance the efficacy of the massage as the weight of the user is almost fully supported by the chair and the rollers.


It provides lumbar heating therapy

The Titan Acro massage chair also comes equipped with heating pads in the lumbar region of the chair’s backrest. These pads are designed to provide heat therapy, which is proven to be effective in loosening muscles and promoting relaxation. It’s a perfect complement to the massage rollers and the air compression massage that the Acro provides.


It comes with 21 auto programs & 6 different massage styles

Titan Acro 3D Massage Chair Automatic Programs


Pre-programmed massages are not entirely new to massage chairs. However, the Titan Pro-Acro 3D comes with plenty more options to choose from. This chair boasts of 21 auto programs you can cycle through with just a click of a button. Users can also select between kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, shoulder lifting, or simple 3D. And if that’s still not enough, users are given full control of the rollers’ speed, intensity, and width of massage so you can customize any massage based on your personal preference.


It has an abundant number of air cells

The Titan Acro is equipped with 24 air cells strategically distributed in selected areas in the chair. You can find air cell pockets near the shoulders, surrounding the armrests, around the calves, and even around the feet. This enables the chair to provide a full-body air compression massage, which you can enjoy as is, or in tandem with the chair’s massage rollers.


It comes with plenty of accessories


The Titan Pro-Acro 3D is not just elegant in design. It is also packed with a lot of tech accessories. For example, it sports some high-quality Bluetooth Speakers near the head region. These speakers can wirelessly connect to your mobile devices so you can listen to your favorite tunes, podcasts, news, or some relaxing vibes, while you’re having a massage. At the same time, this chair also comes equipped with a USB charger to plug in and recharge your mobile devices, so that both you and your device get rejuvenated.


In addition to this, the Titan Acro massage chair also has a remote control, a remote control holder, and a shortcut panel in the armrest to provide users with more convenience especially when it comes to managing the chair and massage settings.


See Full Details of Titan Acro 3D Massage Chair


Overall, the Titan Pro-Acro 3D utilizes the best features of other Titan models and adds a few more tricks up its sleeves to take your massage to another level. Take it for a spin to understand why people are calling it the best Titan yet.



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